BEGINS ≠ YOUTH BTS Drama Episode 1, Where to Watch?

BEGINS ≠ YOUTH BTS Drama is an upcoming web series based on BTS Universe. Youth BTS Drama portray the reality of 7 Boys in a real and refreshing way while also focusing on their emotions. It witness the synergy between actors and their roles as they weave another captivating thread into the tapestry of the BTS Universe.

youth bts drama

BEGINS ≠ YOUTH is a g-rated drama consisting of 12 episodes. BEGINS ≠ YOUTH is regenerated drama based on the continuous fictional story of “花樣年華”, the most beautiful moment in life, that BTS has been showcasing through albums, MV, and other official content since 2015, and it depicts friendship and growth of 7 youths.

BTS Universe Story contains the worldview of BTS Drama “Youth” opend in Paris, France. A Short 1 Minute Presentation at “Korea Expo 2023” a teaser video was released on the website of the drama production company. This Drama set to release via a New Content Distribution method Web 3.0

Seo Ji-hoon as Kim Hwan
Noh Jong-hyung as Min Cein
Ahn Ji-ho as Jung Hosu
Seo Young-joon as Kim Dogeon
Kim Yoon-wooo as Park Haru
Jung Woo-jin as Kim Jooan
Jeon Jin-seo as Jeon Jeha

It is said that from the 2nd Half of this year, 1-2 Episodes will be released every week. You can Watch Episode 1 to Episode 12 Exclusively on New Platform Xclusive Here

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