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And Then There Were Four Novel Chapter 128


Chapter 128: Lucas Vega

The moment the last bell rang, I groaned. It was time to serve out my detention, and as much as I wanted to dip and go home, I knew I couldn’t. I would just get lectured by my parents and then have to do it tomorrow anyways.

Grabbing my belongings and shoving them into my bag, I sighed as I stood to my feet, walking out of my last classroom. Miss Abel’s class was downstairs, and the quicker I got there to serve out detention, the faster I could leave.

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However, as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I spotted Miss Abel with all of her belongings walking down the hall. Had she forgotten I had detention?

“Are we not doing this today, then?” I asked flatly, curious as to where she seemed to be going in such a good mood. Turning to face me, she smiled and shook her head.

“Oh, you are. I forgot to tell you, I actually have something to do after school, so you’re going to be serving out detention in the library with Mr. Danton.” Judging by the smug expres sion on her face, she knew full well I couldn’t stand the gym teacher.

Mr Danton was enough to make me want to claw her eyes, but instead, I turned away.

Fists clenched with my irritation at an all-time high, I fixed the bag on my shoulder and made my way towards the library. If I had to endure dealing with Mr. Danton, then so be it. At least in a few days, I would never have to see his smug face again.

The moment I got there, I instantly regretted everything! had said earlier to piss Miss Abel off because the only other fucking person in the library serving out detention was god damn Lucas Vega.

His dark, mesmerizing eyes met mine, and as they did, a sick, sadistic smirk crossed his lips. There was an air about him that screamed mysteriousness. He had black, spiky, clean cut hair and wore dark designer jeans and a black, tight fitted t shirt adorned with a black leather jacket. His look screamed walking sex machine.

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“Interesting.” His words pulled me back to the present, and as it did, I frowned.

Interesting? I didn’t know what he found interesting about this, but as soon as Mr. Danton looked up from the desk he sat behind, a smile grew wide across his face.

“Well, well, well.” Mr. Danton laughed with amusement. “It’s nice to see you again, Cassie. Unfortunately, I wish it would have been on better terms.”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied flatly as I moved towards a table on the far side of the room. The farther away from Lucas, the better. As much as I had enjoyed making a fool of him that night, I didn’t care to be around him. He was incredibly annoying, and with Pollux acting like a dick about Lucas, I didn’t want to give him more reason to be on my ass.

Placing down my bag and pulling out my books, I tried to dive into the school work my teachers decided I needed to complete before the end of the week. All of it I found pointless considering it was the end of the year, and with my perfect GPA, I wasn’t worried about failing.

Nevertheless, I dived into it trying to ignore the stare Lu cas was sending from across the room. His dark eyes bore into my head as I tried to feverishly ignore it.

It wasn’t until Mr. Danton stood to his feet and moved around from the desk. I finally looked up and away from my school work. “Alright, you two. I’m going to go take a break. Try not to get into trouble while I’m away.”

From what I had heard from other students, when Mr. Danton took a break, he was typically gone until detention was over. I contemplated skipping the rest of it and leaving to head home, but knowing my luck, I’d get caught.

The moment the door closed and Mr. Danton disap peared, Lucas appeared in front of me on the other side of the table. “You and I need to have a little talk.”

Glancing up at him, I laughed, shaking my head as I took my books and placed them back into my bag. If there was go ing to be an altercation, the last thing I wanted was for my shit to spread across the room in utter chaos.

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“There’s nothing to discuss, Vega. Leave me alone.”

“No, no.” He laughed, causing me to grit my teeth with irri tation. “You don’t get to do that. We have shit to discuss, and you’re not leaving here until we do.”

Leaning back in my chair with my arms crossed, I stared at him. There was no way he was going to dictate what was go ing to happen. “You’re annoying, you know that, right?”

“I’m annoying?” He scoffed with a smile. “Says the girl who stole my clothes and made me walk naked through a party.”

“You actually walked naked?” Laughter escaped me as I tried to visualize that event. It had obviously happened after I left that night, and even though Lucas irritated me, I was in trigued with the notion of seeing him naked.

“Hey, stop eye fucking me and pay attention,” he snapped, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Keep dreaming. You stand no chance with me, Vega. I’d never fuck you, regardless of what people seem to want to think about what we did at that party.”

“Yes, the party…” He echoed as he paced the area with a smile on his face. “So, it occurred to me that night we have something more in common than just being the outcast ass holes of the pack.”

Outcast? Who the hell said I was an outcast?

“I’m not-”

Holding his hand up, he cut me off, causing me to stare at him with my lips parted in disgust. “I wasn’t finished, Cassie.”

“I don’t care if we’re finished or not. Don’t ever cut me off like that again.”

“Or what?” he scoffed. “What are you honestly going to do besides sit there and get pissy like you always do?”

“Careful, or you might get hurt. I’m not someone you want to anger.”

Usually the threat worked on people, but for some reason with Lucas Vega, he did not give a shit about what I was say ing. Instead, he laughed and leaned over the table. “If you think that you can intimidate me, you’re wrong, cupcake. Nothing about who you are scares me.”

Shock was the only thing I felt as I stared at him, dumb founded, trying to process the fact he wasn’t scared of me. Everyone was scared of me. There was no way he wasn’t. That

just didn’t make sense. “What?”


“Cat got your tongue, Cassie?” He laughed. “You heard what I said. You’re nothing but entitled and hiding behind who your parents are.

Standing to my feet, I slammed my hands down upon the table staring at him. “Don’t make me fucking hurt you, Vega. Stay away from me, and don’t speak. This is your last warning.”

I didn’t wait for him to respond as I grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder. I was done with detention for the day, for the rest of my life… I wasn’t doing this shit with him or anyone else for that matter.

If Mr. Danton didn’t like it to fucking bad.

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As I moved across the room, Lucas quickly sped in front of me, blocking my way out. I wasn’t sure what his problem was or why he was doing this, but it was getting on my last fucking nerve. “Would you get the fuck out of my way?”

“No,” he said flatly, crossing his arms over his chest. “Not until we talk properly.”

“Oh, my god. Seriously? We have nothing to fucking talk. about.”

It was enough to have to be stuck here with him, but hav ing him trying to keep me hostage because he wanted to speak with me was icing on the cake. No matter how much I tried to show him I didn’t want anything to do with him, he was resilient in his efforts to make me talk to him.

Sagging his shoulders, he smirked. “Are you done?”

Groaning loudly in frustration, I shoved him back, watch ing as he stumbled laughing while I pushed past him to grab the handle of the library door, exiting into the hallway. I didn’t care about Lucas nor did I care that he was currently following me down the hallway as I pushed through the double doors and welcomed the cool air.

I didn’t have a car considering the Alpha, my father Hale, took my car after my late night joy rides over a month ago. But I was never opposed to walking, and so when he took it, that’s what I started doing. I

walked or would simply catch a ride with Lux.

Which, of course, had come to an end after our fight this morning.

“Where are you going?” Lucas called from behind me as I made my way through the field near the school towards the treeline. It was a fifteen minute drive from my house to the school, and walking would take close to an hour.

However, shifting into my wolf would take a lot less longer.

“Dude, are you going to just ignore me?” he called again as I got closer to the shadows within the trees, a welcoming sight as I sat my bag down and slowly stripped.

“That was the plan,” | sighed as / slid off my shirt and stuffed it into my backpack before slowly unbuttoning my jeans. I didn’t understand why he was so persistent, and why he continued to follow me when neither of us even liked each other.

“So you’re just going to shift and run home? I have a vehi cle. I can take you.”

Glancing over my shoulder at him, I scoffed with a smile. “Yeah, and run the risk of my brother tripping out again. No thanks.”

“You’re worried about what he thinks? I didn’t peg you for being one of those kinds of girls.”

Sliding my pants completely down, I picked them up and shoved them into my bag as well before turning around to face him. His eyes instinctively scanned down my body, and as those sultry eyes took me in, I couldn’t help but feel attracted to him in the moment. The sensation running through me quickly shut down when I realized he was Lucas Vega and I wasn’t interested.

“There is a lot about me that you don’t know, Vega.”

Stepping closer to me, my heart quickened with every step he took. It wasn’t until he was a foot in front of me I felt com pletely bare to him, not just in physical presence but also men tally. Never had anyone made me feel this way, and Lucas Vega was the last person I would ever have expected to make me feel the way I did.

For some reason, no matter how much I tried to resist the dark gaze he gave me, and the way his close proximity set my body on fire, I couldn’t. I was conflicted beyond all rationality, wanting a man I couldn’t actually have.

“I’d like to know more…” he whispered, reaching up to brush a strand of hair from my face. “If you’d let me.”

There were many ways this moment could have gone, but there was no way I was going to give in to the urges we both had. “There’s no point in getting to know me.”

Letting the turn come over me, he jumped back from where I stood until the fur of my wolf broke through me, and my enormous beast stood before him. My black coat was pur er than most, and with my celestial eyes still on display, I was an intimidating sight to behold.

“Gorgeous.” He smirked as I huffed in displeasure, picking up my backpack in my mouth before turning and darting off into the forest.

If Lucas Vega thought flattery would allow him to get close to me, he was sadly mistaken.

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