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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“Do we have a long way to go, honey?” Augustus practically threw himself on Alexis’s lap and the girl cursed out loud.

“It hurts,” he groaned as the gear hit his chest.

With a sigh, she pushed the man to help him sit straight before tying the seat belt on him.

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“Look. I really respect your position, but I swear if you get on my nerves, I will throw you out of the moving car, Augustus,” Alexis warned as she started the car before speeding it straight to the hotel she had her room booked in.

She was terribly late for her meeting, all thanks to a particular drunk alpha.

Seeing him making no noise and just sitting there, Alexis thought he had fallen asleep and she felt a little bad for shouting at him, but then again, was she really left with any choice?

She needed to drop him to the hotel room before attending the meeting.

“That night, I don’t know what you keep talking about. The reason I didn’t go home was that we were going to finalize one of the biggest deals with the alphas of Arizona. I… I had no idea you would be hurt.

That news on the TV was false too. I… You are the only woman I ever touched,” Augustus said, and Alexis, who didn’t expect him to say such things, nearly hit the tree because of the little distraction before she barely handled it.

She turned to look at him briefly, his closed eyes making her sigh.

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He was just drunk. What truth was there in his words? Why would those men lie to her? Besides, who else other than him knew that she would be at home? He didn’t even tell anyone about who she was to him.

Alexis scoffed.

It must really need great skills to lie even when you are drunk. She shook her head as they reached the hotel.

She parked the car and called the manager to help her.

“Mam, this – The manager asked when he saw the most dangerous alpha in the car.

“He is my mate and Alexis paused when she realized what she said out of instinct.

“I mean he is my businessmate and a friend –” Alexis tried to correct hurriedly, but before she could end her sentence, the drunk man in her car interrupted them.

“Her husband,” Augustus said, his words surprising Alexis.

Was this man for real? He was the same man who used to feel ashamed of introducing her as his mate even to their closest friends and family, let alone to strangers.

Maybe he was acting like this because he was drunk. She smiled at the manager who immediately smiled, looking at Alexis in a new light.

And why not? She was the wife of the strongest alpha, the man who was single–handedly ruling their city and state. “Can you help me take him inside?” Alexis said, and the manager immediately nodded at the two men who stepped forward to help Augustus out of the car.

“Only those who want to lose their limbs would dare to step ahead and touch me, Augustus said, his eyes still closed, and the men immediately stopped.

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Chapter 14

Alexis looked at the man with disbelief and annoyance.

“Augustus Volkov, get out of the car this instant!” Alexis glared at the man.

“Make me,” Augustus challenged, making her want to groan and stomp her feet.

Augustus, on the other hand, gritted his teeth. He thought she was going to drop him to the hotel room and leave, and that was the last thing he wanted to happen after he got her to himself alone for some time.

“Why are you acting so unreasonable? I can’t believe you, seriously. I am already late for the meeting and you are making things harder for me,” Alexis bent to hold his hand and pulled him out when she noticed their wedding ring on his ring finger.

Was he wearing this ring even after the divorce?

“I don’t want you to leave me,” Augustus opened his eyes..

Alexis, who turned to answer him, paused when she looked straight into his eyes.

It felt like time stopped for a second. The emotions swirling in his eyes froze her. The emotions that were so thick and expressive that it ached her heart.

His eyes were full of yearning, longing, angst, sadness, and was it love?

“Don’t leave me, Augustus raised her hand to cup her cheeks.

However, as soon as his hand touched her skin, it was almost as if she was brought out of some kind of phase, Alexis blinked her eyes before standing straight.

She finally understood what he was trying to do and say and couldn’t help but sigh, her fingers clenching around her clutch.

“I have a meeting in this hotel. Wait in my room for me,” Alexis said, and it was only then did Augustus extend his hand for her to take and pull him out.

He was quite drunk, but he wasn’t incapable of moving. He slurred in his steps, but with Alexis’s support, he was able to make it to the lift.

Augustus leaned on the railing of the lift and closed his eyes.

Alexis threw a side look at the man as she stood in the other corner, keeping her distance from him.

Look at him standing like a model as if he is ready to shoot,” She scoffed inwardly.

The lift doors were about to close when two girls, probably in their twenties, walked inside, their cheeks immediately flaring when they saw the handsome man standing in the corner.

Judging from their scent, it was clear they were humans.

“Hey, did you see him? Isn’t he totally hot?” One of the girls whispered, and Alexis rolled her eyes.

As if this night wasn’t torturous enough for her that she has to go through this now?

“Hey, shush it. He might hear you, The other girl said.

Alexis smiled bitterly.

Yes, girls. Stop it. You are making my ears bleed. Alexis wanted to say but she stayed quiet.

How can he listen the smells drunk for hot he is even in his armare Hide how much I wish to take him back momy tom. Imean don’t un end up unwinding their deepest desires and hornate with red any we should I do


I say Alexis was suprised would be an understatement Were these girls really talking about something in broadt daylight

Where was the shamet

As off left her mouth, and the girls nuned to look at her

The girl who was telling her friend to not whisper such things looked at her awkwardly

“Honey, why are you standing so far away?” Augustus said out of the line before he grabbed her hand and pulled her with a jerk, making her bump into him as her losid landed straight on his chest

He suck his hand around her allomers, resting his head on her slicndders, making Ales widen her eyes and take a few seconds to realize what just happened.

“I love you, honey,” Augustus said.

Alexis’s heart drummed in her chest.

She was having second doubts if the man she pleked from the club was even the same Augustus Volkow she knew

The girl who clearly heard him, felt embarrassed of talking like that in front of her man’s wife.

After a few more torturing seconds, they finally reached their floor and Alexis took him to her room

As soon as the door opened, she literally pushed him on the bed.

“Be good. I will be back in half an hour” She said before hurrying out and closing the d

oor, not at all bothering with his groaning form.

She might as well finish this meeting before this guy throws another tantrum

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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back by Angelina Bhardawaj

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Sign the divorce if you are displeased,” “Why did the moon goddess curse me with a mate like you?””Get lost. Don’t show me your face,””I would rather eat poison than something cooked by you,”Alexis Dimitri, the omega who couldn’t find her wolf. That was her identity when she found her mate, the strongest alpha of the nation, Augustus Volkov. Even after being married to her mate for two years, her identity wasn’t known to anyone. She was just a woman living with the alpha for unknown reasons. These were some of the normal sentences used to greet her by her mate. But even after that, she kept going because she knew it was all going to change soon on her 21st birthday when she would find her wolf. When her birthday came, she received the biggest shock of her life. While she was writhing in pain and a bleeding mess at home, her husband was accompanying another woman to the hospital who sprained her foot. Having suffered enough, with a broken heart, she went to the council and publicly rejected the mate bond before signing the divorce papers and leaving. She thought she would never see him again. But life had other plans. After four years when they finally came face to face, the cold alpha she once knew was nowhere to be seen, rather it was replaced by someone too clingy for her own good.”Come back with me, “You wanted a baby, no? Let’s make ten of them, “”How can you neglect your husband?””I will buy everything you need, just come to me,””I will act as your slave for the rest of our lives, please give me a chance,” Surprisingly these words were said by the strongest unyielding alpha in front of everyone, shocking the entire nation. However, things weren’t so easy this time. Why? Because Alexis wasn’t an


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