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COLD TRAP Chapter 21

Chapter 21
I jerk awake with a wince. Slowly but steadily, my eyes begin adjusting to the environment and I find myself completely naked, hands bound to the headboard of a bed.
I pull on the cuffs but it’s tightly secured against the headboard. I pull harder and harder until the cuffs scrape my skin, causing me to cry out
in pain.
“You’re pathetic,” a voice mocks from the shadows and I halt my movement, waiting for someone to appear. A minute turns into two then into three but there’s still no movement; anticipation almost causes my blood pressure to reach its all time high.
“So fucking pathetic.” The light in the room is turned on revealing my father and sister; naked.
“Annabella, what are you doing?” My heart begins pounding so hard that I hear its rhythm. I choke at the sight before me. Why am I naked? In the same room where my sister and father are naked?
My mind turns into a madhouse. “Oh my….did you?”
I look down at my bare body and back to my father and sister, causing my father to chuckle dryly. “Get off your high horse, Mirabella, I’d never touch your disgusting dirty body. Plus, my little angel wouldn’t like that.” He looks at Annabella with a smile.
I breathe out a sigh.
Thank goodness.
Hold on a minute. His little angel? Why’s he saying ‘my little angel’ and looking at my sister? His daughter?
It’s not true.
My father seems to have heard my thoughts. He slams his lips against Annabella’s, kissing her aggressively and I freeze, blinking a few times in disbelief as I search desperately for an emotion to surface but instead, I find that my heart is hollow; as though I’m nothing. I feel my body become as cold as ice and I wince as my father and sister suck at each other’s face without relenting.
My sister moans into my father’s mouth and that does it. The emotions that I had searched for crash on me all at once and I scream as loud as my voice can carry and begin pulling at the cuffs as hard as I can, not minding that it could snap my wrists any minute.
“Stop it,” I mumble. “I’m begging you to stop.”
“Stop!” I scream but my father doesn’t pay any heed to my screams. He begins unraveling my sister’s body whilst I watch.
“What have you done to her!? Get away from my sister you
ou dirty P
piece of shit!” My voice echo as loud as possible.
I crash and burn. My insides turn and I see my mother’s image flashing my eyes. I scream my sob and claw at the sheets with my toes. “Annabella, please don’t do this to our mother.” My voice gets weaker and weaker.
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Chapter 21
It’s the type of pain that knocks you out in every way possible, that’s what I feel. This is so much more pain than I’ve ever experienced. Not the pain of the body but of the mind. How do I live my life with the image of my father and sister playing out in my head?
My father seats himself on the cushion and my sister straddles him; her back turned to him and her front to me. “Your mother, not mine.” She says and smirks at me as she lowers herself onto my father’s d**k.
My insides turn and I scream. The bile in my throat rushes out before I can control it and I vomit all over my bare body. I shut my eyes, throwing my head back whilst screaming.
The images of my father killing my mother flashes through my memory and don’t know which is the most painful; my father murdering my mother, or my father fucking my sister.
“Keep watching, Mirabella. If you look away one more time, you’ll get punished severely.” My father orders in a very loud voice as the slapping together of his and my sister’s skin threatens to bury his voice.
“What other punishment could beat this, you b a sta r d . ” I so b, whimpering from the amount of pain and disgust I feel. My heart is bleeding and my soul has vanished from me, leaving just my body. Making me into a living corpse.
My eyelids are heavy and my breath is uncontrollable. I peek at them through my eyelashes and I throw up more on myself. Everything is all
messed up.
sister moans in pleasure and my sanity snaps. There’s a rush of memories, from when my mother died to how my father tortured me every day in his attempt to get some information from me.
From how he sent me to a horrible boarding school, to how I escaped. To how he found me and killed everyone that aided my escape, to how he forced me into a marriage with Matteo.
All the horrible things Matteo did to me. All the days he buried me alive, all the nights he flogged me, all the times he locked me up without food or water, how he pushed me out in the cold.
All of those memories come crashing down on me and breath gets knocked out of my lungs. My chest constricts and I gasp for air. Everything in sight becomes meaningless but only because there appears to be blur.
My torso lifts off the bed and crashes back down as my body begins jerking out of control. And that’s all I remember; having a seizure.
I jerk awake to the feeling of a cold sensation on my skin. I gulp as tears run down my face uncontrollably when I find my sister cleaning me up. “Annabella,” I whisper shakily.
She exhales deeply and throws her head back and it doesn’t escape my notice when she rolls her eyes up in an attempt to hold back her tears. “You kept calling out for mother the whole time you were unconscious.” She affirms in one breath but her voice comes off as malicious.
My father has ruined everything for I and my sister.
“I know we’ve always had a strained relationship as sisters,” I begin speaking, “I know you might not like me enough because you’ve not gotten to know me but we can work on that, Annabella. Marcelo…” She glares at me when I address our father by his first name and i gulp.
“Our father, whatever he’s doing to and with you is extremely wrong and I’d understand if you don’t see it as wrong because he’s managed to taint your heart. Annabella that man groomed you and molded you into what he wants you to become and that is utterly wrong. Jesus, what
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Chapter 21
father sleeps with his daughter?”
I fall silent for a moment because I realize that I’d lose myself if I were to continue speaking. I watch Annabella intently as I struggle to put more words together. She scoffs and bites down on her bottom lip as tears stream down her face.
“Do you know why I cleaned you up, Mirabella?” She scoffs again, this time without an ounce of emotion. “I want you to make a new mess of yourself because if you think your punishment is done, then you’re even more stupid than I had Imagined!”
She chuckles and her eyes darken immediately, “father groomed me, yes. It’s wrong and I know it but it’s all your fault!” Her voice comes in a roar as the back of her palm comes crashing on one side of my face.
“You made our parents choose,” she smacks me across the face again. “You made our mother love you more and left me in the care of this monster and you dare complain about the outcome!?” She smacks me across the face again.
And again.
And again.
Until I’m bleeding from my nose and lips.
“Just wait and see what I’m about to make of you. I do hope you’re ready my dading sister, hmm?”
I am finished.

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