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COLD TRAP Chapter 5

Chapter 5


I only brought this escort in here to suck me off but my wife had to wander around and is now I’m immediately interested in giving her a good show.

ow staring at me with those fake eyes of hers and

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I lean down and whisper into Helen’s ear, “I guess you got lucky tonight, go bend over on that desk.” And of course she giggles and does as she’s told without question.

I mean when you pay well and fuck good, they would always say yes to every command.

Fucking whores.

Fuck, I hate this.

Why am I doing this again?

Ah yes, to spite my beautiful wife.

“Do you want to join us? Wife?” I ask her as I roll the condom down the length of my cock and of course my wife stays silent but I see how startled she is.

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Has she never seen a dick in her life?

Or she probably hasn’t seen two people making out.

Fuck, if only she can take those contacts out and let me look into those eyes of hers; the real ones I mean.

I push into Helen and she screams from how hard I’m slamming into her from behind. I keep my eyes steady on my wife and she surprisingly

does the same.

There I was thinking she’d watch how my cock goes in and out of Helen but no, she’s looking me in the eye; not glaring, looking as though she has a million things she wants to say but is letting her eyes do the talking,

If she looks at me in that manner with her real eyes, I know I’ll be finished,

It irritates me that Bella isn’t allowing herself play into my game and I pull out of Helen and stalk over to her. “If you’re not going to join us, then go back into your room and stay the fuck there,” I lean down and suck on her ear lobe before whispering, “this is a private show.”

I slam the door against her face and turn to face Helen who’s still waiting on me to come finish what I started but I’m too irritated to even get anywhere close to her. “I’ll have the maid show you to where you sleep tonight. Put your clothes on, we’re done here.”

I’m unable to sleep through the night, the nightmares that haunt me in my sleep, the intrusive thoughts that takes possession of my soul while I’m awake has me restless and the fact that Anna–Mirabella didn’t play into my game makes it even more difficult to stay still

I hate being lied to and deceived. If Mirabella came clean to me about her true identity, I’d not have a problem with her but she lied. They lied and they think I’m playing their game when it’s them playing mine. And by the break of dawn moving forward, I’ll make sure that wife of mine regrets her decision of marrying me.



Chapter 5

I walk into the dining area with annoying Helen by my corner, by now she should have left but I asked her to stay a few more hours in my desperate attempt to get a reaction out of my wife. But of course the bitch thinks the extra attention is because I’m developing some kind of

attraction towards her.


Ilock eyes with Anna–Mirabella and her jaw locks the moment she sights Helen.

Again how do I address my wife?

Guess I should just call her Bella.

I take my seat and Helen does the same as the chef serves us our portion of the breakfast.

My eyes stay steady on Bella’s and hers on mine as she grinds her teeth and it doesn’t go unnoticed, how hard she’s breathing, causing me to


I guess that snapped something, Bella returns my chuckle in a very malicious way and I relax my back, waiting for the drama to unfold and it


Fuck yes!

“I’m certain you had a great time with my husband? Miss?” She asks Helen but not once ripping her gaze off me and I give her a smirky smile.


“ne” For

“Helen,” she hums. “I’m sure you’re one of his whores but this is his matrimonial home and I’m certain you understand what that means.” the first time she looks at Helen and her face contorts in displeasure.

“Helen I need you to get up and get the hell out of my house.” Bella deadpans.

Helen goes to protest and i glare at her. “You heard my wife Helen, get up and get the hell out.” I order her and I see the surprise in Bella’s


I do hope she’s not starting to think I did any of that for her?

Helen throws a little bit of her tantrum and storms out of the house leaving I and Bella. “Fucking Asshole, I get that you hate this stupid arrangement but at least have some respect for me.” Bella grits through her teeth.


Funny she demands respect from me when she disrespected me first by lying about her identity.

But I’m not about to have some silly argument with her.

I get off my seat and head into the kitchen. Turning the water on, I apply the drain cover and begin filling the sink with water. “She’s gone.” I say in a slight whisper and Bella smirks.

She quirks a brow and answers, “yes she is.”

“Are you going to do her job of pleasuring me?” My eyes darken at this point, the intrusive, dark thoughts taking possession of me.

2:25 FM,

Chapter 5

Bella scrunches her face as she gets off her seat, obvious anger in her tone when she asks, “what?”


I turn off the tap once the sink is filled to the brim and glare at Bella for a good minute, somehow stalling and hoping I’d take back control of my sanity and not do what I’m about to. But nothing.

“Come here.” I command and Bella stays still where she’s standing, fueling my anger even more.

“Come here. Belial


“Fucking come here!” I roar and she’s immediately startled. The egotistical bitch starts taking small steps towards me, getting me even more riled up and I stalk over to her and grip the back of her neck, pulling her with me into the kitchen.

Bella’s head is submerged underwater before she gets the chance to protest. She’s struggling to get out of my strong hold on her neck, she kicks her legs out and throws her arm back, her fingers clawing at my face viscously but I have my hand tightly secured around the back of her neck and I dunk head further down the sink.

I lift her head up and she gasps loudly as she coughs and chokes on her spit like her life depended on it. She keeps making unwavering attempts at getting out of my grip but I’m not even close to being done with her. I plan to shove her face underwater until she’s passed out.

If she dies it’d be an added advantage..

“Are you going to do Helen’s job of pleasuring me now that you’ve sent her away,” I breathe out.

“Never.” Bella chokes.


I absolutely love it; the challenge, the adrenaline. I guess I’ll spare her life for today but that doesn’t mean her punishment is over,

In a split second, her head is underwater yet again and this time she gives up the struggle to get off. She stays calm and from the movement of her shoulders, I see that she’s trying to stabilize her breathing. What the fuck. I immediately let her go and stumble back.

What the fuck just happened?

This came as a surprise.

She’s just shown me that she’s been through far worst. She struggled at first because I caught her off guard with my sudden outburst but the second time, she saw it coming and took control of it.

I’m intrigued; really intrigued. But it’s to her own detriment considering how much torture I plan to put her through until I know for certain how much pain she can take.

An interesting marriage it’ll be.

The maids try coming to her aid as she rolls on the ground still choking but I glare at them and pass them a stern warning never to interfere in our affairs. Bella lies on her back with her mouth open as she breathes through her mouth and I smirk at her before ordering her in a stern voice, “Clean this mess up and get ready; we leave in ten minutes.”

12:25 Fri, 21 Junio

Chapter 5


Throughout the five hour drive to the little surprise I have for my wife, Bella did not care to say a word to me; not that I wanted her to but I very often noticed her eyes tear up and twitch,

More like they were itching.

And I’m somehow worried that she’ll get an eye infection if she continues wearing those eye contacts.

But I’m here to see it happen; imagine going blind because you chose to stick to a stupid lie.

Very funny.

Why am I concerned again?

Never mind.

I finally bring the car to a halt in front of her lab and I see her eyes widen; her jaw clench and unclench. “What is this place? And why are we here?” Bella manages to get out of her trembling lips and I snort a laugh ordering her to get down and she obeys.

“What do you think? I’m planning on purchasing the land,” I’m looking at her but she refuses to look up at me not once and it amuses me

even more.

“Why do you want the land? Are you in contact with the owner? What would you want with the land?” Bella starts rambling on and on as her fingers tremble. The swell in her chest obvious.

“I heard the owner is some lab rat, hardly ever seen. But I’ve not been able to reach her,” Itsk, “unfortunately.”

I see Bella release a shaky breath and I’m more amused and of course I’m in the mood to tease her further. “Doesn’t that remind you of your sister? Mirabella is it? We should go visit her lab sometime.”

Bella stays quiet but I notice her throat moving from how harshly she’s swallowing.

“I don’t think you should buy the land; it’s of no use. Look into better locations.” She deadpans and suddenly she’s no longer fidgeting bold, so bold that she turns around and lock eyes with me whilst uttering each word.

Does my wife have a personality disorder?

This minute she’s some naive, scared little bitch and the next she’s as bold as a lioness.


Something to think about; but for now I should focus on putting her in place. “I’m definitely buying the land,” I mutter and she locks her jaw, grinding her teeth so hard that the outline becomes visible.

“No!” She yells and I silently thank my goodness. Another per

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