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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back Chapter 5

Chapter 5

In the skyscraper building of Augustine Enterprises, Augustus, who was in his office, looking at the recent migration of his pack members to other packs and nations for work, froze in his place for a brief second when he saw the name Alexis on it.

It has been four years since Alexis left him after rejecting the mate bond. Four long years since he had been looking for an omega she–wolf named Alexis, but so far, luck wasn’t on his side

He even asked his people to go and look for her in the human kingdom. He remembered her talking about how it would’ve been great if she was living among humans who wouldn’t have judged her for being an omega once, and it was enough for him to believe that she must’ve gone to their kingdom but she wasn’t there either.

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He even asked his team to leave messages on various forums to find a girl named Alexis because he didn’t even know her surname.

It was still a mystery how she left him, but what was more confusing was how she left without taking a single penny from him even when she was talking about marrying him for money and power.

He didn’t even hear of anyone using his name to get things done their way. It was almost as if she just disappeared. from his life, this world completely.

His wolf has gone silent since then. He appears occasionally when they have to establish their alpha dominance in a room or exert their power, but other than that, he doesn’t say anything at all.

Augustus knew what was going on, his wolf was mourning his mate in his own way. He didn’t say anything till now because he was equally hurt when he heard his mate talking about wanting their money and power only, but now that she has been gone for so long, he was more hurt than ever.

Huh… Augustus shook his head as he got lost in his thoughts once again. He needed to stop doing that.

“Sir, Marianna has fainted,” His beta’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked at him with furrowed. brows, quickly getting up from his chair.

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“She fainted? What happened?” Augustus rushed out of the cabin and walked to the area where the girl lost


He bent and picked her in his arms as he hurried to the hospital.

He looked at the pale face of the girl and pressed his lips into a thin line.

This friend of his has always been petite and sickly. But now he could see she was becoming weaker with each passing day.

Augustus walked towards the familiar doctor who always treats Marianna.

*Sir, where are you going?” The nurse asked politely.

“I need to meet Dr. Shane-”

“But sir, Dr. Shane is on a leave of five days because he has gone to another country for the research meeting,” the nurse said, and Augustus’s expression immediately turned dark.

Right. The doctor had informed him about it.

“Is there no other doctor with the same capabilities who can treat her in this big hospital?” Augustus asked.

Chapter 3

“Please take Miss to the emergency room, sir. Doctor Lexi is on the rounds currently, and she is one of the best in the hospital. Tell her about the last records. The nurse said, and with no other option, Augustus walked to the emergency room with Marianna still in his arms.

“Where is your doctor-” Augustus started but stopped when he felt his phone vibrating.


He walked to the side to pick up the call.

“Sir, you have a meeting in thirty minutes,” the beta reminded him again, and Augustus pressed his lips in a thin line as he looked around, still unable to see the doctor in the large hall.

“I will be “he froze.

His heart skipped a beat as he smelt the familiar scent of that one person that he had been looking for four

Without replying to his beta, he turned around, but to his surprise, she wasn’t there.

Augustus quickly ended the call and looked around frantically to see where the smell was coming from


Right. He had smelt this scent when he entered the hospital, but he was too concerned about Marianna to care about anything.

He walked a few steps when he finally saw her.

He saw her hand first as she removed the curtains, exiting after attending to another patient.

As if she also recognized his presence, he could see her raising her gaze softly as it met with his.

He didn’t know what he was feeling at that moment. Was it a relief that he finally found her? Was it anger that she broke contact with him and never tried to meet him and went to god knows where?

Or was it frustration of seeing the calmness on her face as if his presence didn’t bother her at all.

“Doctor –“The nurse who had sent Augustus to the emergency room briefed Alexis about the condition and the woman in front of him nodded like a professional doctor.

“Please place the lady on the bed, gentleman,” Alexis’s words were neutral, void of emotion, and Augustus felt a deep pang in his heart as if someone struck him with lightning.

He was motionless for a few seconds before he placed Mariana on the bed and stood on the side, watching his ex–wife performing all the protocols.

“Does she have a history of a weak immune system? This isn’t her first time, right? She shows symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” Alexis said before she opened Marianna’s eyes and flashed the torch in it.

“Hmm, it’s nothing serious. Administer her with some glucose and vitamins. Give me the notepad,” Alexis said as she

wrote some vitamins.

She looked vibrant, glowing, and even unapproachable and untouchable.

It was almost as if a deity was standing in front of him and all these things confused him even more.

Marianna, who had been unconscious earlier, opened her eyes slowly after the nurse gave her an injection that Alexis told her about,

She blinked her eyes, the familiar face of Alexis, surprising her before she quickly masked her surprise and gulped.

Clupter 3

“How are you feeling, Miss Marianna?” Alexis asked in a professional tone.

“I… Alexis much better,” Marianna said, unable to comprehend what to say.

Alexis nodded before writing a couple more things in the notepad.

She could feel someone’s gaze on her back, and it made her uneasy knowing all too well who it was.

“This is all. Please consult one more doctor for the medicines I have written just to be on the safe side. I don’t want the patient or her family to sue me later,” Alexis smiled at the nurse who chuckled at her words.

“Please, Miss Alexis. We all know you haven’t made a wrong diagnosis –“The nurse started, but paused when she saw the man grabbing Miss Alexis’s hand out of the blue.

“Sir-” the nurse started, but one look into Augustus’s dark eyes was enough to make her step back.

She looked at Alexis warily, but surprisingly, Alexis didn’t have any expression on her face.

“Where were you? Do you have any idea how long I have been looking for you? How –” Augustus started as he forcefully turned her to face him, the lack of expression on her face, making him grit his teeth.

How could she be so calm when he was practically losing his mind?

Alexis gently removed his hand from her arm and smiled at him.

“You must be her husband. Please refrain from using any force, gentleman. Bring these medicines for her later and she can get discharged after an hour,” Alexis said before she made a move to walk out.

Augustus stood frozen in his place.

Did she just call him Marianna’s husband?

The woman who used to lose her mind just at the thought of him standing beside other women was openly calling him someone else’s husband?

H–how was this possible? Why was she looking at him like she didn’t recognize him? After everything and-

Augustus panicked when he saw her turning to leave. No. He couldn’t let her go like this. He held her hand again and slammed her into the wall with his hand behind her head to ensure she didn’t get hurt while he looked straight into

his eyes.

“How can you call me someone else’s husband? Do you not want to pretend to be in love with me anymore? Are your games over! H–how could you leave just like that? After making all that mess–Augustus found himself short of words.

“If you are looking for compensation for the ill–treatment of your wife, you can avoid the discharge bills, I will pay the bill on your behalf,” Alexis said before nodding at the nurse.

Faced with her calm and collected attitude, Augustus almost felt like he wasn’t talking to the girl he once knew.

She has changed. This wasn’t the same Alexis at all. Someone probably did something to his wife.

“Stop calling her my wife, damn it!” Augustus was almost bursting with anger, a complete contrast to Alexis’s calm demeanor.

“Are you looking down on me, Alexis?” Augustus asked.

Alexis remained silent, the animosity in her eyes visible to everyone in the room.

Chapter 3

“I don’t” She started, but stopped when Marianna interrupted her.

“Alexis, please don’t be angry. If it’s about me” Marianna started, but Alexis just pushed Augustus away from herself before evening her collar.

“Miss, I have never entertained people interrupting in between when I am conversing with someone, but since it’s you, his WIFE, I am going to let go of the matter just this once. However, next time –” Alexis let her eyes darken, and her alpha powers surfaced for a few seconds, making Marianna immediately widen her eyes.

Did she just- Marianna gulped.

“If that’s all.” Alexis said before she walked out of the emergency room, leaving Augustus clenching his hands helplessly.

What was she talking about?! Why was she refusing to recognise them and their bond? Where was the girl who used to love him, or pretend to love him at least?

What was going on here?


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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back by Angelina Bhardawaj

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Sign the divorce if you are displeased,” “Why did the moon goddess curse me with a mate like you?””Get lost. Don’t show me your face,””I would rather eat poison than something cooked by you,”Alexis Dimitri, the omega who couldn’t find her wolf. That was her identity when she found her mate, the strongest alpha of the nation, Augustus Volkov. Even after being married to her mate for two years, her identity wasn’t known to anyone. She was just a woman living with the alpha for unknown reasons. These were some of the normal sentences used to greet her by her mate. But even after that, she kept going because she knew it was all going to change soon on her 21st birthday when she would find her wolf. When her birthday came, she received the biggest shock of her life. While she was writhing in pain and a bleeding mess at home, her husband was accompanying another woman to the hospital who sprained her foot. Having suffered enough, with a broken heart, she went to the council and publicly rejected the mate bond before signing the divorce papers and leaving. She thought she would never see him again. But life had other plans. After four years when they finally came face to face, the cold alpha she once knew was nowhere to be seen, rather it was replaced by someone too clingy for her own good.”Come back with me, “You wanted a baby, no? Let’s make ten of them, “”How can you neglect your husband?””I will buy everything you need, just come to me,””I will act as your slave for the rest of our lives, please give me a chance,” Surprisingly these words were said by the strongest unyielding alpha in front of everyone, shocking the entire nation. However, things weren’t so easy this time. Why? Because Alexis wasn’t an


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