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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 95

Chapter 95

“You already said that she’s a mysterious designer. I don’t think she’ll show up easily,” Gina said.

Aria sighed and said, “You’re right. I wonder if I’ll have the chance to see my idol in this lifetime!

You will, Gina said in a comforting tone.

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Aria took it as Gina comforting her. After all, no one knew the true identity of this chief designer. Even if Aria’s family background was good, the chief designer was not someone who could be seen just because Aria wanted to.

From this. Aria understood that there was a problem in this world that money could not solve.

Gina was a little curious and asked, “If you want to enter Quaria as a designer, does your family have any objections? Won’t they ask you to enter the family business?”

If Gina remembered correctly, Aria was the Torres family’s only daughter.

“Family… Aria’s face darkened as if she was not in a good mood.

“My family is no longer my home,” Aria said.

Gina was stunned. Because of Aria’s short sentence, Gina felt a sense of empathy.

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“Why?” Gina asked.

“My mother passed away early. My father recently had a girlfriend who was pregnant. She went for a checkup and said that she was pregnant with a boy. My father was very happy. He felt that he had a successor, Aria sneered and said.

Gina frowned and asked, “Can’t a daughter be a successor?”

“My dad thinks that I’m going to get married eventually,” Aria answered.

It was not that Aria did not want to inherit the family business. She thought that she could pursue her dream of design an manage the family business well. However, her father had already decided that her so-called stepmother’s unborn child would be the heir.

Aria was a little indignant, but since her father was not on her side, she had no choice.

“Alright, let’s not talk about these unhappy things! Gina, let’s go for some snacks, okay? There’s an ice cream shop near the school. It’s very delicious. I wonder if you’ve been there?” Aria said.

To be honest, Gina’s school life before was extremely monotonous. Most of the time, she only came back to deal with the exams. Moreover, Olivia had previously ruined Gina’s reputation all the time. No one was willing to be friends with Gina.

Aria was the first friend Gina had made in school.

“Alright.” Gina nodded.

When they arrived at the ice cream shop, Aria chatted with Gina enthusiastically, and Gina replied from time to time. They could be considered to have a good chat/

“Aria,” someone called out behind then.


11:01 Thu, 23 May **

Chapter 95

Hearing a familiar voice, Aria’s face stiffened. She did not even need to turn around to know that the person was her stepmother, Yolanda Morris.


Ever since Yolanda got pregnant, she liked to show off in front of Aria that she was pregnant with a boy who was the Torres family’s future heir.

“Aria, why are you ignoring me? You haven’t been home for a long time. Your father is busy with work, so I came to see you. Are you having snacks with your friend!” Yolanda said.

“Hello, I’m Aria’s… Gina said.

“What does it have to do with you? Don’t hang around in front of me!” Yolanda interrupted Gina.

Yolanda looked very aggrieved and said, “Aria, I know that you haven’t accepted me for now, but I really want to get along well with you. In the future, we’re all family. The child in my womb is also your biological little brother, right?”

Gina frowned as she listened to Yolanda’s words. She seemed to see the shadow of Olivia in Yolanda

Yolanda looked like she was about to cry. “I came here today to ask you will you go home this weekend? Your father and I won’t be at home because your father wants to accompany me to the Treasure Shop in Oriata City to buy some medicinal herbs to protect the baby,” she said.

She looked aggrieved, but her tone was filled with bragging.

She indirectly told Aria that her father, Felix Torres, valued the child in her womb very much.

Aria could not take it anymore. “That’s enough nonsense. Can you get lost now?” she said.

“Aria, don’t treat me like this, okay? Your father won’t be happy if he finds out, Yolanda said.

This meant that Yolanda was going to complain to Felix…

Gina looked Yolanda up and down and said indifferently. “There’s no need to protect the baby.”

Yolanda looked at C i n a in shock. “What nonsense is this wretched girl saying?’ she thought.

“What do you mean? You’re also a university student. Why are you so low-class? You said that there’s no need to protect the baby. Are you cursing me to have a miscarriage? You’re too vicious!

“You and Aria are friends. Could it be that… Aria. do you think so too? How can you think that way? No matter how much


don’t like me and how unwilling you are to accept me as your stepmother, you have to admit that I’m pregnant with your biological brother, right? Why can’t you try to accept your biological brother in my womb? In the future, when your brother inherits the family business, he can also support you, right?” Yolanda said.

Aria was about to explode from anger when she heard Yolanda’s annoying words. “Are you done? Why do you care what I think? Also, please don’t disturb us! Get lost!” Aria said angrily.

Yolanda took the opportunity to stir up trouble and refused to give up. “Then get your friend to apologize to me. She wants to curse me to have a miscarriage. Also, Aria, you have to apologize to me. I came to meet you and talked to you nicely. Why do you treat me like this?

“Your father also hopes that we can get along well. If he finds out about what happened today, he’ll be angry at you. I don’t want to see you and your father at odds,

“It’s just that I don’t want this matter to affect my mood. If I’m in a bad mood, it won’t be good for the baby in my womb,” Yolanda said.

11:01 Thu, 23 May

Chapter 95

What she meant was that she was still secretly threatening Aria that she would complain to Felix.

Gina’s expression was indifferent. “I’m telling the truth. If you have time, you should take the time to go to the hospital for at comprehensive checkup. We’ll see it it’s a child or a tumor in your stomach,” she said.

Yolanda’s face turned pale. “What… What did you say?”

Saying that my child is a tumor? How dare you! Yolanda thought.

Yolanda was about to explode in anger. She raised her hand and was about to slap Gina.

Gina wanted to restrain her, but Aria was the first to make a move. Aria grabbed Yolanda’s hand and said, “What are you. doing? Are you trying to hit my friend?”

“Aria, she’s cursing your brother and saying that he’s a tumor. This wretched girl can even say such nasty words. I think it’s because you’ve said too many bad things about me in front of her, right? Let go! I’m going to teach her a lesson today!” Yolanda shouted.

Not only did Yolanda want to slap Gina, but she wanted to slap Aria as well.

“Don’t mention the brother in front of me. My mother only gave birth to me. I don’t have a brother! If you dare to hit my friend. I won’t let you off! Aria steadfastly protected Gina.

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