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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back Chapter 15

Chapter 15

“What the hell is going on?” A man walked inside the room of Sunrise View Hotel where a woman was sitting on the bed with a scowl on her face, taking a whiff of her cigar, dressed in a nightie that did nothing to hide her voluptuous alluring figure.

“What is it, sweetheart? What makes you so worried?” The man asked, crouching on his knees as he held her face between his hands lovingly.

The woman glared at the man in front of her before turning her head to exhale the smoke, a scoff leaving her mouth.

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Usually, she would’ve melted in his arms and immediately given him what he wanted, but not today. She was beyond angry today.

“You told me you dealt with her. Alexis Coral was dealt with. Then how the hell did I see her in the hospital? Not only is she alive, she is back even stronger than before. Do you even know what it means?” The woman seethed, and the man scowled.

How was that even possible? Hadn’t those people and that woman told him that she would personally deal with Alexis because she had a feud with her?

“What about Marianna? Does she know?” The man asked, and the lady stood from her place before pushing the man away from herself.

“Does that matter? You do know how harmful that woman is to our plans. We have been working on this plan for seven years. And now that we are this close to it, you can’t let her ruin it. I don’t care how you deal with this, but I want her gone before Augustus finds anything about what happened that night,” the woman said before she went straight to bed to sleep.


The man’s gaze darkened as he remembered all the things they had to endure and plan to come this far.

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He walked to the balcony and dialed Marianna’s number, who was walking out of the ladies‘ restroom to take their alpha back to where he belonged, beside her.

A smile appeared on her face and she was about to turn around the corner when her phone rang.

Seeing the unknown number, she was about to reject the call when she changed her mind.


“Are you

you having fun?” The man asked, hearing the background noise with a scoff, and Marianna looked at the number again to see if she recognised this person.

The loud music in the club was making it hard for her to hear things p


“Who are.” She started but got interrupted.

“The person who filled

who filled your bank account four years ago. Alexis is alive?” The man went straight to the point, and Marianna, who had a smile on her face earlier, immediately froze in her place.

“S–sir, I… I don’t know how this happened either,” She stuttered.

“You don’t know how that happened, but you will surely know what will happen to you now, The warning in the man’s tone nearly made her fall and she quickly rushed to the fire exit to talk.

“Sir, please give me a chance. Though she is back, she doesn’t like alpha Augustus, and in fact, hates him. They won’t come together and hinder our plans,” Marianna said, her hands getting sweaty.

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Chapter 15

“It better be that way, because if I find out my plans are ruined because of your incompetence, your head will be the first thing I will be dismembering from your body before feeding it to dogs. The man said before he ended the call.

Alexis Coral. You have some guts coming back to a city that gave you nightmares four years ago. But don’t worry. I will. make sure when you leave this time, you won’t be able to come back from heaven or hell. The man thought before lighting up his cigar and going to bed.

“Are you satisfied?” He asked the woman in the bed who immediately loosened the strings around her nightie, making the man smirk and open her legs before he undressed and pushed himself into her hurriedly.

Marianna, who reached the place where all the alphas were still sitting, all except Alpha Augustus, frowned.

“Could it be that he already left?‘ a thought came to her head and she shook her head.

No. He wasn’t the kind who was irresponsible enough to drink and drive, and he was pretty much drunk earlier. She mollified herself before looking at the alphas, who were talking to each other while joking.

“Where did Alpha Augustus go?” She asked the alphas, knowing all too well that they didn’t particularly like her.

“He left with his honey,” Alpha Cane was the one to comment.

Marianna froze in her place.

Did he leave with his honey? Does that mean Alexis indeed came to pick Alpha Augustus? But why did she come? Wasn’t she hating him earlier?

She looked at her phone. She only spent ten minutes in the bathroom. How could she come so early?

Was her fear earlier right?

Alexis’s presence in the hospital where she already knew Augustus always takes her, her presence in the same hotel they went to dine, then her coming too early to pick the alpha up.

She was keeping an eye on them. Was that girl still having designs on their alpha after all this time?

No. How could she allow this?

“Do you know where she took him?” Marianna asked anxiously,

The alphas who were having fun, turned to look at her.

“Do we look like his butler to you?” Alpha Zeus asked, his eyes dark and Marianna immediately looked down at her feet.

“I am sorry alpha,” she said before looking around, her gaze falling on the camera.

CCTV footage. Right. Maybe she will get some hints from there. Marianna thought before she rushed to the security room of the club.

Since the club was regularly visited by many influential people, the security was pretty tight there. They must be able to find something for her.

At the same time, Alexis entered the private lobby that was arranged by the management and the alphas she was here

to meet

She took a deep breath, her expression turning neutral.

You can do this, Alexis. No need to be scared of anyone. I am with you, Selene, her wolf said when she noticed Alexis

Chapter 15

becoming a little nervous because of meeting all the elders.

As soon as she entered the room, the alphas, the elders of the infamous Pentagon zone, who were sitting in the room. immediately stood, making Alexis nod at them in respect.

“Alpha Lucifer, Alpha Lucas, Alpha Hade, Alpha Blaze, Alpha Argus, 1 Alexis Dimitri offer you my respect,” Alexis said, and the alphas nodded at her before they took their seats to start the meeting.

Alpha Lucifer, who was the youngest of them all and only 28 years old, looked at the girl up and down.

When he was coming here, he had asked someone to look into the Enceladus pack and found out many interesting things about this girl especially.

“We were expecting future Alpha Andrew to meet us. Though you were undoubtedly supposed to be mentioned, we didn’t expect you to be here,” Alpha Hade said.

Alexis nodded.

“I am well aware of that. Future Alpha Andrew flew back to the pack for some urgent work related to Rogues.

However, since it’s about the safety of the Pentagon zone, and it’s closer to us, we needed to address it first before the matter could be taken to the council and the strongest alphas. Thus, we decided to not postpone the meeting.

I hope it won’t be a problem,” Alexis looked ahead at all the alphas confidently.

They started their discussions about National security.

After what felt like an eternity, they finally took a small break.

“Miss Alexis, would you like to order something?” Alpha Blaze asked.

Alexis smiled at him respectfully.

“Thank you for the offer, Alpha. However it will be my time to train soon, and I don’t eat before that,” Alexis said, her words surprising the alphas.

“You train at night?” Alpha Lucas asked and Alexis nodded.

She didn’t explain further or told anyone about how being a heart surgeon wasn’t easy and she usually didn’t get much time for herself.

She looked at the watch on her wrist.

Forty minutes had already passed. She told Augustus she would be back in thirty minutes.

She could only hope he had fallen asleep and didn’t cause a ruckus for anyone later.

“You look like you are in a hurry, Alpha Lucifer said for the first time since the discussion started and Alexis smiled bitterly.

Of course, she was rushed. The strongest alpha, who was acting like a kid today, was waiting for her and she was afraid he would create a mess if she didn’t return soon.

“There’s nothing like that – Alexis started but before she could end her sentence, one of the waiters who came to take their orders, stepped close to Alexis.

“Miss, we have a problem,” He said and Alexis’s heart skipped a beat.

Chapter 1

She was dreading hearing these words the most.

“What is ” Alexis star

ted, but before she could end her sentence, she heard him.

“Honey!! Where are you?”

Alexis’s eyes widened and she looked around at all the alphas.


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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back by Angelina Bhardawaj

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“Sign the divorce if you are displeased,” “Why did the moon goddess curse me with a mate like you?””Get lost. Don’t show me your face,””I would rather eat poison than something cooked by you,”Alexis Dimitri, the omega who couldn’t find her wolf. That was her identity when she found her mate, the strongest alpha of the nation, Augustus Volkov. Even after being married to her mate for two years, her identity wasn’t known to anyone. She was just a woman living with the alpha for unknown reasons. These were some of the normal sentences used to greet her by her mate. But even after that, she kept going because she knew it was all going to change soon on her 21st birthday when she would find her wolf. When her birthday came, she received the biggest shock of her life. While she was writhing in pain and a bleeding mess at home, her husband was accompanying another woman to the hospital who sprained her foot. Having suffered enough, with a broken heart, she went to the council and publicly rejected the mate bond before signing the divorce papers and leaving. She thought she would never see him again. But life had other plans. After four years when they finally came face to face, the cold alpha she once knew was nowhere to be seen, rather it was replaced by someone too clingy for her own good.”Come back with me, “You wanted a baby, no? Let’s make ten of them, “”How can you neglect your husband?””I will buy everything you need, just come to me,””I will act as your slave for the rest of our lives, please give me a chance,” Surprisingly these words were said by the strongest unyielding alpha in front of everyone, shocking the entire nation. However, things weren’t so easy this time. Why? Because Alexis wasn’t an


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