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COLD TRAP Chapter 20

Chapter 20
Thirty six hours; that’s how long it has been since I performed a successful surgery on Matteo, Successful because he woke up a few hours later and was responsive to touch and everything in between. However, he went back to sleep after that and hasn’t woke up until now.
It doesn’t bother me. He’s as stable as can be and his blood work came back clean.
I’ve been by his side the last twenty four hours, unable to shut my eyes or take my hands off him. I know he’s stable but there’s an intense feeling to hold on to him just to be sure.
“Matteo?” I call out his name in a questioning manner
er when he let out a groan in his sleep. He whimpers as a tear rolls down the side of his face. I clean it off with my thumb. Matteo’s grip on my hand tightens and I wince as I get off my seat, leaning down so that my face is inches away from his.
“Are you okay?” I pat his hair and his body somewhat convulses as he mumbles a few words under his breath.
“No, no, no. What did I do? Bianca!” He outcries as he struggles to come awake.
Bianca? Is that the woman he loves? The one he told me he killed? Is he dreaming about what had transpired between them? My heart breaks for a moment there and tears brim my eyes. Even in death she still plagues him.
k. If he loves her so much then why did he kill her? Is it because he’s too impulsive or did she do something extremely bad to him? Many questions run through my mind. “Oh God…Bella. What did I do? She’s my wife!” This time he screams it and his body begins Jerking uncontrollably, so much that I think he might suffer a seizure He’s still asleep, but he’s sobbing and screaming even chanting a few words like a mantra. I attempt holding him down but he overpowers me. “Matteo?” I slightly tap the side of his face. “Open your eyes, It’s not real. You’re having a nightmare.” I whisper a little loudly. “God I’m so sorry.” He stays silent for a few seconds, “Mirabella” My body freezes. Fk.
That’s my name.
Does he know? If yes, how long has it been?
Panic grips me and I suck in a breath.
His body freezes and his fist collides with my face. I almost stumble back but both his hands snake around my neck, pulling me down whilst strangling me.
Matteo tightens his grip around my neck until my neck almost snaps in half. He’s screaming at the highest pitched voice as he c
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Chapter 20
strangling me. “You fg bastard! You did this! You made me kill them!” He’s roaring and grunting as though he’s caught up in a physical altercation with someone, 57%8 I scream at him and tell him that it’s a nightmare and that he should open his eyes but it’s all futile. One of his hands leaves my neck and his fist once again collides with my nose, this time with a force that sends blood pooling out of my nose. “Jesus,” I choke out. I’m lucky enough that the boys run into the room, immediately helping me get out of Matteo’s strangling grip. They ask if I’m okay and I assure them that I’ve never felt more alive in my entire life. And that’s the uncensored truth. They’re successful at taming Matteo and shaking him awake but the silence that follows suit when Matteo sees the state he put me in has to be the loudest sound I’ve ever heard. “Get out,” His voice comes out strained and my eyebrows furrow. “Get out!” His voice ce getting louder with his eyes darkening even more. I laugh a little unbelievably, “you’re not serious. Are you still dreaming?” I question and he let out a scoff as he thrashes his head, his tongue darting out and swiping across his bottom lip. “I mean it, go get your things and leave my house.” His voice is monotone and I shudder. I’m a fool. ahole.
He’s an a
“Come on man, she practically saved your life and this is how you’ll treat her?” Alessio butts in and I’m taken aback.
“She saved my life?” Matteo looks between the boys with terror, confusion and a little bit of tears evident in his eyes. One might think he’s about to reconsider his previous decision but what he says next wreaks havoc in the room. “Who the fuck let that fucking lying piece of shit touch me!?”
Tears pool out of my eyes from the words he described me by but I stand my ground. The boys attack him with words, cursing him out for being the most self centered person they’ve ever come across but Matteo keeps laughing through their intense banter.
“You all are the dumbest deadbeats I’ve ever come across. How can you allow someone who entered this house by a lie perform surgery on me? Someone whose intentions are not known?” He seethes and the boys go silent as though they see reasons with him.
“We had no choice. You were dying and she was the only person around who had what it took to keep you alive.” Pablo voices and Matteo regards him for a moment. “A fg mistake. I don’t want to owe her my life and I’ll not let her use that one slot to her advantage.” Matteo whips his head around to face me. “Get your things and get the hell out of my house. Make sure to go home as I’ll make sure to be in touch with your father.” He flashes me a wicked smirk, “Mirabella.” I freeze as I suddenly forget how to inhale and exhale a breath. I look at him and my lips tremble causing him to laugh. His painful grunt follows in between his laugh. “You didn’t think you could fool me, did you? Hmm, my beautiful wife? You’re lucky I owe you my life or you’d be on your way to your grave. Get going.” He sneers and I move my legs as slowly and as heavily as they carry me until I’m outside the medical room. Join Chatroom 12:35 Fri, 21 Jun Chapter 20 It’s a feeling of relief that he knows the truth but it hurts that he had to figure it out on his own and now he hates me for lying to him. Is this why he thinks I don’t deserve his respect? I gasp and choke as I run up to my room to pack my things. I take out my contact lenses and throw myself on the bed and a loud sob breaks through me the instant my back lands on the bed. It takes thirty minutes to one hour but I’m still sobbing my insides out. After getting ready, I pick up my phone and dial Ares. “Hey,” he coos. “Hi.” Have you been crying sweetheart? Hmm?” He asks and from the shuffle around him, I know I got him out of bed with my call. “Ares,” my voice cracks. “Strike the deal. Be as greedy as you want Ares.” I state. “What? Did something happen baby?” And here I am thinking he’d be the happiest to hear that I’ve finally given in. “Just do it! As soon as possible, you hear me?” “Yes of course, but tell me why the fk you’ve been crying. That bastard isn’t hurting you anymore, is he?”
ile Ares
“He knows.” I break down and sob all over again while Ares tries to calm me down from the other end. “He sent me back to my father. I’m done for. I’m going to die. God this is so messed up.”
Ares exhales shakily and my guess is that he’s having his own session of an emotional breakdown. I hate myself for being the reason he cries most of the time. “I’ll make some connections and get you out.” He finally breathes out and I chuckle.
“Take your time, Ares, no rush. Father is a very powerful man and we can’t succeed without actually making a well thought out plan. I can hold my own, you take your time and make us some dirty money.” I jokingly declare in an attempt to lighten up the mood and it does work.
Talk about money and watch Ares become Ares.
“You bet I will” He snickers and we end the call.
Home sweet h
I’m welcomed with a hard smack a
across the face the instant I
| step
pinto my father’s mansion.
“You good for nothing piece of shit!” My father screams, his chest heaving and his eyes extremely dark from all the rage he’s feeling. “You couldn’t even keep a marriage? And you had to be thrown out of your husband’s house?”
There’s another smack across my face even before I’m able to open my mouth.
Another smack..
And another.
And another.
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Chapter 20
Until I lose count.
But I’m startled by my own reaction. How I’m standing tall, how I’m not begging for mercy even when I know my face is completely ruptured. It’s all surprising to me. But I love this new me, the new me who’s able to brace herself for whatever is to come.
A sudden insane kind of laughter wracks through my father as his eyes become reddened. “You’ve become strong enough? Strong enough to withstand the pain?” He tuts. He motions towards me until he’s toe to toe with me, “well then, Mirabella, let us see how much pain you can
He steps back to one of his men, whispering something to him before looking over at my sister who somehow understands his signal and leaves with him.
Before I’m able to register whatever is going on, something slams hard against the back of my head and the only thing I’m able to see are
black dots.

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