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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 9

Chapter 9
“This is going to be your room. Is it fine?” He asked.
My eyes moved around the room. It was small but cozy and beautiful. I was completely taken aback by looking at the astonishing beauty of his penthouse. As I didn’t want to embarrass myself anymore, I had to keep moving with him when all I wanted was to stop and admire the beauty of his residence.
“Vanessa, I am asking you something.” His words brought me into reality.
“Ye. Yes, sir.”
It was way better than the room in which I was staying. I didn’t have any problems.
my name.”
“Sir?” He turned to face me properly “Call me by my
No way!
How can I address him by his name? He is the CEO of my company. My position is nothing in comparison to his.
“I am your husband, remember?”
“I don’t want anyone to doubt us. Now that we are married, we should refer to each other by our first names. We would have to make it a habit so that we don’t make it a mistake when we are in public”
I nodded in understanding
“Words,” he said coldly
He raised his eyebrows, expecting me to call his name. As much as I know about him, he doesn’t like anyone to call him by his first name and now I am forced to do the same.
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Chapter 9:
“Luc… Luciano”
“Will get better with time.”
His eyes moved down my body and he was about to say something when we heard commotion coming from the living hall. As far as I know, there was no one when we came here.
“Luciano! Come out!” I heard a manly voice.
His eyebrows drew in confusion as he walked out of the room. Unable to contain my curiosity, Falso walked out but stopped at the doors of the room when I saw a couple in the hall. They were looking very sophisticated and rich. They were followed by a man who brought inside a wheelchair. An old woman was sitting over it.
“Dad? What are you doing here?”
They are his parents. Though I should be going to them, something in me froze me at my place. Luciano hast inherited much from his father in terms of looks.
“Seriously Luciano? You are asking me, What am I doing here? And what about the things you have done to your life?” He asked.
“What have I done?” Luciano asked him back.
“You got married and didn’t even tell us about the girl!” He was sounding really angry.
“Yeah, I liked the girl and I married her. Where is the problem in this?” Luciano replied casually, as if he had brought a dress.
He asked.
“How could you marry without your parent’s permission?” He a
Luciano chuckled
“Did you ask me before marrying? It is my life so whom I am going to marry should be my choice as well. These kinds of words don’t suit your mouth.”
My mind was already busy discerning the previous conversation so I couldn’t hear what Luciano just said. Though I didn’t get half of the words of Luciano, the way he was talking, one thing was clear: his relationship
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Chapter 9
with his parents is not good.
D39% 16:22
I am not sure about myself but I could bet that now is not a tough time for him to pretend to be happily married to me. Though I have never faced them before, I have seen them in magazines and in the news. They look like the happiest family together. But at the moment, the scene seems completely different.
“Luciano, don’t forget that I am your father.” His father’s tone rose.
“Yeah!” Luciano shrugged.
It was quite clear that he wanted to end this conversation as soon as possible so that he could mind his own
“Who is the girl you have married?” His mother finally spoke, breaking the silence.
Luciano didn’t answer.
I became attentive when her attention was drawn to me. Luciano turned around to look at me for a second. He gestured for me to come forward. Hesitantly, I left my place and walked to them. I wanted to walk confidently but I couldn’t help with the submissive nature that my uncle and aunt have cultivated in me since childhood.
His parents were looking at me with the same eyes with which my uncle and aunt used to see me. His grandmother’s eyes held sympathy and kindness.
My life has taken a U-turn. I am not sure how I am going to face them now. My traumatic childhood has made me timid in situations like this.
“I am sure you must have made him fall for you with your charms and innocence. Right?” She asked.
My eyes flicked to Luciano; his jaws were tightly clenched, indicating that he didn’t like the comment.
“What’s your name?” His father asked.
I opened my mouth to say my name but before anything could pass my lips, his mother interrupted me.
“Leave! What does your father do?” She asked.
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Chapter 9
038%) 16:22
Her way of asking was such that it was as if she were making a joke of me. I am sure they have read the news so they know that I am an employee. Her tone was telling me that she wanted to degrade me.
“I… I am an orphan,” I told her the truth.
One minute of long, ear-piercing silence followed my words. His parents reacted as if someone had just thrown tonnes of bricks over them.
“Luciano! Have you gone crazy?” His father grabbed his arm and forced him to face himself: “Leaving Sabrina, you married this girl?”
He looked down at me as if I had no value. I was already dealing with the bad behaviour of my uncle and aunt.
i and now these people are only adding to my problem. At the moment, I wanted to tell them the reality of our relationship but I kept my lips sealed because if Luciano wanted to tell his family the truth, he would do it on his own. If I went against his will, then he would surely make my life a living hell. I would be left unemployed for the rest of my life.
“Let it be! I am sure he made this mistake in a hurry. There is still an option of divorce.”
His mother folded her arms around her chest as she gave me a side glance.
“Mrs. Valentino, you don’t have any right to talk about my matters,” Luciano said in a very cold tone, referring to his mother as Mrs. Valentino.
“I am your mother,” she protested, her hands moving down.
“My fa
“My father’s wife,” Luciano corrected her.
Ok, so she is his stepmother. I am not blaming stepmothers, but this woman is exhaling negative vibes.
“My father’s wife”
She gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes at him but she couldn’t say anything.
But I am not justifying the way Luciano is treating her.
“You are not doing this right, Luciano,” his father said. “You know what I am capable of. I might have given you the responsibility of the company but don’t forget that I still hold half of the shares,” he threatened.
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Chapter 9
Luciano rolled his eyes and looked away, as if he didn’t care about it.
“You need to work on your attitude. I was silent all these days, thinking that you might change but now it seems like I would have to use harsh ways,” he added.
“Do whatever you want, dad! I am no longer a teenager who you could move at your whims.” Luciano challenged
him back.
His father nodded his head, unhappy with the response of his son.
“You must be getting late to board the flight. I will take care of Grandma,” Luciano added.
“I am leaving for now but don’t think that I will let you live with this streetside girl! You would have to marry someone of our standard or forget about everything.”
Threatening Luciano; his parents turned on their heels, leaving the house.
I wanted to laugh at the name but looking at the seriousness of the situation, I controlled myself.
“How many times have I had to say that I have grown up? Don’t call me Lucy!” Luciano said it in frustration.
“No matter how much you grow up, for me, you will always be my Lucy,” she said, her voice shivering because of her old age.
Luciano let out a frustrated sigh.
“I understand that you are frustrated with your parents and you have all rights to marry the one you like” her eyes flicked to me for a second “but they are your parents. You must have at least informed them earlier. They have that right!”
“You also know what kind of parents they are. Please, don’t start over this” Luciano said in a cold tone.
How rudel
He should not talk in this way at least to his grandmother.
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Chapter 9
“Come, let me show you your room, so that you could rest”
He pushed the wheelchair of grandma towards a room leaving me alone in the middle of the hall.
My eyes moved around. Only G od knows how I am going to survive here. It seems like I have taken step into another hell after coming out of the previous one.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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