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COLD TRAP Chapter 15

Chapter 15
For a moment there, I was beginning to think that Matteo felt any sort of attraction towards me but all of it, that night was a tie.
I wonder why I allowed myself get carried away
Exactly one werk since he walked into my room and touched me in ways that lit a certain kind of fire in my soul, Matteo has put in extra effort in making certain we don’t cross path.
Such an ahole. He instructed that my personal guard makes certain I remain on my own side of the mansion at all times. Went as far as instructing my maid to make sure every meal of the day is served to me in my room. All this effort and rules just so he’s unable to see my face. First, he leaves me high and dry, and now he’s making sure to rub his rejection of me all over my face. I hate my fg self.
Today has been exceptionally quiet and peaceful around the estate, Peace and quiet that gets me thinking about the possibility of Matteo not
being present
I smile at the thought of it. Finally, I can move around freely without having to bump into his grumpy face.
I gaze at my personal guard the moment I open my door but he keeps his eyes forward, not daring to take even a glance at me. “Did my “husband leave?” I ask but the guard doesn’t answer.
His silence doesn’t come as a surprise anyway.
“Go to the kitchen and get me a cup of hot chocolate,” I command in hopes that he’d agree.
“I’m sorry ma’am, you have your maid for that. You can pick up the landline and call the kitchen if you’re in need of their services.” The guard
states; his voice unshaken.
Okay, I didn’t think about the difficulties I might face when I planned this out in my head.
Plan B.
Scare him.
“Do you dare refuse your boss’s wife? The Don’s wife?” I scoff and I see the guard swallow hard on nothing.
It’s working
“If I say that I need something, you’ll go and get it done. No questions asked.” I grit in a commanding tone as I glare at the man who’s obviously shaking in fear.
“I’m sorry ma’am, I’ll not dare repeat this mistake ever again.” He breathes and scurries away to the kitchen.
12:30 Fri, 21 Jun
Chapter 15
Some freedom finally.
I do my little jumpy jump of victory and giggle.
I walk down the hallway to the end of it. Every now and again peeking my head through a few doors that are unlocked until I finally push open the door that leads into Matteo’s office.
I shut the door behind me the moment I step in, making sure to click the lock twice. Linhale a deep breath with a smile spreading across my face. This might just be a large room with books and files stacked up, minimal interior, a few art works and dark lighting, but it is the perfect scenery for me.
It brings me a feeling of satisfaction.
I stand by the window and enjoy the view of the garden for a few minutes before walking to the book shelves and begin admiring the perfectly arranged books as I run my fingertips through them with an ear to ear grin.
Being alone and at peace has to be the best feeling.
There’s a shift in my thoughts when my eyes connect the large table situated in the center of the room, it is the same design as the one in Milan. As my fingertips run across the edges of the table, all I can think of was how Matteo ha**d **hi*s whore bent over this same table back in Milan. A part of me feels jealous, another part curses me out and reminds me that my marriage to Matteo is nothing but a few signatures on paper, while the other part wishes that he’d bend me over the table and take me from behind. Cold shivers run down my spine at the thought of having Matteo take me from behind. And like a fool, I allow myself bask in the thought of it. My eyes close shut and before I can call myself back to order, my upper body is resting on the surface of the table. I whimper as I allow my imaginations run wild. My fingers skimming over my thigh as I unconsciously lift my dress by the hem until it’s resting bunched up on my waist. “Oh,” I moan as I run my middle finger across my wet slit, I feel ashamed; the fact that I’m touching myself after a really long time by the thought of my husband fg another woman. Shame on me. And to think it’s the same man who wants nothing to do with me. I’m all shades of fd up.
I lose all control over myself when I press down on my clit. I rub over my swollen t in a zigzag motion and shudder, “Fk.”
I whimper as I close my eyes tighter than before. I continue punishing myself with my finger as I become a moaning mess. “Oh d…Matteo!” I smack my palm against the hard surface of the table. My core tightening, making me aware that I’m close to coming down from my all time high. My legs tremble and my forehead comes to rest on the hard surface of the table. My forehead is sweating profusely and I’m viciously chewing at my bottom lip. My muscles tighten and my throat goes completely dry as my om builds up intensely.
“Matteo!” I scream as I get closer to my om. Sweat trickling down my face and neck. But. Chapter 15 Everything goes to shambles. I gasp loudly when my ears pick up on a very familiar voice. But unlike every other time I’ve heard it, it sounds different this time; a good different. Needy Lustful. Something in between. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Fuck. Nol Not No! Nol No! No! He’s not here. I’m only imagining things. But I’m not imagining it. He’s right behind me, his hot breath fanning my neck, his pelvis pushing into my a
Someone help me.
I shamefully remove my hand from my y and pull my dress down. A low growl escapes Matteo’s throat, a whimper following almost immediately. “Don’t stop on my account, sweetheart. Keep going.” Can someone take me? This is embarrassing, God, how’s he here? He wasn’t in here when I walked in. “Matteo?” My voice in a low whisper and my breath erratic. “si caro,” he breathes out. I try to move but he has me perfectly trapped in place. “How did you get in here?” Matteo chuckles dryly as his pelvis pushes into me, creating more friction between my *aand his growing bulge and I whine. “I’ve been in here all along.” He answers and I curse at myself for not being very observant. “I’m sorry for coming in here, I didn’t think you were around. I didn’t see any guards,” I breathe out and Matteo chuckles as he buries his head into the crook of my neck. “I sent them out of the house. A few of them got into a fight and Julia had a panic attack.” Oh…is..s-uhm…is she okay? Never mind I’ll check on her later. I should leave,” I stutter. “Is that what you want? To leave?” Matteo runs his fingertips across my ess my thigh as he whispers each word. I want to stay but I’m too prideful to admit it and also too scared to leave so I remain mute, just focusing on controlling my breath which seems to be all over the place. Chapter 15 You know what else is all over the place? My fg py it’s aching and screaming to be touched. The effort I’m putting into not grabbing Matteo’s hand and dipping his fingers into my wet py is
How am I this hy? “Do you want to leave Bella?” Matteo rasps and I moan at the sound of his voice. “No,” I say the word before I can register it and my bottom lip gets caught in between my teeth. I hear Matteo mumble the word “fk” under his breath before asking, “Will I touch you?”
“Yes,” I moan
Why the hell am I moaning.
I got issues.
That’s all I need to say to have Matteo lose his mind. He tries to be subtle about it but I hear him curse himself out over and over again for not doing enough to avoid me.
“Oh my,” I moan as Matteo takes my left nipple between his fingers. I push my a* into him and whimper when he sucks on my neck causing him to growl against my skin.
“What were you thinking? Wife?” asks Matteo with a hint of mockery in his tone and I mumble curse words. “Tell me what you were thinking coming in here and touching yourself. Why did you have to be in here,” he says the last words as though he’s speaking to himself. As though he’s making an attempt at cautioning himself and stop himself from diving into the deep end with me.
“Nothing,” I breathe out
He twirls me so that I’m facing him and crouches down, immediately enclosing his mouth around my nipple and I moan as I arch my back, pushing my chest into his face.
Matteo coats my nipple with his saliva and swirls his tongue around it before sucking on the extremely hard nipple slightly.
“Fuck,” a low groan vibrates out of him and my thighs tighten.
“I hate liars, Bella. Are you going to tell me what thoughts you had when you were touching yourself or do I have to get it out of you? And you know how intense my punishments can get.”
“I-…oh my…Matteo,” I mpan a little louder when he slaps myt. “Tell me,” Matteo issues another slap to my ct that has me squirming out of control. His breath is erratic as he snakes his hand around my neck, tightening his grip as he continues pushing his bulge into me.
Another slap is issued to my c
t before I can say another word.
I scream; in pleasure.
12:31 Fri, 21 Junio
Chapter 15
Another slap.
And another.
And another.
Harder each time.
I whimper.
“Don’t make me wait, Bella.” Matteo growls through his not so subtle whimper.
“I thought about that night back in Milan, when you had that Helen girl bent over that table. The one that looks exactly like this one.”I
breathe out and Matteo chuckles.
“You dirty little st, shamefully touching yourself while thinking about your husband with another woman.” Matteo takes his fingers out of my py and directs it to my mouth. “Look at you, all wet and desperate for this monster; The same man who has done nothing but bring you one step closer to death each passing day. Shame.” H f l against my neck as he rubs my wetness across my bottom lip.
“It truly is a shame, husband, but I have absolutely no control over what happens between my legs.” I part my lips and let out a whimper when he forces his fingers into my mouth, making me taste myself,
Matteo takes his fingers out of my mouth and takes them into his own mouth. His eyes slams shut and he hums his approval
His eyes flutter open, remaining heavy on mine for a minute. Just in snap of a finger, his lust filled eyes is immediately replaced by regret, shame and disgust. “This is a mistake,” he mumbles and I hold myself back from crumbling
“You’re making a mistake, Bella. You shouldn’t let me touch you in this manner.” He says as he takes a few steps away from me.
I’m immediately ashamed of my own actions. Women are the ones expected to have more restraint but here I am, practically throwing myself at a man who doesn’t even want me.
“I’m sorry. I truly am,” I mutter and as I go to take my leave, Matteo grips my wrist.
“Tell me what it is you want.”
“What?” I furrow my brows in confusion.
Matteo shakes his head and heaves out a sigh, “I’m not a fool, Bella, and I know you want something. I’m not going to force it out of you but if you have something to tell me, my door is always open.”
My mouth opens and closes on its own accord. I can’t seem to wrap my head around what Matteo might mean and I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth about me or what my father has planned out.
I fear what his reaction to the truth will be. But right now, he’s seen through me; he knows I want to say something and he thinks I’m allowing him access to my body because of whatever it is I have to tell him.
He’s not completely wrong.
“I was going to ask that you start treating me more like a wife than like a prisoner. I’m human too Matteo and we’re married. I deserve some
Chapter 15
respect and recognition from you.”
I don’t know why, but that’s all I say and I’m immediately regretful when Matteo let out a humorless laugh. “How many times do I have to remind you that this is nothing but a lie. A sham.” His voice back to its seriousness.
“It is still a marriage regardless.” I grit through my teeth. “You cheat on me, beat me up, lock me up and treat me like I’m a nobody. That needs to change. I’m not asking that you love me, I’m only asking for respect; I deserve that much at least.”
“You don’t deserve my respect, Annabella.” Matteo mutters and my mouth drops open. I scoff and my face contorts in displeasure.
“I’m sorry I brought this up,” I breathe out and head for the exit but Matteo’s voice stops me in my tracks.
“Respect is earned, Bella. Instead of asking me to respect you, why not try and earn my respect.” He states. His tone laced with regret.
vuelven me the opportunity?!
you let me earn your respect?” I snap as tears brim my eyes.
“Well I’m giving you the opportunity now, make sure to make good use of it. Join the family for dinner tonight, and grab a coat, we’re taking a
walk afterwards.”

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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