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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 10

Chapter 10
I was still busy admiring the beauty of the penthouse when Luciano came out of the room and closed the door
behind him.
He was not in a good mood and I didn’t want to mess up with him unnecessarily. I thought it was more to my benefit to make my way towards my room and I did what felt right.
I was about to enter the room where Luciano had allotted me when he grabbed my arm, stopping me in my
My eyebrows drew in confusion as I turned around to look at him. Before I could voice out my confusion, he pulled me aside and gently pushed me inside a luxurious room.
I gasped, my eyes widened, and my jaw dropped when I looked at it’s beauty. It was dark but beautiful. Though black is associated with negativity, it was giving me positive and warm vibes.
My eyes were still moving around when they caught a glimpse of the photograph of Luciano. So it is his room!
The authoritative aura of the room matched that of it’s owner.
But why am I here?
“You will be staying here!” He said he was reading my thoughts.
“Than where will you go?” I asked, turning to face him..
His lips pressed tightly; he thought of me as a fool.
“Why would I go out? This is my room and I would be staying here,” he said.
“But… but we were supposed to stay in different rooms,” I argued.
“Yes, only when the situation permits. We would have stayed in different rooms if we were alone in this home but now that we have grandmother here, we would have to stay in the same room like a normal couple,” he clarified
My heart shrank in my chest as I heard him. I can’t stay with him in the same room.
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Chapter 10
What if?
038% 16:23
I shook my head to stop my brain from overthinking.
“If grandfather happens to know that we are staying in different rooms from the first night, then it will create a disaster. She might be old but she is very clever. The father has inherited looks from his father and a brain from his mother. There is no doubt that my grandmother loves me but she also loves her son and she never hides anything from him. I cannot afford to expose everything like this. I won’t be able to catch the culprit and everything will be ruined before it is even started,” he explained.
The media who printed that he is a man of few words were completely wrong. They know nothing about him. He talks a lot!
“What is the problem if your family members know about the reality of our relationship? I think they will understand your situation.” I said.
“My family is not as simple as it seems. Anyone could be behind that news and I cannot trust anyone, not even my family members, until I find out the truth. Because I am sure about one thing that I have also ever done that has a very big motive behind it. That person is keeping a very close eye on me; that’s why he knew that I had visited that bar because not even my driver or PA knew about it.”
I nodded my head.
Whatever suits him is right.
My eyes moved around the room, looking for a couch or something where I could sleep.
“What are you looking for?” He asked me.
“A bed or couch” I told him “no one would know how we are living inside. We could sleep on different beds, you know,” I shrugged.
“I don’t have any couch in the room, nor could I arrange it now,” he told me. “Because if Grandma came to check on our room, then she would have a lot of questions in her head.”
His words took me by surprise. I was not prepared for this!
“Don’t worry about me you just need to have control over yourself. I understand that it is really impossible for you to control yourself with a man like me who is lying beside you on the same bed. But if you want we can
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Chapter 10
repeat the last night…”
He chuckled and my eyes widened.
How could he just say that?
I was not in my senses. It was the first time that I drank and I regret it like hell!
“L… I am not comfortable in sharing the bed!” I told him, looking away.
“That you must have thought before signing that contract. I already told you that you would have to do everything which is required to pretend to be my wife. But shouldn’t bother you if it means sharing a bed or going abroad with me” he said.
My eyes closed in frustration. Why I can’t just live a simple life? In rush, I accepted his offer to take revenge on Nathaniel but it seems like I made a wrong decision in haste.
“I will sleep on the floor” I told him.
“Ok” he shrugged and made his way to the bed “as you wish”
I caught the sight of cupboard. I walked to it and was about to open it when two hands rested over mine, halting my movement. His large palms felt warm over my cold ones.
I came here for the mattress so that I could sleep on the floor.
Grabbing my arm he turned me around and pushed me back into the cupboard. My eyes flicked up to him and I found his face stern, his eyes held anger that was directed towards me. His jaw tightly clenched and I was afraid that he might hit me.
There was a sudden shift in his mood.
What did I do?
“Listen to one thing very clearly!” His jaw clenched tightly as he spoke “You will be staying here for only the period we are pretending to be married but you are not allowed to touch anything in my room. I am really very possessive about my belongings and this is the reason I have never brought any girl to my house. You are the
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Chapter 10
first one but I believe that you will not cross your boundaries.”
I nodded and gulped nervously.
038% 16:23
It is not like I wanted to steal something from him. I just wanted mattress because I can’t sleep on the cold floor.
I could feel stinging pain when he left my palms as he was holding them really tight.
“I don’t have anything to give to you. Either come on the bed or sleep on cold floor” he said coldly as he turned around and made his way towards the bed.
I shivered when a cold wind hit my body, my bare feet against the cold floor was telling that I will fall sick if ! spent even a hour sleeping on the floor. It doesn’t seems like a good idea.
“For the last time I am telling you that I am not interested in you” he said while placing pillows in the middle “last night was a mistake. I was drunk and was in a need to release my pent up tension. I couldn’t resist when you offered yourself to me. I regret last night more than you do and it has affected me very badly. Don’t behave as if you are the one who is suffering”
He lay back when he was done creating a line of pillow in the middle of the bed.
“Do whatever fits you”
Turning off the lights of the room, he turned away. His words hurt me like hell. Though I am used to the cold behaviour of my family but I wasn’t expecting it from him. He has already seen everything, the last thing he could provide me is the sympathy.
Taking a deep breath I tried to control my emotions. I blinked multiple times to stop the tears from flowing. There was never anyone to take care of me and it is going to be this way my whole life so I shouldn’t get affected this much.
“This time shall also pass’
I kept repeating this line in my head like a mantra. I am here for the money, I should take it as my
Releasing a deep breath I walked to the bed and lay at the f arthest corner of the bed. I turned me back towards him as I no longer wanted to see him.
After a few minutes I felt the other side of the bed dip and I am sure he turned around to see me.
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Chapter 10
038% 16:23
I closed my eyes pretending to be in deep sleep, just in case he peep to look what I am doing. Like every night I
thought about the few memories with my parents.
Mom, Dad, give me strength to fight with what lay ahead.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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