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COLD TRAP Chapter 26

Chapter 26


I’m kneeling between Mirabella’s thighs as I drink up her naked body. The naked body that has me imagining animalistic things, the naked body that has me about to make a mistake I’m sure will regret in no distant time.

But for this perfect body, I’m willing to make mistakes for the rest of my life.

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Her wetness is glistening and making her little rosy pussy shine incredibly. Fuck. Like I said, it gets better and better. Her feel on my fingers was amazing and her taste was immaculate.

She was right when she said her pussy feels like a portal, because I’m definitely being sucked in and I’ve just been in her with my fingers.

“Matteo?” She calls out to me in a questioning manner as she attempts taking off her blindfold but I can’t let her do that. She has me fumbling already and if I’m to look into those dangerous orbs of hers whilst I fuck her, I know I’ll be finished.

They’ll be no going back.

“Leave it!” I command. I lean down, holding my weight off with my elbows. My cock teases at her entrance and she moans–scratch that, we both moan. “Are you sure?” I ask myself mostly and she nods.

I push my tip into her and we both scream the word ‘fuck. It feels so fucking amazing and I barely have my tip inside. It’s beyond warm. “Fuck!” I push myself further into her by an inch and her back lifts off the bed as her scream echoes,

Her body stiffens and the blindfold soaks up immensely y with her tears.

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“It’s okay. You need to relax and let go,” I coo. This is the reason I was skeptical about this; I have absolutely no idea how to be gentle with her and she obviously needs all the gentility she can get right about now.

Her hands wrap around my neck and she burrows her head into the nook of my neck. “Matteo…it hurts.” She cries out and I hum. “I know, tesoro, just a few more seconds and you’ll feel nothing but pleasure.” I assure her as much as I can.

“Just breathe in and out at a controlled pace.” She follows my instructions until her tensed shoulders suddenly relax, causing her to heave out a shaky breath. A yelp escapes the back of her throat when she attempts moving but the mattress bounces her up, causing her hips to surge forward with a force that pushes her into me.

She’s shuddering and whimpering and I’m whimpering as well because fuck! I have never been inside a woman bare and this feels like heaven. The way she’s milking my cock, the way her wetness feels so thick and warm around my dick.

I remember saying that I could never be swayed by pussy. Well, I lied, because this one can sway me any day, any time and I’d have no



you good?” I manage to grunt out and Mirabella nods her approval.

“Matteo!” She moans in a hushed whisper when roll my hips into her. She’s too tight and I might just give out any minute.

“Yes princess. You feel so good. So perfect. Fuck! If this is a dream, don’t fucking wake me up.”

I pull out almost all the way and slam into her with one hard thrust. “Oh Matteol That feels…

“So fucking amazing.” I finish her sentence. “I’m holding back. Fuck how much want to fuck you so hard.”

“Then do it. Don’t hold back on my account



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Chapter 26

I begin pounding into her with hard thrusts, our body slamming together with so much force that I think I might hurt her. She moans my name and I grunt in rhythm.

I try to hold it in but my efforts go to waste and I whimper. The pleasure is heavenly. My dick is in her pussy but it feels as though I’m tasting her with my tongue, as though I can tell what her cunt tastes like by just fucking into it.

It’s insane.

It’s pure.

It’s maddening

“I knew I should not have gone this far, a fucking mistake, but a mistake I’m willing to make over and over

ver until it costs me my life.” I groan

With each thrust into her, I feel like I’m being sucked into another dimension. This is a new kind of pleasure. My wife’s pussy, a new discovery.

willing to worship her everyday if this is what it feels like. Not just her pussy, her. My wife, my Mirabella, my woman; she’s perfection. 1 see her now, everything I was blind to, it’s all up in my face and it’s freaking amazing

“Matteo I think I’m.. J’m so close.” She quivers and her pussy clenches so tight around me.

I slow down my thrusts and instead of slamming in and out, I stay inside her, only rolling my hips in a circular motion as I revel in her warmth.

“You have absolutely no idea what you do to me in this state. You beneath me, your tears soaking up the material of my tie, your perfect legs wrapped around me,” I whimper as I roll my hips into her one more time. “Your pussy dripping wet and making those illicit sounds. Fuck, you’re a work of art I moan.

fucking moan.

n have you p

painted exactly the way you are at this moment and look at it for the rest of my life.”

Yes Matteo right there. That’s it, don’t fucking stop!”

I relentlessly roll my hips into her as per her request. Her body convulses vigorously as her orgasm shoots through her but I don’t stop because I’m nowhere near being finished.

“Yes Matteo! It feels so good. You feel so good. So amazing, so intense. I’m so full of you.”

“You feel amazing too, princess,” I whimper as I pull all the way out and slam back in. “Scratch that, you are so fucking amazing.”

“Tould fuck you this way,” I swirl my waist and she moans as her thighs tremble around my waist. “Torturously slow, punishing you with mach incomplete stroke until you’re wetting yourself.”

Hook down between us and find that there’s a bit of blood stain on the sheets and that activates the sex demon in me. You see, I have a thing for blood.

I pick up my p pace and begin pounding into her with extreme force that has her trembling and screaming my name. Music to my ears. “So Fucking Good. I give out and my body goes completely limp as i shoot my hot seed into her, panting and moaning her name like my life

12:16 Sat, 22 Jun

Chapter 26

depends on it.

We stay that way until a few minutes later and I finally roll to my side, immediately pulling her flush into me so that I’m spooning her.

My fucking dick kickstarts again and I groan in frustration. I try to find my restraint but I’m unable to and I take my chances and ask, “are you good to go again?”

Her body stiffens at my question.

Well, fuck me.

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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