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COLD TRAP Chapter 42

Chapter 42


Thad a great night!

I had a great fucking night!

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And I know this by how my cheeks hurt from the ear to ear grin plastered across my face as I stretch myself awake and from the silky dark hair sprawled on my arm.

My beautiful wife.

I giggle to myself, scattering chaste wet kisses all over her naked body while she grumbles in her sleep, making me aware how tired she is from our conjugal endeavors..

“Creep,” she murmurs begrudgingly. “Don’t think about it, I’m very tired.”

“Good morning to you too, my beautiful princess” I fawn, gaining a low hum and a screeching sound from my wife as she stretches her muscles. “I get that you’re tired but we need to be somewhere, so get your ass out of bed and go get ready.”

She grumbles, “do I have to go?”

“I don’t know princess, but I think you might want to come along. Do me a favor? Wear a dress and make sure to leave out the underwear”

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Her head is thrashed backwards, laughter bubbling out of her. “Creep. Such a sex freak.”

“Only for you princess.”


“Mmhmm,” I mumble, crawling up to her, situating myself between her thighs. “I could show you how much of a freak I become when it’s your beneath me.”

A smack is delivered at the back of my head with a giggle, “get off me or I change my mind about going with you. And leave the room, require privacy.”

“Why should I leave? It’s my room too.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I should not have said that

Fuck me!

“Baby, I’m-“Mirabella cuts me off before I can apologize for my mistake.

“It’s okay, Matteo, I understand. Still, give me some privacy, hmm?” She gets off the bed, speed walking into the washroom.

I stumble backwards with a wince at the sound of an extremely loud screeching noise coming from Mirabella as we walk into our ov mansion.


She’s been making such excited noised since our drive through the estate but it still catches me off guard each time.


Chapter 42

“Oh. My. God. Matteo! This is amazing! How

best Matteo!”

w did you know my

ste? How did you know that I’ve always wanted a house like this?! You’re the

I am the best!

My wife just affirmed that I’m the best!

“You’d be surprised at how much I know you. I might even know you more than you know yourself.


Here comes that screeching noise. Again.

For fucks sake.

“This is our house!” She exclaims with a giddy jump.

“No baby.” I whisper, causing her

er eyebrows to furrow. “Our home baby. This is our home.”

We lock eyes, both our hearts communicating what our lips are unable to get out. Her smooth palms trail across my arms and I suck in a breath, “Our home.” Mirabella whispers with a smile, gaining a nod from me.

“Our home.” I nod at her, dipping my head to capture her lips in a kiss. I kiss her gently, loving her lips with mine as I groan into her mouth.

So needy.

Now’s not the time.

“When would you like to move in?” I question and she begins chewing on her lips as she takes a moment to think on it. “I think we should put

it on hold for now, mother just lost her husband and she’ll be needing as much company as she can get.”

This is why I lo…never mind.

“You’ll have plenty of time to explore the house but for now, we need to go down to the basement. I have something for you.”

“We have a basement?”

“Yes baby. Now c

come on,” We both walk into the elevator.

The elevator dings, the doors sliding open, alerting us that we’ve arrived at the underground basement.

“Mirabella?” I call out to her as we approach the supposed surprise I have for her.


I heave out a sigh, something in the back of my mind warning me that this might be a bad idea. “I need you to know that I’m here with you, hmm? Hold my hand if you must but I need you to know that you’re in control of the situation.”

She looks at me accusingly, almost wondering why I’m rambling like a fool. After minutes of watching me intently, she answers. “Okay.”

Click, Click

The lights come on and she freezes in place at the sight before her, I can feel her body vibrating, her skin turning pale. “Matt…”


20 Sat, 22 Jun.

Chapter 42


“Breathe Mirabella. Breathe.” I crouch down, patting her back whilst she chokes on air, unable to rip her gaze off the one person who hurt her.


That fucker. He’s been under my nose all this time whilst I went mad looking for the men who put hands on my wife. And to think that a nobody like that fool had the audacity to put his hands on my woman.

“Matteo… What’s going on?” Mirabella chokes out as she buries her petite body into my chest in a way of shielding herself.

“Princess,” I coo, “you need to breathe. You’re in control baby, you’re in control. Look at him, weak and useless. He’s at your mercy so do not let his presence affect you.” Mirabella’s shaky hands grip my shirt, gasps continuously escaping her throat with her eyes tightly shut.

“One breath in, another breath out. Come on principessa, you can do it.”

She begins inhaling shallow breaths through her nose and exhaling through her mouth. Slowly but steadily, her body begins relaxing into mine and I cradle her face in both my hands, stroking her cheeks with my thumbs.

Alone tear stains her cheek and I immediately swipe it away.

Heaving out a shaky breath, Mirabella asks, “how did you know?”

“You panicked when his name was mentioned yesterday and we’ve been in this game long enough to know what that means.” A low hunt vibrates from her, head bobbing in understanding and lips thinned.

“Do I smell tetraoxosulphate(vi)acid?” She questions, crinkling her nose.

She’s so smart.

stage of his

Letting out a breathy scoff, I answer. “Yes. Slightly diluted so it’s not as corrosive as a concentrated one. It’s just for the first stag


I almost jump when Pablo clears his throat beside me.

My wife piggles, fist bumping him. “Hi Pablo,” she looks around the basement, gasping in surprise. “I didn’t realize we have a full house.”

She walks over to the boys, exchanging pleasantries with them as they giggle, making squeaky noises like teenage girls who’re neck deep

into gossip.

When did my wife get so close with the boys to the point where they act like teenagers around her?

I clear my throat. “Shall we focus on why we’re here?”

Minutes after torturing that ass eating bastard, he’s still hell bent on keeping his mouth shut about who had sent them that night.

“I told you before! Your wife getting

about ten drops of acid meets hurt wasn’t part of the plan but it just happened!” He bellows, painful grunts escaping his throat when

“Getting hurt?” Mirabella steps forward, darkness, hate and revenge oozing out of her as she speaks with a voice as calm as a raging storm. “Is that how you’d describe what had happened to me? Did I just merely get hurt?”

The boys look at me and we all shrug our shoulders as my

y wife grabs the thickest gloves off the table, putting them on before grabbing a

Chapter 42


She looks back at me and I nod at her in approval


k you each question once Lex, and each time that you refuse to give me a satisfactory answer, you

er, you lose ap

a part of you.

Hold on a minute.


Is this my wife? Or did something else possess her?

“From the accents I could deduce, I know they were Colombians as well as Russians in that garden that night, but what I don’t understand is why they both joined hands to get back what they already have.”

Her index finger taps away on the blade. “Do you know what that means? Hmm, Lex?” She crouches down, “it means that someone else was in charge, not The Pakhan of Bratva, not The Godfather and not the Capo of the Colombian cartel. Someone else pulled the strings. Tell me who or perhaps, correct me if I’m wrong”


The boys and I lock eyes.

How were we so narrow minded whilst thinking about the whole situation?

Why didn’t we consider the possibility of someone else being behind it?

How does my wife have such vast knowledge on these things?

“I can’t” Lex drawls, gaining a snorted laugh from Mirabella. “You don’t have a choice. Look around you Lex, you. Are. Donel Just be a good boy and tell me what I need to know and maybe, just maybe I might make your death easy.”


Mirabella groans, picking up an axe from the table. She grips Lexs left arm, positioning the axe on his wrist. Whilst looking at me, she asks, “is

this sharp enough?”

With widened eyes, I nod at her once and she let out a scoff, her lips forming into a smirk. The event of the next second happens at a speed of light and the only proof that my wife has transformed into something dangerous is Lex’s wrist laying on the floor, blood gushing out of his arm whilst his voice echoes in pain.

I pull out a chair, crashing ass first on it, my brain running in circles, wondering how my sweet little Mirabella could hurt someone in this manner with a smile on her face.

“Let’s try this again Lex,” my wife breathes out. “Who was it?”


Only Lex’s whimpers can be heard.

“As you wish” Mirabella raises her axe at his right wrist but stops abruptly when he screams.

“I wasn’t contacted directly by the man who wanted those vials!”

He cries out. “I only received a message with a shit ton of money. According to the message, whatever I was asked to do was for a good cause. The said man had lost his wife due to whatever the substance in those vials contained and the man who employed us was hell bent on finding out who had a hand in his wife’s demise.


12:20 Sat, 22 Jun

Chapter 47

“How did he intend on finding this out?” I enquire further.


“I don’t know. The few times w

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