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And Then There Were Four Novel Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Consequences


There was nothing like running through the forest to clear one’s mind. Yet, as my home came into view through the clearing of the forest, I couldn’t help but wonder why Lucas Vega suddenly had taken such an interest in me. The way he made me feel caused my heart to race with anticipation.

I shouldn’t feel like this, and I definitely shouldn’t be so worked up.

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It was ridiculous.

As soon as I approached the treeline, I let the change come back over me. The breaking and shifting of my bones caused me to moan softly as I finally took my last step back into my human form. Growing up, no one ever expected we would have been able to shift into wolves simply because our mother hadn’t been able to.

At least not like a normal shifter.

Yet, we took after our fathers… the Lycan and shifter genes running through our veins.

Searching through my backpack, I pulled out my clothes and quickly put them on. I didn’t bother messing with my shoes as I stepped from the treeline, slugging my backpack over my shoulder as my bare feet touched the soft texture of the grass below.

The sun had begun to set in the horizon and with its disappearance, shadows circulated over the land, highlighting the lighting within my home through the windows.

To think, in just over a week, I would be on my way towards the coast to start my new life with Melissa. Away from the troubles this pack has brought me since the day I came into my powers. No longer

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would I have people staring at me like I was odd.

Instead, I would blend in and have a normal life.

“Cassie, is that you?” My mother’s voice called out as I closed the door behind me.

“Yeah, sorry I’m late. I had to stay after school.”

Her slim body came into view and her long, dark silvering hair pulled up into a bun on her head, she frowned while drying her hands with a tea towel. “Yes, your father told me. Go get changed, Cassie. Talon and Hale are waiting in the study for you.”

Shit. Throwing my head back, I groaned inwardly, letting out a heavy sigh before nodding and heading up the stairs towards my bedroom. I already knew the lecture awaiting me, but thankfully, knowing how my parents were, I would be able to take a quick shower and change before going to face the wrath of the Sølvmåne twins.

As soon as I stepped from the shower, completely refreshed and feeling like myself again, I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before heading towards the study. I was prepared for

the lecture that was to come, but as soon as I knocked on the door and entered, I was shocked to see the concerned looks on their faces instead of angry scowls.

“Cassie, take a seat sweetie,” Hale said as he gestured towards the sofa. My eyes scanned the room, taking in the disarray of books and papers littering the area as I made myself comfortable on the gray microfiber sofa near the fire.

“What’s going on?” Play innocent and stupid, and maybe they will buy it.

Talon frowned at me, shaking his head. “We heard about today, Cassie.”

“That wasn’t entirely my fault-”

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Hale gave me a stern look, causing me to stop talking. Out of all my parental figures, these two were the only ones I refused to argue with. Just because the connection with them was different from everyone else, and, honestly, I knew the truth.

Hale and Talon were mine and Pollux’s fathers.

In some weird kind of way, I tried not to think too much about


“Cassie, you can’t keep acting the way you have been. You and Lux are the future leaders of this pack, and the fighting and arguing doesn’t help. You can’t work against each other, you have to work with each other,” Hale said softly as he stood from where he sat and moved to sit next to me.

Tears brimmed my eyes at his words. I hated disappointing them, but at the same time, I hated Pollux treated me the way

he did. “I’m sorry, but Pollux treats me like shit, so I give it right back to him. I can’t let them see me weak.”

“Weak? Cassie, you’re not weak.”

Talon wasn’t pleased with my reference to being weak. He was one of the strongest men in the pack, and being a warrior and protector was everything to him. He had trained me himself, and so me being seen as weak was a reflection on


“Everyone seems to think that I am. Either that or they are terrified of me. They always have been, and now, with Pollux flipping his wig on me about some bullshit, they think I’m a whore too.”

Anger flashed through both of my father’s eyes as low growls of disapproval echoed from their throats. “What are you talking about?” Hale asked.

“James didn’t tell you?” A scoff left my throat as I cast my eyes down. “Pollux’ stupid girlfriend told him I supposedly was messing around with Lucas Vega, which isn’t true and so he confronted me in the hallway at school and called me a whore, accusing me of sleeping around. That’s what started the whole fight.”

I wasn’t seeking pity from my dads, but what I did want was for Pollux to receive punishment if I was going to get it. He was just as much at fault as I was, and snitches get stitches, be damned… I wasn’t going to be the only one serving punishment a week before school ends.

Talon stood to his feet, pacing the room as he rubbed the back of his neck. He was who I was really worried about,

because anytime some boy had approached me in the past, he was quick to make them forget I even existed.

“Cassie, I know that you’re going to be eighteen this weekend and with you getting older you’re going to be interested in boys and… Stuff…”

Was he really going to try and do the talk?

“Oh my god, dad, please, no. We don’t have to have this conversation.”

“Look, Cassie, it’s just as bad for us as it is for you-” Hale’s laughter cut Talon off as he stared between Hale and I, absolutely confused. “What’s so funny?”

“Talon …” Hale said, taking a moment to catch his breath. “You’ re like two years too late.”

A shocked and horrified expression crossed Talon’s face as it paled, his mouth dropping open. It hurt because I had known for so long he had seen me as his little princess and he didn’t want that to change.

“Is this true, Cassie?” Talon whispered. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Dad, none of that matters, and it isn’t important right now. Look, school is almost over and I only have a week left and then I will be out of here and headed off to college.”

Talon and Hale looked at each other in confusion at my response. I know the old tale about us having to go to the land of the gods, but that was just a silly story. There was no way my parents would subject me to something like that.

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“Cassie, you‘re not going off to college. You know what’s happening this weekend.”

Hale gave me a concerned glance as the study door opened, and my mother walked in with a glass of wine in hand. “Oh, you guys are still talking?”

“Yeah, Cassie seems to think she is leaving for college…” Hale replied to my mother, who didn’t look surprised by his statement and instead sipped on her wine.

“Ivy, why does Cassie think she is okay to go to college?” It was Talon’s turn to ask my mother the question and as he did, she looked between them both and sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, you two. She is intelligent and has her whole life ahead of her. The only thing Cassie wants is to have a normal life. We all know this, and if that’s what she wants, then she can have it. Stop acting like it’s a big deal.”

Disbelief washed over me upon hearing her. Never once hadi ever heard her speak up for what I want and yet, here she was basically telling my fathers what was going to happen whether they approved or not.

“Ivy, you know damn well that can’t happen,” Hale snapped at her, causing me to flinch as he stood to his feet. “There was an agreement, and both she and Pollux have to abide by it.”

“I don’t care, Hale. I’m not forcing them to go.”

My mother was angry, and her words were firm. The only problem was I wasn’t sure if I was hearing things correctly. The tale is true, and my parents really did agree for us to go?! thought it was a joke or something… Hell; I don’t know what I

thought, but to know my parents agreed was horrible.

“Wait, you’re telling me that you made a deal for me and Pollux to be sent away? Why would you do that? Don’t we get a say in this?!”

Shaking his head, Hale sighed. “No, sweetie, you don’t. There was nothing we could do about it, and honestly, they wanted to take you a long time ago, so we made it so they didn’t.”

This was absolute bullshit. The entire time, I thought it was a hoax. Something my parents told me so I would behave, and it was actually true. “That’s fucking great.”

“Cassie, language!” My mother snapped, glaring at me. “You don’t need to talk like that, and you’re both not going, so it doesn’t matter what happened.”

“Ivy, stop lying to her!” Talon roared in anger. “They are, and after today’s little stunt she pulled with her powers, she isn’t returning back to school. We have to be careful-”

“What?!” I exclaimed, jumping to my feet. “What do you mean I’m not going back to school?! I have only a few days left!”

All three of my parents looked between each other before glancing back at me. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I didn’t have a chance to say anything before Damian walked through the door and stared at me.

“You’re so loud we can hear you downstairs.”

“Dad, you are the one who always says schooling is important. You can’t let them do this.” I pleaded with Damian to agree with me, but instead he sighed, crossing his arms over his

chest and shook his head.

“No, Castor. You’re not going back. You will be allowed to see your friends on pack grounds if they come here to the house and to the party. However, you will not be returning back to campus. It’s too much of a risk after your stunt with your brother today and therefore, James has worked out with your teachers to take the exams under his supervision here.”

My life was literally falling apart in front of me. The last few days of my senior year was squashed all because of Pollux and his stupid ass girlfriend.

“Whatever. At least Pollux will feel the same way I do.” I had hoped for them to agree with me, but instead the looks passing them let me know what I dreaded hearing.

It was only me receiving this punishment.

“Seriously?” | gasped, clenching my fists at my sides. “So Pollux causes all the crap that went on today, and I’m the one who gets punished. Nice to see who the favorite is in the family.”

Storming past Damian and my mother, I marched towards my room and slammed the door behind me. I woke up this morning believing today was going to be an amazing day. Of course, I was fucking wrong.

If Pollux thought for one moment, I was going to let this go. He was sadly mistaken.

I wasn’t going to be grounded in this house alone, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to some realm. They could all kiss my ass before that happened.

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