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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Augustus stood rooted in his place.

It wasn’t until the nurse who watched everything unfolding in front of her, reminded him about the medicines, did he finally regain his senses.

It wasn’t a dream.

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Alexis, his mate, his wife, was finally back after he searched for her for four long years. And the first thing she did was call another woman his wife?

Nothing made any sense to him.

Was she the same girl who had made her entire life all about him even if it was a pretense? Why did he feel like someone stabbed him when he saw her neutral eyes that held no emotions towards him?

“The doctor who attended Marianna just now… what’s her full name? When did she start practicing here?” Augustus asked, remembering how the information provided by her was false.

“Dr. Alexis Dimitri? She joined around two and a half months ago. She is currently filling in for Dr. Shane. She will return to the home branch once her internship under Dr. Shane is over.” The nurse said.

The more Augustus heard about his mate, the more he realized this wasn’t a dream.

“Augustus, Alexis was here for so long. Why didn’t she try to meet you even once? She even called me your wife. Could it be that she found someone else and wants to cut ties with you permanently?” Marianna asked with a weak

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Augustus looked at the pale girl on the bed with a complicated expression, the thought of Alexis being with someone else boiling his heart immediately.

He didn’t waste a second and left the emergency room, following his instincts to find his mate through her intoxicating scent that once made her unbearably desirable.

After walking for some time, he finally found the door and without knocking, he entered the room.

In her temporary cabin, Alexis, who was checking a man’s abdomen who came to her at the recommendation of someone, had her fingers on his chest so she could check if he had any broken bones from the last street fighting.

“Does it hurt here?” She asked, her session interrupted by the sudden intrusion from someone she didn’t expect to meet again in such a short time.

However, Augustus, who immediately misunderstood the situation, roared, Marianna’s words echoing in his head.

“So this is the reason you agreed to our divorce after all the time of me threatening you about it? Hmm? What does he have? Does he have a lot of money? Is he a renowned businessman too?” Augustus’s insulting questions came one after

the other.

His tone was so off that the man sitting on the stool, looked at the girl apologetically as if it was his fault.

“Should I come by another time?” He asked, wanting to give her some privacy.

Alexis didn’t say anything for some time. She looked at the reports of all the tests in front of her.

“I guess no courtesy is left in this area anymore. If I had known it would be chaotic, I wouldn’t have joined this internship program,” Alexis murmured loud enough for Augustus to hear.

Chapter o

She raised her neutral eyes and looked into his eyes.

“How can you enter a doctor’s cabin without knocking?” She asked.

“You still haven’t answered my questions. And are you even qualified to be a doctor? Does someone become a doctor just like that?” He roared, unsure how to channel what he was feeling.

He wanted to ask her a hundred questions about what she was doing all these years, where she was, what happened that night, and everything, but her laid–back attitude only made things hard for him.

“You can check for my qualifications in the information department…” Alexis paused before she stood from her place and walked to a cabinet before taking out a chart.

“If you are worried about misdiagnosis of your wife, please consult another suitable doctor,” Alexis said.

She was about to walk to the man when Augustus held her hand and slammed her into the wall, glaring at the man, who gulped, sensing the scary vibes from the man.

“Miss Alexis, I will visit next time,” The man bowed to her and Alexis was about to tell the man to wait outside when Augustus let out an angry growl.

“She is not a fucking Miss! She is Mrs. Alexis to you!” Augustus shouted and the man left in a hurry, not wanting to offend this angry alpha.

Once the man left, Alexis looked back at the man with a complicated gaze.

“This is the second time you have tried to manhandle me, gentleman. Don’t She couldn’t complete her words. because, in the next moment, Augustus grabbed her jaws, leaning toward her as if he wanted to kiss her.

However, Alexis tilted her head, making him pause and look at her with scorn.

“Stop with this gentleman shit, will you? Why haven’t you tried to contact me even once? Or is what Marianna ist saying true? Have you found another target? Someone richer than me? Was this him?” Augustus said.

Anger. Humiliation. That was exactly what Alexis was feeling with his words and she gritted her teeth before pushing him away again.

“I don’t understand what you are so angry about, Alpha Augustus. Hadn’t you always wished for my death? Why is my absence from your life bothering you so much? Don’t come here pretending to be caring when you made my life at living hell when I was with you,” Alexis stepped ahead, looking himself dead in the eyes.

“Please don’t drop your act, alpha, or people might start to think that you are cheating on Marianna with me. Then again, cheating is your second nature, isn’t it?” Alexis scoffed before she grabbed her phone to call the nurse.

Augustus, who stood frozen for a second because of the meaning behind her words, felt a sudden surge of anger coursing his body as his wolf growled at him too.

According to his wolf, it was all his fault that their mate left. Though she was materialistic, she was at least in front of them and pretended to love them.

“What did you say?” Augustus grabbed her hand, his nails digging in her biceps.

“Dr. Alexis, we have an emergency –” the nurse paused as she looked between the owner of this hospital and the new intern doctor with a peculiar gaze.

“I am coming.” Alexis didn’t waste a second in using the opportunity as she left the room, leaving a seething Augustus behind.


Heck he kicked the chair away and was about to leave when he saw her ID card on the desk that had her address


e when his

His land clenched around it. There was no way he was going to leave her alone and let her live in peace peare was gone because of all those questions that had been haunting him for four long years. She would be leaving once Dr. Shane is back, right? It looks like Dr. Shane has to go on a long extended vacation this time.

Augustus looked at the card one last time and left.

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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back by Angelina Bhardawaj

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Sign the divorce if you are displeased,” “Why did the moon goddess curse me with a mate like you?””Get lost. Don’t show me your face,””I would rather eat poison than something cooked by you,”Alexis Dimitri, the omega who couldn’t find her wolf. That was her identity when she found her mate, the strongest alpha of the nation, Augustus Volkov. Even after being married to her mate for two years, her identity wasn’t known to anyone. She was just a woman living with the alpha for unknown reasons. These were some of the normal sentences used to greet her by her mate. But even after that, she kept going because she knew it was all going to change soon on her 21st birthday when she would find her wolf. When her birthday came, she received the biggest shock of her life. While she was writhing in pain and a bleeding mess at home, her husband was accompanying another woman to the hospital who sprained her foot. Having suffered enough, with a broken heart, she went to the council and publicly rejected the mate bond before signing the divorce papers and leaving. She thought she would never see him again. But life had other plans. After four years when they finally came face to face, the cold alpha she once knew was nowhere to be seen, rather it was replaced by someone too clingy for her own good.”Come back with me, “You wanted a baby, no? Let’s make ten of them, “”How can you neglect your husband?””I will buy everything you need, just come to me,””I will act as your slave for the rest of our lives, please give me a chance,” Surprisingly these words were said by the strongest unyielding alpha in front of everyone, shocking the entire nation. However, things weren’t so easy this time. Why? Because Alexis wasn’t an


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