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COLD TRAP Chapter 29

Chapter 29
After days of restlessly awaiting Matteo’s return, I was finally informed that he had returned earlier this morning but it saddens me that he hasn’t cared to come and see me.
I had gotten impatient earlier and went to his office but the guards refused letting me in. They confirmed that Matteo gave strict orders not to let anyone in even if that person were to be me.
So here I am, standing beneath the shower and letting the slightly warm water run down my body as I curse myself out for thinking that my sexual encounter with my husband would somehow better our relationship.
I mean he did say he wanted to fk me, but he never said anything about it being a continuous occurrence. I guess I expected too much. But as a human, and a woman with a lot of insecurities, I’ve degraded myself a lot. Even convinced myself that I’m not good enough for him.. Maybe his moans and grunts and words of encouragement the other night had been due to the heat of the moment. How can a person like me ever be good enough for the almighty Matteo Denaro? I’m still lost in thoughts when I feel very large arms snake around me, causing me to jump with a gasp. “Hey,” Matteo’s groggy voice graces myd years, “it’s just me princess. How have you been?” I let out a long calming exhale and instinctively cover my private areas with my hands. There goes my stupid insecurities making me make a fool of myself. Matteo must have noticed my action because he takes a hold of both my wrists, grasping them with one hand and pinning them above my head as he flips me around, pressing my back against the glass wall. vl like moan as his eyes unravel every inch of my “Is my beautiful wife perhaps shy?” His voice drops a few octaves lower and he let out a growl bare body. The heat of his stare brings me to naught and I embarrassingly cross my legs, one thigh above the other in my attempt to shield that part of me from his wandering eyes. Matteo chuckles unamusingly, slapping my thighs over and over again, leaving me with no choice but to throw my legs apart. “Are you trying to hide yourself from me? Why’s that? His voice comes out a bit hoarse as though he’s being triggered by my actions. I bite my lip, managing a subtle gulp to contain my uneasiness. “Noth…ohl” My answer is cut off by my moan when Matteo’s fingers lazily glides across my slit. His eyes turn a shade darker and a hiss escapes his lips as he roughly plunges two fingers into me, immediately pressing down the pad of his thumb on my cli t. There’s a scowl on his face and his jaw is clenched tight. “Why are you hiding from me? Did I do something to make you feel less of yourself or do you need me to remind you how f c i g s y you are?” His thrusts are rough and the pressure on my dit is persistent and strong ” c k . e ol” I throw my head back and throw my legs widely apart to give him more access. Matteo groans his approval. “That’s it princess, you don’t get to conceal yourself when I’m with you.” “Matteo…faster. Don’t stop…I’m coming. Both my hands rested on his shoulders as my fingers dig into his skin viciously. A few minutes of stroking, teasing and flicking at my t and I come undone with Matteo’s name slipping out of my lips like it’s the only name I know. Matteo doesn’t let me get my stance when he pulls me with him and walks us to the part of the shower that has top to bottom huge mirrors as walls. He moves us closer and clo s r until my knees make contact with the mirror. 12:17 Sat, 22 Jun Chapter 29 His large palm swipes across the mirror in one swift move to clean off the fog, revealing the clear Image of both of us, bare. ‘Perfection” | suddenly want to whisper but urge myself to stay silent before I say something that might scare him away. I let out a sigh and relax more into his hold when he places a kiss on the back of my head and whispers, “Now who’s that beautiful girl?” As he moves some strands of my wet hair out of my face. A dramatic gasp escapes his lips. “I think I know who it is. She’s m n g wife.” He pecks my cheeks playfully and I laugh heartily at his cuteness. Matteo makes me feel a lot of things without even trying. “You shouldn’t conceal yourself around me princess because you are beautiful. You’re extremely beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you’re incomparable, a rare jewel. Most of all, you’re my wife and you should know by now that I do not settle for less.” His large hands fondle my breasts. “This face,” a peck on my cheek. “Those eyes.” Peck, “This nose.” Peck. “These luscious lips.” Peck. “Your smile, your curves, your py which in fact is insanely good, everything about you is perfect. Do you hear me?”
I chuckle. “You do know that there’s no such thing as perfection.” i murmur but loud enough for Matteo to hear me.
“Yet, here you are, a walking proof that perfection does in fact exist.” I flush at his remark.
He has a way with words.
Matteo takes both my hands and places my palms flat on the mirror as he bends me over, arching my back and pushing my a s s out. “Tell me Mirabella,” he whispers as his tip is pushed into me and a soft slap delivered to p u s s y. I gasp and shut my eyes tightly at the contact.
“Matteo…” I push my a s s into him in desperate need to have him buried deep inside me.
“Open your eyes Mirabella. Keep looking at me through that mirror as you say those words.” He pushes himself into me by another inch and a whimper breaks out of me.
I never imagined that it’d be difficult affirming that I’m beautiful, but right now, when Matteo demands that I say those words out loud, they’ve suddenly become too heavy on my tongue and I know it’s because I do not believe them. I do not believe myself beautiful nor do I find myself worthy of anything good.
“I’m waiting, Mirabella.” Matteo groans.
“I’m beautiful.” I affirm and Matteo pushes himself into me fully with a growl like moan. “Again, Mirabella. Louder, with more conviction. Believe it in your heart and say it out loud
“Matteo please…”I cry out.
Chapter 29
“You want me? You’ll do as I’ve said.” Another slap against my u s s y and a finger flicking at my c l i t. I arch my back more, startling at the dangerous look of impatience in my husband’s eyes.
A tear slips down my face followed by another, “I’m beautiful,” this time it comes out like a whisper, causing me to shut my eyes tightly and bite down viciously on my bottom lip until my tongue is graced by that metallic taste.
A shudder wracks through me and I sniffle but there’s constant tears streaming down my face. Matteo leans down and Latches his lips onto my shoulder. “Hey,” he whispers against my skin. “You have to believe it, princess. You truly are beautiful.”
I open my eyes, locking eyes with Matteo through the mirror and for the first time since I’ve known him, he offers me a genuine smile and that’s just all the boost of ego that I require. Taking a deep breath, I affirm, “I am beautiful.” In a tone of surety.
Matteo rolls his hips into me and I moan. “Go on princess.” His strained voice rings in my ears.
“I’m incomparable…oh fuck, Matteo,” I moan when Matteo rolls his hips into me again, making contact with that sensitive spot.
“I’m a rare jewel” Matteo whispers, “yes you are,” into my ear and I push my ass into him, gaining a strangled groan from him.
“I’m perfect, and most of all, I lock eyes with him again, this time offering him a teasing smirk. “I am your wife and you do not settle for less.”
And that does it.
Matteo growls, “f u c k!” Both palms braced against the mirror as he begins pounding into me from behind like an animal. “That’s it!” He growls, “my beautiful, beautiful wife.”
“Oh Go d, Matteo!” I scream as my fingers claw at the mirror. I throw one of my hands back and grip his thigh, digging my fingers into his skin but the act only fuels his actions. Matteo’s thrusts are swift, hard and fast whilst his groans of pleasure resonate throughout the large space of
the washroom.
“Christ El! You feel so good.” He moans, this time leaning down and biting
wing down
n on my shoulder. “It gets better and better. Jesus!”
His mouth latches onto my ear lob and a whimper wracks through him. The pace of his thrusts are suddenly slowed and calculated in a way that allows us connect deeply. “You don’t realize what you do to me.” He moans into my ear, tongue swiping across the side of my face.
“I kardiá mou chtypáei gia eséna, sou aniko.” He whimpers. I don’t understand the language but I know it’s Greek and now I’m wondering what he said to me.
“Fo.. I’m so close. I’m coming.” I moan pushing my as into him, desperately chasing more pleasure. “I’m right with you princess. We’ll do this together.” And we do. Whimpering, moaning and screaming each other’s names as we ride out our om. After minutes of trying to control our breath, Matteo flips me around and picks me up with my legs wrapped around his torso as he walks us Into the shower cubicle. We stand under the shower, the water running down our body but Matteo’s arms are still tightly secured around me. He’s still holding on to me but his eyes are fixed on my stomach. He chuckles low in his throat, swipes his tongue across his bottom lip. “What?” I quirk a brow and ask. “I was wondering how sy you’d look with my baby growing inside this stomach.” He blurts reluctantly and my mouth drops open. “What? Don’t you want to have babies?”
“Kids are supposed to be made with love.” I answer with a loud gulp.
“Don’t I know it.” Matteo states in a whisper, eyebrows furrowing and eyeballs moving rapidly. “Not all kids are made with love.” Matteo speaks up again and I swallow the s b that’s threatening to break out of me. His honest statement seems to be a painful reminder of my situation with my parents. I was made out of love and I’ve had to live with the consequence of that all my life.
Chapter 29
“I know that, but I’d prefer that my kids be made out of love.” I mutter.
“Do you hate me then?” Matteo retorts-
“Do you love me then?” I counter and we both fall silent as we stare at each other for long minutes before Matteo let out a low growl. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He whispers and he begins tending to my skin gently..
My bare chest is pressed against Matteo’s with my leg thrown above his waist and his thigh in between mine as we snuggle up in bed.
He indeed cleaned me up, washed my hair, dried it and braided it. A surprise but a good kind. And now we’re snuggled up in bed, staring at each other as the obvious tension between us intensifies.
Matteo’s gaze suddenly shifts from my eyes to the space between us. My stomach. I furrow my brows and ask, “what?”
“I really want to knock you up so bad, make sure everyone who sees you knows exactly whom you belong to.” His c o c k twitches and his hips buckle into me. A low whimper beaks through me.
“I want to be buried inside you every millisecond until I know for sure that my seed is sprouting inside you.” His statement comes out like a moan and his hips buckles into me again.
“Is that all you want me for then? Just to me all you want and have me make your babies?” I gulp down and Matteo’s soft gaze meets
His lips part and he swallows hard on nothing. He’s nervous and he’s trying to hide the fact but his attempt at hiding it is futile. “I want you for so much more princess. Scratch that, I don’t want you, I need you.” He corrects.
Our eyes heavy y on each other as we lean in, his hot breath fanning my face and I believe mine is doing the same to his. Both our mouths agape and our heads inching close. “You feel that?” Matteo takes my hand, placing my palm flat on his chest and I close my eyes as I bask in the feeling of his heartbeat going crazy against the palm of my hand.
“You have very beautiful lips Mirabella.” Matteo whispers as he drinks up my lips with his eyes. His hips buckle into me again and I grind on his d**k, causing a moan to slip out of both our lips.
“What are we doing Matteo?” I whisper when our lips almost touch but I’m quick to remind myself not to get carried away. I remind myself that this might just be the sexual tension and we might regret it later if we give into these strong emotions.
A kiss might change a whole lot for us and our situation and I know for a fact that I will not be able to hold back if I go all the way with my husband.
I quickly o c k my head to the side and press my chest harder against his as my chin rests on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, I should not have,” Matteo whispers in a hushed tone and I nod against his shoulder.
“You don’t have to apologize,” I mutter and move my self lower, myself onto him.
lining his throbbing d i c k with my entrance. “Oh,” I moan as I slowly lower
“Are you sure?
You don’t have to.” Matteo bites mys
y skin and I shudder, “I want to. F u c k me please.”
My body quivers as Matteo pushes himself into me, stretching me out and ripping me apart inside out. “So f u k i n g tight.” He grits through his teeth.
“This is all mine.” He moans. There’s no rush and he’s not slamming into me, we’re both taking our time, savoring each other and feeling each other in depth. Although this feels good, I can’t help but fear that Matteo will leave me high and dry after he’s done with me.
Chapter 29
Again, I’m a woman with a lot of insecurities.
“I’m all yours Matteo,” I cry out, matching his pace and rocking my hips against him. Please don’t stop. Please don’t leave me. I’m starting to fall in love with you.
I want to scream but instead, my emotions overwhelm me, causing tears to stream down my face and onto Matteo’s shoulder. His movements are suddenly halted and with a concerned tone of voice, he asks, “are you okay?” I nod my answer.
“You’re sure?” His tone is soft whilst his fingers strokes the skin of my lower back, tracing circles and small shapes. Heaving out a sigh of relief, I bob my head against his shoulder whilst relaxing my tensed shoulders.
“Why are you crying then?”
“Because it feels so good.” Because your d i c k is ripping me apart, because you’re being too sweet and it’s making me fall in love with you every day. Because I know your heart belongs to another woman even if she’s dead.
Matteo chuckles, “you’re crying because it feels good?” Not wanting to say another word, I simply nad my answer.
Few minutes pass and we stay that way, unmoving even when my s y is clenching around his an d his d i c k throbbing desperately
inside me.
We might be completely still but we still let out subtle moans and whimpers when his di
k pulses and expands inside me and my p u s s y tightens around him. We’re doing nothing but we feel everything in depth.
“Matteo?” I finally break the silence.
“Please f u c k me, I need you to f u c k me in every possible way there is. Show me every single thing I’ve missed out on until you wear me out.”
And that’s exactly what he does throughout the night. Loving my body yet disrespecting it, praising me, yet degrading me.
We go at each other back to back, giving it our all until there’s nothing more to give.

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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