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COLD TRAP Chapter 14

Chapter 14
The last seventy two hours has been the most excruciatingly painful hours to say the least. After my takeover was announced, I had to travel to all the warehouses owned by the Denaro’s. After that was done, I had to meet up with very prominent men and business partners and those f***rs couldn’t keep their mouths shut about my wife.
Lately, it seems to be her face and name everywhere. I’ve made every attempt to avoid her as much as I can which seemed to be working until she flashed me with her **s. Fk. That fg bh. First, she lies and now she’s invading my thoughts in the most unholy ways. I was supposed to return a day before but made a decision to visit my underground fighting ring. I had to go get myself involved in an extremely physical activity in hopes that it helps me forget my wife whom I’m not supposed to be thinking of. But the thoughts of her still remain. Jesus Fg Christ. Now back in Sicily, I decide to go home fingers crossed that I do not cross path with Mirabella, It’s only mere wishes, considering she enjoys wandering around like a mad woman. Half way through the drive, I order my convoy to turn back around and head for my clubhouse. Considering my desperate need to release some pent up stress. Lately, I’ve become aggravated and irritated at myself for being unable to keep my feelings in check. My wife makes me weak and I loathe the fact. For that reason alone, I haven’t been in a very good place mentally and I pity whatever whore I get my hands on tonight. “Hey man,” Dean cackles, “didn’t think we’d find you here, Mr. married man.” Of course the boys are here, handling business and fg away their time. Although I’m most certain Alessio and Pablo are busy getting blood on their already dirty hands. “Send someone in man,” I give a slight tap to Dean’s shoulder and make my way into my private room. A few minutes pass and Helen walks in. Who the fk made the decision to send this bratty piece of shit my way? Dean! I see your hand, bastard. Helen smiles at me and it takes everything in me not to lose my shit. “Just get on your knees and do your fg job,” I sneer. She kneels between my legs, bottom lip between her teeth as she impatiently waits for me to fk her mouth. I’m not even fg hy but let’s roll with this.
Stupid fr, why the hell am I in here again? 12:30 Fri, 21 Junio Chapter 14 Helen licks the tip of my ck and I exhale a breath. This is all she’s good for; a great b
job. She takes me down her throat and I instantly wrap her hair around my fist, pulling so hard until she winces “Didn’t think you’d be needing my services so soon after allowing your bratty wife humiliate me, Don.” Is this b c h trying to be funny? I yank her up by her hair, chest heaving, nose flaring and teeth grinding. My palm comes down hard on her face and she falls to the ground with a loud cry. “Stand the fk up!” At this point I lose my mind and I don’t know why.
Maybe because I’ve never liked this b**h.
It shouldn’t be because she spoke ill of my wife. It definitely cannot be the reason.
Helen stands on shaky legs, her body visibly trembling as she sniffles. The side of her face seems swollen already. “What the **k did I say about speaking to me?” I ask through gritted teeth.
“I’m sorry,” Helen whispers through her silent sob and I scoff. Not the kind that makes you think something funny is about to happen; the kind that makes you run like your life depends on how fast your legs move.
“You’re sorry?” I ask. Eyebrows creased together.
“I’m sorry sir.”
Good fg whore. “Go, you know what to do.” I deadpan. I’ve never been a man that enjoyed sex or whatever relations that occurs between a man and a woman behind closed doors. Thirty fg years of my life and I can count how many times I’ve fd a woman. But there’s something that gets me, something that gives me the most heightened pleasure; watching people suffer. I can jerk off to watching someone in pain and be sated, Well, call me a sadistic ale.
Helen kneels by the corner of the room and grabs the leather belt while I watch her intently with my ck in hand, ready to jerk off from the sound of her cries. It’s what I do; come in here to either get sucked off or jerk off while watching one of the whores self harm. Its incredibly amazing. Only I’m starting to crave something more…gentle? With Mirabella? F u c k me. I groan when the sound of the leather belt coming down hard on Helen’s back over and over again ricochets. She continues punishing herself until her back is bleeding red. Her painful cries bouncing off the walls and that’s all I need to get there. I grunt, my toes curling as I steadily stroke my dk; desperately wanting to reach my all time high. “Fk!” I cm hard with a loud groan. Chest heaving, breath erratic as I grab a towel and clean my cm off my hand. 215 59%1 Chapter 14 My fg magical hand.
No py or mouth has ever been able to deliver me a toe curling om like my hand does.
And I wonder why I pay these whores.
Helen’s silent cry is still heard from where she’s kneeling and I sigh. “You should learn not to defy me, Helen. And never speak about my wife. ever again. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir,” she croaks.
Like I said, coo
Like I said, good fg whore. I toss her some stacked up cash, I know it’s a lot but she deserves it after I had her ripping her own skin apart. I A few hours later, I arrive my estate and I’m surprised at myself for heading straight to my wife’s room the moment I walk into the house. I’ve never been the type to care about anyone but that’s what I find myself doing when I quietly push the door open in attempt not to wake Mirabella from her sleep. Except, she’s wide awake. And almost naked. No, she’s naked. Bare. Wow. Those breasts are out in display, again. And her legs are bare. Fk. I swallow hard on nothing and all the blood in my veins rushes down south.
Fk. Me. Mirabella is frozen in place, her eyes heavy on mine with her eyebrows furrowed. She probably expects me to turn away from her but that is not something I can bring myself to do. Not when this goddess is in front of me. In that moment, all I desire is to kneel at her feet and worship. First those crazy killer eyes and now, this thought provoking body. All fg mine.
A shuddered breath wracks through me.
No more clubhouses and whores. I should put in an effort into getting with my wife.
Who has a wife like mine and decides to go get sucked off by some bimbo?
Never again,
12:30 Fri, 21 Jun ti
Chapter 14
Mirabella suddenly comes awake from her trans and hurries to the bed to grab her robe.
Don’t say it
Turn around and walk away.
“Drop it.” My voice thick with lust.
Mirabella startles, but still, she obeys my command like a good girl, dropping her robe as though she’s secretly enjoying how I’m g her In every way possible with my eyes curse under my breath over and over as I back her up into a wall “Jesus Christ, Bella,” I breathe out. My eyes observing the rise and fall of her chest. Her nipples too; amazing. “Were you not informed of my arrival?” Task. “I was,” Her voice comes out in the most melodious form I’ve ever heard. Lam.finished. “And you made the decision to have no clothes on? Hmm?” “I didn’t think you’d come in here,” her answer comes in a whisper. Her heart hammering against her chest and her fingers digging into the wall in attempt to steady herself, “Why wouldn’t I come see my wife? I’ve missed your beautiful face after all.” Did I say that out loud? Shut the fk up man and walk away from this woman or she’d have you on your knees in no time.
Say something rude and walk away.
“Fk, Bella, you have the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen. And those nipples…fk.” I crouch down and burrow my head into the crook of her neck as I suck in a breath, allowing myself bask in her glorious fragrance.
“Can I touch them?” I me against her as I latch my mouth on to the skin of her neck, giving it a light suck. Mirabella’s breath gets heavier as inaudible moans slips out of her lips. “No,” she answers as her thighs press together and her back arch. I crouch down more, my hand snaking around Mirabella’s waist and I pull her closer into my chest at the same time connecting my lips with her nipple. I kiss her nipple and moan. I fg moan.
But my wife does the same. She moans breathily and that’s all the consent I need to suck on her nipple. I take her nipple in my mouth, sucking on it lightly as I swirl my tongue around it.
A strangled groan erupts from my throat and Mirabella moans louder. Her hands gripping my shoulders strongly as she pushes her chest into my face.
12:30 Fri, 21 Jun
Chapter 14
tes baby, suffocate me all you want; I have zero complaints.
“I said you couldn’t touch them,” she whispers breathily and I stop. “I did not touch them; technically. But I’ll respect your body.” I breathe out unable to take my eyes off her very erect nipples.
The one coated with my saliva especially.
I immediately realize what mistake all of this is. I’m planning to divorce her and here I am, acting upon some pent up sexual tension between. us. I kiss my teeth with a shake to my head.
This is messed up.
I can’t give her the wrong idea.
My back turned to Mirabella as I head for the door, but as I go to twist the door kb, Mirabella takes a grip of my wrist. I turn around and stare at her with my brows raised and she swallows hard as she directs my hand to her breast, giving me a slight nod. “You can touch them as much as you want, Matteo,” she whispers and in one swift move, her back is against the wall yet again. I squeeze and caress both her breasts, my thumb stimulating her left nipple. Mirabella moans and her hand lands on my neck causing me to freeze as realization washes over me. Again. I stumble back and I can see the frustration in her eyes. “I’m a man of great restraint, Bella.” I spit, I’m racking my brain hard enough to get out mean words that I can bombard her with but nothing seems to be coming up. I don’t like the look in her eyes. I don’t like how she’s making me feel and I certainly do not like that I’m making her feel things. She needs to hate me all over again for this separation to happen as swiftly and smoothly as possible. “Didn’t realize,” Mirabella snorts a laugh as she gives her eyes a roll and I chuckle dryly. There’s no hating this woman. ut some clothes on and stay warm, wife.” I mutter as I walk out of the room. “Put My legs carry me as fast as they can until I’m in my study. “What the fk is wrong with you?” I question myself frustratedly.
There’s obviously no sleep for me tonight.

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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