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COLD TRAP Chapter 25

Chapter 25
If someone had told me that three days was enough time for this level of improvement I’d have literally strangled them, but it’s true. I’m glowing, my skin has come alive and my scars are almost non-existent because Matteo made sure to make available the Best dermatologist and nutritionist just so they can help get me up and going.
Get my skin healthy and everything in between.
I’m so grateful for him, because throughout today, I’ve been in a good place. For the first time, I don’t actually regret being married to him but I fear for him. It’s been three days since he left here in anger and he hasn’t shown up nor has he called to say that he’s okay.
Although there’s been a few rumors around the estate today that he attacked the consigliere’s mansion, still, I doubt the authenticity of that
Matteo cannot put his position on the line at least not for me.
It’s almost nine p.m and since I can no longer sit around, waiting for someone who might not want to come back to me, I walk into the bathroom and clean myself up as I get ready for bed.
I’m already fully clothed in an all white silk nightgown when the door pushes open and Matteo stumbles in like a drunk man except he’s not drunk. He looks beat up and tired, like he’s been crying.
“Hey,” I stalk towards him until my small figure is toe to toe with him and I cradle his cheeks in my hands. He surprisingly leans into my touch. “Everything alright? I’ve been worried.” I coo and he only hums.
I feel something stain the palm of my hand, causing me to wince on finding that it’s blood. My eyes widen and Matteo let out an amused chuckle. “Calm your beautiful sell, it’s not my blood.” He plays around with his lips, “it’s your father’s.”
My eyes
widen even more and his brows furrow. “Don’t worry, he’s not dead but uhm…he lost a few fingers and a few men.” He let out a breathy scoff at his explanation. Surprise flashes his eyes when I go on my tippy toes, pecking him on the cheek.
“I’m not worried. Thank you for looking out for me. Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” He goes to protest and I tell him that it’s my way of thanking him.
I wash his hair first and proceed to wash his body thoroughly. Although he had to sit on the shower bench for the most part seeing how he
towers over me.
How can anyone be this tall?
“Why am I the only one naked?” He whispers as he rips my nightdress by the hem until my breasts are out in the open. Before I can protest, his lips enclose around my nipple and I’m cut off by my own moan.
“I-I’ll change when…oh-” again I’m cut off by my moan when he playfully flicks his tongue around my nipple with a chuckle.
I don’t even have the courage to look down at his growing bulge but by the feels of it, I know it’s very massive.
Matteo rips my nightdress off, leaving me completely bare with a sigh of content. “This is more like it.” His palm delivers a light smack to my py and I whimper. My legs contemplate spreading open or clenching shut, but when Matteo’s fingers lazily drags across my slit, I find myself spreading my legs open to give him more access. 1/6 Join Chatroom 12:36 Fri, 21 Juni Chapter 25 He plays with me like that until we’re done in the shower. As we walk back into the room, he holds an intense stare on me as though he wants to fuck me silly, making me feel naked whilst I have a towel wrapped around me. “I want to ask a favor.” His eyes hood as he bites out each word. “It’s a yes or a no. There’s no pressure.” He quickly adds and I nod for him to continue. “I would like to fk you. Will you let me f**k you?”
I freeze and swallow the lump in my throat, “…uhm…I don’t…I haven’t uhm.” I stutter and he furrows his brows with a smirky smile. “You haven’t what? Had sex before?” He laughs and my eyes flash with embarrassment, causing him to stop laughing
“You’re serious?” He looks too stunned, “you’re what? Twenty six?”
“What has age got to do with it?”
“You’ve had boyfriends, what did you do with them? No scratch that, what did they do with you?”
Great question Matteo.
“Well, I haven’t felt challenged to explore my sexual needs.” I shrug my shoulders uninterestedly and Matteo mouths ‘wow’
“I’m sorry if I’ve been inappropriate with you. Shit, I’m so *g sorry.” He frustratedly runs his hands through his wet hair, turning around to walk into the closet but I grip his wrist. “Yes.” Laffirm.. “What?” “Yes, you can fk me.” He laughs, throwing his head back. “You’re joking. Of all the people you could give your body to, you choose me? Why’s that?” “Because you’ve challenged me and I want to try out things, sexually. With you.” I breathe out. He looks torn as though he wants s to agree but also doesn’t want to agree and I find myself asking, “don’t you want to? Because I’m a virgin? Do you have a problem with virgins? Have you never been with one?” “I haven’t explored sex so much but the few times that I have, it wasn’t with virgins.” He takes two steps back, “I don’t think I can do this.” “Why not?” My heart sinks into my stomach from his rejection. “For one, I’m not a gentle man. I’m very impulsive even in bed.” “You don’t hear me asking for gentility, do you?” I rush out. “Tell me what other reasons you have for refusing me.” I clench my jaw. “Secondly, aren’t virgins supposed to feel some type of bond with their first? I don’t want that, I don’t want emotional ties” My heart breaks at his confession but I’m a woman on a mission. Because I think about it now and I’ve narrowly escaped two rape attempts, I want to know what sex feels like without being forced into it. And desperate times call for desperate measures. 2/6 Join Chatroom 12:36 Fri, 21 Jun ti Chapter 25 “Do you see me asking for any sort of bond? You don’t have to worry about emotions because I have none. If we do this, then it’s just us, a man and a woman fulfilling their sexual desires.” Matteo’s eyes flash with lust and they immediately darken. “You’re sure?” “Yes.” I affirm. “It’s just us?” “Yes.” “A man and a woman fulfilling their sexual needs?” He repeats my words and I nod enthusiastically. “A husband and a wife consummating their marriage.” I gasp when he unwraps my towel around me and throws it on the floor. “Get on the bed and lay down.” I gulp and obey him. “Spread your legs, Mirabella, show me what I’m working with.” Bossy bastard. Here goes nothing. I open my legs slightly and Matteo hisses, “wider.” I comply. “Wider, Mirabella, as far as your legs can get.” I comply, spreading myself completely open but he doesn’t seem satisfied. “Is that all you can give?” He tuts and that messes with my head, causing me to throw my legs apart so much my thighs hurt. Matteo throws his head back in a laugh as he mutters, “it just gets better and better.” He’s restraining himself and I see it in his eyes how much he’s holding back and how it frustrates him that he has to hold back.. I close my legs up a bit and a monstrous look flashes his eyes, “did I say you could close them?” I don’t wait for him to say another word before throwing my legs wide apart yet again, “Remember that day in my office? When I didn’t let you finish? Now’s your chance Mirabella.” I furrow my brows and Matteo takes his thumb in between his lips, sucking on the pad sensually. “Entertain me, Mirabella. I need you to touch yourself. I want to watch you fall apart.” I swallow dryly and begin trailing my slender fingers down my stomach until I graze that spot that has me shivering. One of my hands lands on my breast, squeezing tight as I latch my finger on my clit. I arch my back when my finger connects that spot and moan a little too loud. “That’s fg great princess. Keep going.” “Matteo!” I moan as my toes curl into the sheets with my back arching off the bed. “Sono proprio qui tesoro.” He groans. “Ineed you to insert your fingers into yourself.” His voice sounds so close to my ear now and like a person caught in a trance, I penetrate myself with my middle finger and moan at the sensation. “Fk! That’s about right. Now fk yourself.” He commands and just like that my finger begins moving in and out of me as my thumb applies 12:36 Fri, 21 Jun ti Chapter 25 pressure on my clit. I’m moaning, my throat bobbing, my eyes tightly shut, and sweat trickling from my forehead as I fuck myself silly with my fingers. I can hear Matteo’s grunts of approval as well as his encouraging words. “Tell me how it feels. He coos. “Oh god, Matteol It feels…it feels warm.” I cry out. I feel Matteo’s lips on my temple as he trails his tongue down to my jaw, sucking on the skin, “give me more details princess.” “It feels so soft, yet so firm.” I moan out and he hums as he nibbles on my nipples with his tongue. “Oh…Matteo!” “Yes baby girl. Give me more details. Don’t hold back, tell me exactly how it feels as you let go.” He moans breathily into my ear. “It feels so wet and thick. So cold, yet so warm. It feels like a portal, a canal. Matteo! I fu…I need you!” “I’m right here. Shatter for me. Come for me, princess, and you’ll have me as long as you want.” He whispers, immediately enclosing his lips around my nipple. “Oh! I feel…I feel.” My body begins quivering, my core clenching with that knowing sensation. I’ve made myself come many times but this is so intense. “Curse at me, baby. Don’t hold back, curse all you want as you come.” I obey him, screaming at the top of my lungs and yelling out curse words as my body shakes uncontrollably. I shatter with a loud scream of his name, and the immediately takes my liquid coated fingers and directs them into his mouth, sucking them clean. “Oh fk, Mirabella, that was amazing. Do you feel good?” I’m breathless and can only manage a nod. “Are you ready for me now?” He asks and I nod enthusiastically. “I don’t think you are. Spread your legs, I need to taste you first.” So Bossy. So unhinged. So hot. Moving on I spread my wobbly legs open and Matteo walks into the closet. He shuffles for a few minutes and comes back out with his tie and a vibrator in hand “Do you trust me?” He asks and I bite my bottom lip in contemplation. “Right now, I’m thinking with my vagina so yes, I do trust you.” Laughter bubbles out of him but is immediately replaced with a cold stare as he stalks over to me. “Don’t get smart with me, Mirabella, I won’t condone it.” He murmurs as he secures the tie around my eyes. 12:36 Fri, 21 Jun Chapter 25 His fingers trail across my chest whilst his palms deliver gentle smacks on both my breasts as he continues trailing his fingers down unti they’re down there. Right where I want them to be. Matteo teases my swollen clit with his thumb and I whimper. “You’re ready?” The question comes and before I can register it enough to give an answer, the vibrator comes on and latches onto my clit. 56% I thrash my head into the pillow and dig my nails into the sheets as I mean but the vibrator is turned off as quickly as it came on. “Tell me, Mirabella.” A smack is delivered to my py.
I’m ready, Matteo. Please.” The Vibrator comes on again this time in all its levels as it pumps at my clit aggressively. “Matteo please. Too much. I can’t.” I thrash my body, making an attempt at closing my legs but Matteo’s large hands are gripping my thighs so strong and tight I know his fingers would be imprinted on my skin by the time we’re done. “You can take it and you will. What was that you said? Ah… “you don’t see me asking for gentility, do you?’ Fg take what I give with a grateful heart, Mirabella.” The vibrator keeps attacking my clit and as my legs start shaking, Matteo thrusts his finger into me and we both moan out loud. “k! If you’re milking my finger in this manner, I wonder what you’d do to my ck.” He grunts. “Shall I try and fit two fingers?” He asks and my senses are instantly heightened. The fact that I can only feel but not see what is being done to me has me dying in anticipation. Matteo’s second finger goes into me and I feel stuffed to the brim. “Oh my! Matteol…oh please!” I grip his wrist as he pumps his fingers in and out of me. “Christ, Mirabella. This feels so good and it’s just my fingers. I’m dying of anticipation. Fuck!” He growls as I come undone. My om hits me fair and square and my py clenches so hard, taking Matteo’s fingers hostage. He seizes the opportunity, curling his fingers in me, not letting me see the end of my om and I’m sure I’m by now wetting the material of his tie with my tears. It takes about five minutes or more before I’m able to regain full consciousness. Matteo begins sucking on the skin of my neck until he’s marked me. The cold-warm sensation of his tongue meets my nipples and I moan as I arch my back into him. “You don’t know how long I’ve imagined and dreamt of this day, Wished endlessly that I’m able to have my wife in the most thrilling form, I guess the universe heard me.” He muffles against my skin. His tongue trailing every inch of me, lower, lower, lower until the flat of his tongue swipes across my slit. “Matteo please no. I can’t do it anymore.” “Oh,” I moan when he sucks on my ct, releasing it with a pop. “I’m desperate to taste you princess. I want you shattering and spilling into my mouth. It’s not a want, it’s a need.” He spreads open my folds and buries his face deep into my throbbing, greedy py. “Fk, Mirabella… His groan vibrates against my ct. I thrash my head around as my body continues shivering vigorously. aut like a “Matteo…”I outcry but Matteo’s head is far up into my py as he continues eating me out pushed into me hard and fast, delivering strokes and curling inside me. a starved man. Once again, two fingers are My muscles lock up and my hips surge forward, Like a sex possessed maniac, I begin rocking my hips against Matteo’s face and fingers. “Christ!” He bellows. “I knew you had it in you! That’s just about right, El, fuck my face with that greedy pussy of yours.” And I do just that. Tears leak out of my eyes, soaking up the blind fold as my body convulses, “I think I’m…right there. Jesus fk!” My body jerks uncontrollably and Matteo holds me down, fingers digging into my a.**
“Cm for me. Let me taste your essence, you’re killing me, Mirabella. Don’t make me wait any more, cm.” I comply-scratch that, my body complies and the most intense om I’ve ever had wracks through me. It knocks out every brain cell and the only thing I remember is my lower body jerking and convulsing relentlessly as Matteo milks my py with his mouth.
“Matteo…I breathe out after my long minutes of relapse.
“I’m right here. You’re good?” He asks and even when I can’t see his face, I hear the concern in his voice.
“I’m good.” I whisper.
“Do you still want me to fk you? We can stop if you can’t go any further.” By the sound of his voice, I know he’s trying to convince himself not to dive into that deep end with me. We both know how fd up this is and how messy it’ll get but I’m too into it to back out now so I use his words against him.
“It’s not a want, it’s a need.”
an to wear you out. You’ll take me like a good girl, will you not?”
“As you wish. But I do hope you’re ready to take what I give because I plan to
“Yes, I will, Please f**k me already.”

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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