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COLD TRAP Chapter 6

Chapter 6


The moment I was informed about this marriage and whom I’ll be marrying, I knew there and then what and whom I’d be signing my life off


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The fucking devil.

But the naive part of my heart thought that perhaps this devil will somehow show a great deal of restraint when dealing with me but that is very far from the truth and my reality.

Just less than twenty four hours of being married to this maniac of a man, he has already attempted taking my life and cheated on me right.

under our roof.

Fucked up, don’t you think?

And now he has brought me to my laboratory, affirming his interest in the land. My fucking land? There’s no way in the world I’d sell off my land to that asshole. That’s my thirty fucking million dollars and it’s not even about the money. It’s the fact that I’ve built my whole life here, it’s my home.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m rich.

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I’m so rich, sometimes I forget how rich I am and how much money I have scattered around different offshore accounts.

This is not even my father funds me kind of rich; but I’ll get into details soon.

I might not be as smart and quick witted as needed but I’m not a complete fool and I know for certain there has been some level of tension between 1 and Matteo since the dinner we had before the wedding

It’s like he knows something about me and he has chosen to use it against me. Every move he has made since the wedding seems to be an attempt to get a reaction out of me, like he’s playing a game and patiently waiting for the right time to say ‘jackpot!

The whole idea of being in a game with this maniac gives me the chills.

“I’m definitely buying the land,” Matteo mutters and I lock my jaw, grinding my teeth so hard that it gives me a headache.

Matteo is hell bent on this land and my patience is really hanging by a thread with his constant talk about contacting the “lab rat‘ who owns

the land.

Somehow, I tap into that fearless side of me and I immediately regret it when I scream, “no!” At him.

“Did you just refuse me? Wife?”

My hands and voice tremble.

“No, I just thought you were asking my opinion,” Matteo’s eyes are darkening; his eyes are expressing so much rage that his eye balls are almost invisible and I almost piss myself when he chuckles.

The kind of chuckle that yells at you to run.

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Chapter G


“Why would I ask your opinion? What would you know about landed properties?” He questions me in a demeaning manner and I’m instantly tempted to clap back at him.

I mean, I know so much about landed properties which is why I got this magnificent land that has you drooling and desperate to get your

hands on it.

Fucking cunt.

I want to scream at him but instead, I bite down on my bottom lip and Matteo smirks like he’s just won this round.

“How many hours did it take us to get here?” There’s a noticeable change in Matteo’s voice when he asks this question, a change that has me swallowing hard on nothing.

“Five hours, I think.”

“Well then Bella, you have exactly six hours to walk back home.” He deadpans and I chuckle as I narrow my eyes into slits.

“You’re joking.”

Matteo opens his car door, steps inside and slams the door shut. He turns on his car engine and whines down the window. “I’m dead serious M–Annabella. You’re to walk, Bella, walk. Don’t even try and do it differently because I’d know.”

He scoffs, “see you in six hours? wife?”

I stand still, too stunned to speak, my mouth agape in wonder of what just happened as Matteo speeds off in his car, I scoff over and over and over again as my brain slowly process everything that has happened in my life in the last two weeks and a few hours.

He has a car and it’d take him at least five hours before he’s home but I’m supposed to get home in six hours by foot?


Well I have two choices, first, defy Matteo and face his punishment. Second, do as he says and still have him figure out a way to punish me; it’s inevitable either way and I chose the former.

Finally removing this uncomfortable, extremely itchy contact lenses, I activate the iris recognition of my laboratory and walk into my own little world with a smile on my face.

I’ll enjoy this moment and deal with the consequences later,

Grabbing the burner phone, I put a call across to my associate. “What the hell Mirabella, you’ve not been responsive for a while. Are you suddenly backing out of the business?” Ares squeals and I laugh; genuinely laugh.

“I have everything ready for pick up but I might not be here when you arrive; family emergency,” I breathe out and Ares hums.

“Make sure to make the deposits. Did you acquire the property?” I ask in a slight whisper as I continue putting things together.

“Affirmative boss,” Ares jests and the line goes silent for a minute. “You should pack up, someone has shown interest towards that property

“I cut him off. “I know. I’m not giving it up,” I slightly whisper and let out a long shuddered breath.

“The guy is some powerful dude who runs the whole of Italy.”

I know, Ares, the guy is my husband but I can’t tell you for now.

Chapter 6

Why is Matteo doing this to me?

“I’ll get to work now, Ares, will be here a few more hours but it’s okay if you can’t make it. I love you amico,” I let out a sigh and hang up.

I’m having an emotional down time right now but I still smile. Regardless of everything going on, I have Ares and I acquired the property! wanted, and yes, I am about to become ten million dollars richer once Ares makes the deposit.

I see why people chose to go the other way; really beneficial.

And dangerous.

I stay in the lab a few more hours, by a few I mean as many hours as possible. I lost track of time as I’m fully captivated by the research I’m working on. Finally being able to discover something new out of this research that I’ve given my life, my mind once again shuts me out of reality and locks me up in this four walls.

Not like I have any complaints but after being here for ten hours, I’m certain Matteo would lose his mind. How bad can it be?

I hurriedly run out of the lab after the friend I’d called for a lift informs me of her arrival and jump atop the motorbike and we head out for the


After a few hours, my friend brings her motorbike to a halt on the private road that connects the estate. I sprinkle water all over my face and ruffle myself up, making sure I look like someone who just walked a five hour distance.

Thirty minutes later and I’m walking into the living area of Matteo’s mansion where I’m met by four excruciatingly attractive men.

“And you must be the wife,” one of them takes my hand and places a kiss on the back of my palm with a smile. “I’m Maxwell but you can call me bliss; I’m a peace loving man.”

The other comes forward with his arm stretched out and I shake his hand. “I’m Dean but you can call me Byte; I’m extremely good with computers,” he winks at me and I smile.

How the hell are these men so handsome and attractive?

Matteo is a very breath taking man, and I wouldn’t expect him to be in the company of anything less, but these men…

I should probably focus

The third man comes forward and his blue eyes darken as he lo



looks me up and down, grinding his teeth. “I’m Alessio but you can call me

Yes void, you live up to that name of yours.

He’s exactly like Matteo, empty. Utterly and completely empty.

Dean nudges me with his shoulder and gives me a smile before leaning down and whispers into my ear, “Alessio is the closest to Matteo and trust me, Matteo has said a lot about you.”

I knew they had to be close to possess the same kind of aura.

But what did Matteo say about me that has this person looking at me as though he wants to rip me apart.

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Chapter 6


The last man comes forward and I note the dark lace material covering the lower part of his face, his hair in a man bun, his eyes dark and his hands shoved into the pockets of his sweats. “Hi,” his voice thunders and cold shivers run down my spine. “I’m Pablo.” Is all he says and eyes me up and down with a scoff.

Okay, clearly Maxwell and Dean are the only friendly ones.

I’m about to say something when Matteo’s voice ricochets, “there she is, my fucking rebellious wife.”

He’s storming towards me at full speed and before I can say a word in my defense, his voice thunders again, “where the fuck were you?” As his palm comes down hard on the side of my face and I thud to the ground.”

How does one slap do this much damage?

I’m bleeding from my mouth and nose and the little girl in me instantly resurface.

I push myself back and my breath picks up its pace with my eyes slammed shut as I continue screaming frantically. “Please…no…don’t do it,” I cry out continuously.

I’m whimpering and waiting for a fist to slam against my face but there’s nothing. My ears pick up on the silent chatter between the men causing me to slightly open my eyes.

The way Maxwell and Dean are all up in Matteo’s face, I can immediately see their rebellion towards Matteo’s outburst but the maniac doesn’t pay any heed to their warnings.

Matteo takes a few steps back, away from Dean who’s glaring right into his eyes, pointing his fingers at him with a chuckle and a shake to his head. Dean immediately backs away and Maxwell taps his shoulder, whispering something into his ear.

Why am I unable to hear them propedy?

Why’s there loud ringing in my ears?

Matteo comes in sight, he’s standing over me as I lay there on the ground whimpering and looks down at me in utter disgust with a shake to

his head.

“Bring her,” he roars and walks away. From the expression Maxwell’s face holds, I’m immediately aware that whatever punishment Matteo has for me is not going to be an easy one to get through.


But I’ll take everything he’s willing to give and I’ll take it wholeheartedly because I made a choice and this is the consequence of my choice.

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