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COLD TRAP Chapter 41

Chapter 41


A lone tear slides down my face and I gulp as my eyes flutter open. Matteo’s gaze softens at me and I stifle a sniffle. “I’m sorry.” I whisper as he trails chaste wet kisses down my neck line muffling a, “thank you.”

What he’s thanking me for, I do not know but I like it. I love it.

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“Don’t ever apologize about this princess, hmm? It’s completely normal.” We both stare at each other with kind eyes for about a minute before he heaves out a sigh, murmuring. “I’ll go get you cleaned up.”

I shake my head in disagreement. “I want you Matteo. Don’t stop on my account.”

Matteo lifts himself off me and sits on the bed so that his back is resting on the headboard. Pre–cum oozing out of his very hardened dick. “Are you sure?” He asks as though questioning himself and I nod my answer. “Really sure?” I nod again as I sit up to fully face him.

“I need you to be in control. Take charge of how this goes so that you don’t feel suffocated.” He mutters gently and I hesitate before nodding.

He nods at me and I gulp as I go on my knees beside him.

I throw my left leg over his thighs so that I’m straddling him and let out a shuddered breath as I gently lower myself onto him. Matteo hisses, “shit. All the way, Mirabella, go all the way down.” Both hands gripping my waist as he guides me to sit fully on him.

I throw my head back, “I can’t. Too much.” I croak. I say the words but I still push myself down until he’s all the way in. The doubt sets in.

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Am I good enough?

Am I loose?

Why is he staring at me in that manner?

I shut my eyes, burrowing my head into the crook of his neck in an attempt to shield my face from him. Matteo chuckles as his fingers grip the back of my neck, lifting my head up, immediately slamming his lips on mine.

“Get rid of those thoughts baby, you’re perfect. Don’t ever think less of yourself” I nod and he sucks on my bottom lip, leaving it swollen.

I roll my hips in a circular motion and Matteo’s grip on my thighs tighten, his fingers digging into my skin. “Fuck baby. So fucking good.” His lips enclose around my nipple and my lips form into an ‘o‘ as my hips involuntarily roll.

“Three months baby,” Matteo groans. “Three long months since I’ve been in here. Stay still except you want me shooting my cum into you in less than a second. Stay still for me baby, let me get used to this.”

I moan

at his words and oblige him, sitting still as my walls tighten around his expanding and throbbing cock.

The sensation is amazing.

“God! You’re perfect. So warm,” his strained voice grace my ears as he licks the sweat off the skin of my face. “So soft. So exquisite. You’re mine.” He pants as both his hands guide my waist to move in a to and from motion.

“I’m yours.” I cry out, arching my back. Both my knees clamp both sides of his thighs as I push my hips forward up, making sure his dick rests on the upper wall of my pussy.

Without lifting my ass off his thighs, I begin rotating my waist, making sure my walls hold his dick ransom. Jesus Mirabellal Fuck!” His head is thrashed with his eyes shut and his throat bopping.


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Chapter 41

He whimpers. “Atta girl. You’re so good at this beautiful. You’re fucking killing me.”

“Shit!” I moan out loud as my hips relentlessly rotate. Tears trickle down my eyes, my body vibrating aggressively. “Fuck….Matteo, liquid pool out of me and throw my head back.

“Messy girl.” Matteo groans in approval as his hips surges upward with force. I scream. “I need you to keep making a mess, Cleaning up your mess has become my new favorite thing to do.”

The throbbing in my pussy intensifies as my thighs shake even more, Indicating that I’m close to an orgasm. “Having you clean up my mess has become my new favorite thing to watch.” I whisper breathily, gaining a chuckle from him.

He bends his knee forward, lifting his thigh off the bed by bracing his feet on the bed. “Yeah? You love it when I clean up after you?” Hard thrusts from beneath that have me wiggling and screaming.

“Yes Matteo…yest yes yes!” I match his pace.

His head falls back, his fingers digging into my skin and mine digging into his scalp. “So fucking sweet.” He murmurs as he slams into me at a consistent and controlled pace. “Then keep making a mess princess and watch me clean you up with my tongue.”

That does it.

“Matteo!” I scream as an intense orgasm shoots through me. My back lands on the bed and I whine at the loss of Matteo’s dick but immediately moan when his tongue latch onto my clit, stroking and flicking at my sensitive bud as I scream.

“Don’t stop princess. Keep coming. The taste of you and I together,” he groans. “Immaculate.”

I wriggle beneath him, “Matteo! Too much.. I’m so sensitive.” My body convulses more and the only thing I see is stars. Matteo growls from the back of his throat and slams into me again.

His hand holds my torso firmly against his whilst my legs wrap around him as he pounds into me hard.

This man has stamina.

“Matteo! Slow down.” I mean, thrashing my head.

Please, don’t slow down.

He let out some incoherent words under his breath before slamming his lips against mine. Matteo chews at my lips, sucks at my tongue and

shoves his tongue all the way down into my throat as he continues fucking me like I’m his whore.

“God! I’m going to pass out if I come as hard as I think I’m about to.” He groans as all his muscles go stiff. His features strain, veins popping

out of his temple as the force of his thrusts intensifies

He whimpers with my name slipping his lips. His head falls and burrows into the nook of my neck as he moans. “Theé mou, se agapó tóso


“Fuck!” We both scream in unison as our bodies move simultaneously, jerking and quivering as we orgasm with great intensity. Matteo fills me to the brim with his cum while my liquid soaks up the small portion of the bed where my ass is laying.

We both lay there, him limp on top of me and me unable to move a muscle as we breathe hard and fast with our chests heaving, “I didn’t hurt you, did 1?” His voice throaty and I chuckle.

“No you did not but I’m so tired I can barely move a muscle.” I let out a low groan.

“You don’t have to move a muscle baby. I’ll take care of you.”


Chapter 11

And he does.

The part that I missed the most, the after care..

He cleans me up from top to bottom, tucks me in after changing the sheets, gives me a shit ton of kisses all over my face–he practically eats out my face- and brings me a cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

Matteo is so amazing and he doesn’t even know it.

We’ve experienced this wonderful night together, our first kiss after almost three months of not speaking to one another but I’m still


I feel as though this is one of those dreams and that I’d wake up tomorrow and realize that this never happened

My biggest fear.

Nature calls out to me but before I answer its call, I mutter, “Matteo?” And that deep, throaty, sexy voice hums against my ear.

“Y–you uhm, you… here goes the stammering. Again. I shut my eyes, taking deep breaths to calm my nerves before continuing. “You fucked

me raw, aren’t you scared?”

He chuckles as his lips h

hover over my back. “Scared of what?”

I heave out a shuddered breath. “You know. That night, uhm…t–t–that day with those men…“I gulp down the bile threatening to rise in my throat and Matteo begins soothing me.

“I’m not scared princess. The doctor did confirm that you’re clean but even if you have something, I’m willing to share it with you.” He kisses the back of my head, “we’re married, shouldn’t we share everything together? Isn’t that how this marriage thing works?”

I let out a snorted laugh as tears roll down my face at his words. I spin around, my torso pressing hard against his whilst my arm circles around his back–or try to- as I murmur into his chest. “You are mine.”

He chuckles. “I am yours. Go to sleep now maya lyubov.”

I go to ask him what he just said but sleep takes over me before my lips can move

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