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COLD TRAP Chapter 30

Chapter 30
If someone had told me four months ago that i’d somehow find common ground with my husband and make my marriage work, I’d have slapped them across the face but it’s the reality.
It’s g r e al and it’s amazing,
My marriage has been running smoothly and I’ve become so happy with my life as it is. Matteo makes me extremely happy and he doesn’t
even realize it.
It’s not just the sex, it’s so much more. The gifts, the after care, the kind words, the soft gaze, the forehead kisses and the sex, it’s so u c k i n g amazing. We might lie to each other and say that our relationship is nothing more than a husband and a wife consummating their marriage but we know deep down that it has become so much more.
“Mirabella,” My personal maid-Garcia’s voice snaps me out of my fantasy world and my eyes widen at how much food I’ve consumed so far without even knowing it.
“What Garcia,” I glare at her when I see the look in her eyes. The look that says she wants to say something but doesn’t know how to. “It’s okay Garcia, you can tell me whatever.” I smile even though I feel snappy.
She thins her lips, blinking a few times before speaking, “it’s nothing serious, only that you’ve changed a lot,”
My eyebrows raise in a questioning manner, “really? How so?” I ask.
“For one, you’ve become grumpy and you eat a whole lot and you’ve become so picky. You’ve also gained weight.”
y many “Oh, I see. I guess I should start working out more often and I’m sorry that I’ve been stressing you out a little too much with my demands.” I reluctantly reply and Garcia chuckles, triggering an appearance of a scowl on my face.
“It’s not about that Mirabella. You and the Don have been very active lately, yes?” A wave of embarrassment washes through me but I offer her a tight nod. “Protection? Birth control pills?”
My eyebrows crease together and I scrunch my nose at her inquisitiveness. “I’ve been on birth control but I haven’t been taking them religiously Lately, Why?”
“Maybe you might be expecting.” She rushes out as I stuff my mouth with more food.
“Expecting what Garcia?” Her mouth drops open and her face contorts in confusion as she stares at me like I just asked the most stupid, unrealistic question. I furrow my brows, my face immediately morphing into that of a confused person. Garcia and I continue staring at each other, silently communicating for long minutes before it finally clicks and my mouth drops open.
“Oh! Oh! Oh my G o d!”Tjump down from the kitchen stool with a squeal. “I’ll go and check but make sure this stays between us until I’m certain. Hmm?” She nods at me with an ear to ear grin as I rush out of the kitchen and upstairs.
I’ve been in the bathroom since early this afternoon when I found out about my pregnancy and there hasn’t been any thoughts that haven’t crossed my mind but my biggest fear is how to tell Matteo, a man who hates the idea of commitment that he’s about to have a child with a woman he just f u c k s.
I’m certainly afraid that he’d not love my body anymore, I’m afraid the one thing I have on him is about to be stripped from me and I loathe it
Chapter 30
A part of me is ecstatic, a part of me fears that I’d be th e shi t t i t mother and the other part fears that this pregnancy is a curse that’d separate me from Matteo.
My head is f u c k e d up, more so in realization that I love Matteo, I’ve fallen in love with him and I’ve fallen so deep that I’m unable to climb back up. “How do I tell him about my feelings?” I ask myself as I sniffle.
Minutes later and I hear a shuffling sound in the room. I hurriedly wash my face, adjusting my tank top and leggings, immediately wearing a big smile on my face as I make my way out of the bathroom.
“Hello, Don,” I tease as I roll my bottom lip between my teeth and Matteo hums, “hi, princess. Come here.” His voice comes out strained as he interlocks our fingers, pulling me flush at top his laps, gaining a giggle from me.
“You look awfully tired,” I pout as I relax into his gentle touch.
“I am but I feel very energetic and better now that I’m here with you.” My lips form into an “o’ when he begins ravishing my skin with his lips. Biting and licking my neck.
“Yes princess?”
“Can we talk?”
He grumbles. “It can wait. I need you desperately.”
“I’d rather we talk now.” I retort and Matteo stops his actions. “Princess please,” he grumbles even more. “Whatever it is can wait an hour,” he playfully pecks my cheek, “or two,” another peck on my cheek, gaining a giggle from me. “Perhaps three, hmm?”
“Now. It has to be now.” I keep my voice calm and collected.
Matteo hums, muttering, “I’m all ears princess, What is it that you want to speak of so urgently?”
“Promise not to get mad,” Matteo hums at my request and quirks an eyebrow at me, nudging me to speak. I bite down on my bottom lip and fixate my gaze on my laps. “Well the thing is uhm…the thing is…….I might-”
Matteo cuts me off with a chuckle, “what? Don’t tell me you’re about to confess your feelings for me.”
I laugh a little too loud in an attempt to ease the tension as I ask, “what if I am?”
Matteo’s brows furrow, “then you must be insane.” He seethes. “We talked about this before, no f c k g feelings. So tell me why you’re suddenly allowing your emotions get the best of you?”
“Don’t get all mouthy with me tough guy, I wasn’t going to talk about that but even if I did, it wouldn’t be as bad as you’re making it seem.”
“But it is bad!” Matteo’s voice thunders and I flinch. “You have to be a fool to believe that something other than physical attraction could exist between us. You’re nothing but my thing for pleasure, a place to ease my stress, my f u c n g whor e for the taking. Do you understand? Don’t get ahead of yourself Mirabella.”
Bile rises in my throat and I get off his laps with immediate effect. My eyes brim with tears-blame it on the pregnancy. “You’ll not speak to me in that manner, Matteo!” I yell out as my tears drip down my face. “I’m your wife and not your . I am human, not a thing and definitely not a thing for any one’s pleasure!”
Chapter 30
We both glare at each other as I cry quietly, “and I wasn’t going to talk about whatever feelings you think I have for you, but since you’ve ruined it all, I need you to leave my room! Now!”
“Mirabella!” He growls, “you will not speak to me in that tone just because I kiss your p
u s s y an d call you by pet names! I am still the same Matteo, the one you feared so much just a few months ago and believe me when I say that nothing has changed, do not push me.”
“Or what! Do you think there’s anything you could do to me now that’d surpass all that I’ve been through? F u c k i n g leave my room!”
“This is my h
house and this is my
my room too, if anyone should leave then it should be you.” Matteo retorts in a voice so calm and cold.
“Fine,” I grit through my teeth and storm out.
I hadn’t realized how large the estate’s garden was until now. Well, after that intense argument with Matteo, I decided to take a walk around the garden for a few minutes and unwind with the help of nature but a few minutes will almost become an hour and I’m still in awe at the size of the extremely beautiful garden.
“Mirabella?” I startle on hearing my name and whip my head around, a smile and a calming breath immediately replacing my fear when I find
my father in law seated in a corner.
“Papa, whatever are you doing out here?” I walk over to where he’s seated, taking a sit on the next available chair with a sigh of relief.
Father studies my face for a few minutes, “I’d ask you the same question but seeing the look on your face, I don’t need to be told that my son
has been bothering you.”
I chuckle shyly:”bothering is an understatement father but I’d rather we talk about other things. We can start by hearing about your day.” I smile at him politely but almost tear up immediately because this reminds me so much of the monster my father is.
“I believe we should talk about you first, Mirabella. How are you? How’s Matteo treating you? Are you happy?”
His questions throw me off guard because I never would have guessed that anyone would show concern about my relationship with Matteo. “I’m absolutely happy father and Matteo, well he’s Matteo.” I laugh at my answer
“That’s an interesting answer figlia. I’d like to officially apologize for Matteo’s previous behavior with you, he had no right putting his hands on you in the manner he did but Matteo is well… he’s a very disturbed man but I will be lying if I said that I’m not surprised by the recent changes. Thank you so much for being so patient with him. And I’d love to ask that you don’t give up on him. I know that he sometimes spirals out of control and I know it seems as though he has no feelings but my son has a lot on his shoulders and he sometimes forgets to be human; I hope you understand.”
Now I’m speechless and emotional seeing how Matteo’s father cares for him. “I understand you father but these things go both ways. I cannot be there for Matteo if he doesn’t want me to be there for him and you know best that I cannot force him. He has to choose me if he wants me to choose him.”
I hope I said the right thing.
Father offers me a somewhat apologetic smile and a tight nod. “I understand your point perfectly. So? Does he know that you’re pregnant?” i choke on my spit and subtly slam my fist against my chest.
This is embarrassing
“How did you know?”
“You forget that I’m a doctor. I’ve been watching you lately. Congratulations Mirabella, you’ve made me so happy and for that reason, I want you to name whatever it is you want and it’ll be yours.”
12:17 Sat, 22 Jun
Chapter 30
I throw my head back in a low laughter. “For starters, I’d appreciate it if Matteo heard the news directly from me, so I’d ask you to keep this between us? Our own little secret?”
“Donel” Father declares and I chuckle amusingly.
“What else might our princess want?”
Princess? Matteo calls me that a lot. I guess like father, like son.
“This princess craves something sweet.” i pout and father jumps to his feet.”
“You don’t have to say it twice, you wait here and I’ll go grab you some snacks,”
“Oh no, father, I was kidding. Don’t bother about it”
“Nonsense, I’m not about to starve my grandchild.” He affirms as he walks away from me. “And Mirabella?” Father turns around, looking at me with all seriousness. “Make sure not to go anywhere else, it’s very unsafe especially in this part of the estate; just make sure you stay
where you are until I return.” I nod my answer

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