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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 12

Chapter 12

“Good morning, sir,” the receptionist greeted Luciano.

Luciano ignored him as if he didn’t even exist and the receptionist didn’t mind noticing it. I am sure he has become used to this behavior. But this is not right. He should respond to them.

“Good morning, ma’am,” the receptionist greeted me, taking me by surprise. This has happened for the first time that he has greeted me. Not only this, he also bent slightly in respect.

“Good morning.” I wish him back and bend slightly.

He was taken aback by my gesture and not only him but also the man standing beside me stiffened.

What did I do wrong?

“You are not supposed to be bent or even greet the person who is inferior to your position,” he whispered in my ear. “And now you are my wife so you shouldn’t be doing this!”

But why?

I don’t see anything wrong with greeting each other, no matter what their position is.

“Follow me,” he ordered.

Giving one last look to the receptionist, I followed him like a puppet. On the whole journey to the office, he was busy on his phone and tablet, discussing reports, agendas, and sales reports. And now the employees are coming to him for his signature. or his approval

I always used to think that people in higher positions had nothing to do but now it seems like he has no life other than sleeping.

I was about to press the button of the elevator when he froze me to my place with his eyes. His assistant did that for him.

I always like to do my things on my own. He wants me to suddenly adjust to his way of living. I will actually not like anyone doing things for me that I could easily do myself

Hesitantly, I came out of the lift when it opened on my floor. He didn’t even spare a single look at me when the elevator took him to his floor.

“Welcome, Mrs. Valentino. Wanda welcomed me as I entered our small office, specifically made for our team of four.

Reggie’s face lit up when he looked up at me. Jasper, who was busy with the work, looked up for a second before getting busy with his work once again. His behaviour has changed a lot. He was never like this before. Since he learned about my marriage to Nathaneil, he has always been irritated around me.

“Wanda, please, I will always be your van.”

She loves to tease me by calling me Van. But now Mrs. Valentino sounds more weird than Van. I am ready to be called by bus or cab, Mrs. Valentino.

“Ok, Van, tell me how your night was. She asked, mischievousness lacing her words “Is he as good in bed as we have heard?”

I gulped.

“I don’t know about you guys but today’s photoshoot is really important for me. If you can’t help, then just stop distracting me. Jasper said in a very rude and cold tone.

Wanda pressed her lips together and Reggie’s eyebrows rose up.


13:56 Wed,

Chapter 12

“I am sure this boy is going through a breakup,” Wanda whispered under her breath, which only I could catch.


We then settled into our respective seats and started working on the project. The advertisement is also going to be really big. The success of this catalogue heavily depends on us and I am sure the CEO will not tolerate even a bit of irresponsibility from our side. If it went well, then it will be a lucky chance for us, and if anything gets ruined, then I am sure they will never put so much trust in us again.

My head was spinning and my vision was becoming blurry because I was not having anything but I kept my focus on the work.

Soon the time passed and it was now noon, which means I could have a lunch. I needed it badly. We made our way to the canteen and grabbed our favourite corner.

“So, today, Van will pay for the lunch.” My head turned to Reggie as he spoke

“Of course! You got married and didn’t even invite us. The least you could give us is a lunch.”

I chuckled

“Fine, I agreed.

I am not married but it is fine as long as someone is getting happy because of me, even if it is a delusion.

“Don’t order anything for me. I have brought my lunch today.” Jasper said as he opened his lunch

Wanda and Reggie’s eyes narrowed at him. We were all were hungry so both of them ignored him. I went to take the order, paid the bill, and came back with the food. Reggie helped me with the boxes.

While giggling and talking together, we had lunch. All the time, had the feeling that someone was keeping a keen eye on me. I tried to look around but found no one. I was practically starving so at the moment I decided to focus on my food. If I don’t have my fill at the moment, then I will surely end up unconscious

“You know, I have got to know some


We were almost done with the lunch when Wanda spoke, taking the last bite.

“What is it?” Reggie asked, leaning towards Wanda.

Both of them love to gossip, and barely any news from the company stays hidden from them.

She looked around to make sure that no one was listening to her before bending down.

“You know Rever from the IT department?”

Reggie nodded while me and Jasper shared a look. We barely know anyone here.

“She broke up with her boyfriend after five years because she got a proposal from a wealthy man,” she said.”

Jasper rolled his eyes.

“There is nothing new in it. Girls always prefer money over love?

Wanda was confused while Reggie looked at me; his smile vanished at Jasper’s words. Sometimes it feels like Reggie knows everything that happened between me and Jasper.

My ears turned red, as somehow I felt like Jasper’s line was for me. He is not the only one who must be thinking something like that about me. Luciano is really wealthy and influential. His marrying me over night has raised a lot of questions about me but people are keeping their silence because they are scared of Luciano.

As I turned my head to Jasper’s side, I caught him staring at me. But he moved his gaze away within a second.


13:56 Wed, Apr

Chapter 12

“I am done. I will meet you at our workstation. Wanda, I need the fashion magazine that I gave to you yesterday. Jasper took his leave, and three of us shared a look.

“I forgot the magazine in my car.”

Wanda was about to go pick up the magazine when her phone buzzed with a reminder.

“Reggie, we have a meeting with the manager to share all the updates on the project. We need to reach their in five minutes,” Wanda informed.

“Than what are you waiting for? Come, it will take us 5 minutes to reach there,’ Reggie said

“But the magazine… Jasper needs to work over it. He will go crazy: You know his mood these days.”

Wanda’s forehead was filled with multiple lines of worry.

“It’s fine, Wanda; give me the keys; I will pick up the magazine, offered.

“Oh, honey, you are so sweet, Van. You are my savior.”

She hugged and kissed my cheeks before handing me the keys.

I decided to take the stairs to the parking area, as it would help the digest the food I just had. I was now feeling full of energy and better than before but the feeling of constantly being watched intensified.

It felt like someone was following me but when I turned around, there was no one.

There was a pin-drop silence in the parking area. As lunch time is over, all the staff is busy with work. But to my surprise, even the guards were not there,

My heart beat shot up and a strange feeling settled in the pit of my stomach.

I gulped and looked around the parking area as I was again feeling watched. I could practically feel my skin crawling with those creepy vibes.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to ignore the feeling, take the magazine, and get back to work as soon as possible.

As I locked the car after picking up the magazine, I felt a presence behind me. I was about to turn around but even move, a body was harshly pushed into my back.

before I could

It was a man!

I gasped aloud and was about to scream when a large hand came over my mouth, stopping me from making any

What does this man want?

Is he going to kidnap me?

What the hell am I falling into now?

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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