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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A large hand was clamped against my mouth to muffle my screams and stop me from making any noise. The magazine along with the car keys dropped from my hands as they reached up to claw at his palm to remove them from my mouth but my struggles went into vain. His strength was unmatchable but that doesn’t mean, I didn’t fight back.

When I didn’t move forward, his other arm wrapped around my waist to lift my body up, my legs flalled to reach out for the ground but I couldn’t get anything. I didn’t have any idea where he was taking me or what he was planning to do with me.

He then pushed my body into a wall and pressed himself against me. I looked around to find that he had taken me to the maintenance room where no one could see us and he even closed the door by kicking it with his feet. Even the gaurd couldn’t find out even if he appear to pass by.

He removed his palm from my mouth and before I could scream for help, he whirled me around, roughly pushing my back to the wall as if it doesn’t hurt. He was handling me as if I was a doll made up of silicon.

1 looked up and my eyes widened when I saw who it was.


His name came out of my mouth in disbelief. He was staring back at me in pure fury. His eyes were red with wrath. I have never seen him this angry. He was looking completely different to a man I know, and I once cherished.

The way he has manhandled me has left me wondering how many faces of him are still left for me to see.

What’s this rubbish?” I asked, my tone didn’t come out as loud as I was expecting because I was still panting heavily. His palm on my mouth left me breathless.

Still trying to get my breaths back, I push him way with all my might but he didn’t even budge from his place.

“What is this rubbish?” He asked, his voice came out so loud that I flinched at my place.

A second later he tossed a few papers in the air and when they came down on my face I realised that they were yesterday’s newspaper.

He must have came to know about this news now. I am sure he was the one who was keeping an eye on me while I was having the lunch. I was having a very strong instinct of someone watching me continuously. He pounced on me when he found the perfect time and opportunity.

“You were giving me lectures over bedding someone. You left me by saying that I was betraying you, but what about you Vanessa?” He asked, stepping a bit closer, reducing the distance between us. His harsh breath was now fanning my forehead.

“It was you who were betraying me in real sense. No one could marry someone in a day and that someone is none other than Luciano De’ Valentino himself, CEO of Dreamy Weavers! It was all pre-planned.”

His nose flared in hatred. Though he called him Luciano, a CEO but hatred was clearly audible in his words.

“You were playing at my back and I didn’t even know about it. You knew him from earlier and you played with my feelings! You betrayed me. I am sure you must have sent your cousin sister to seduce me so that you could put charges of betrayal

over me.

My ears turned red as I heard his assumptions.

“I thought that you were coming here for work, little did I know that you were whoring…”


Before he could utter one more word I slapped him tightly across his cheeks. The slap was so tight that my palms started stinging and his face tossed to another side.

I should have done this before but I didn’t get a chance and now all my pent up fury released in this tight slap.


13:57 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 13

His head snapped back to me with such a ferocity that for a second I startled at my place. He was looking like a possessed demon.

I was about to push him away or somehow make way for myself when he read my motive and blocked my way with his bulky body. There was no room for me to even look anywhere else than him.

“How dare you slap me?” His voice was low but it was cold and threatening enough to send shivers down my spine.

“How dare you” he shouted and grabbed my wrists tightly.

I wiggled my wrist, trying to break free but more I was struggling the more his hold became tight.

“You are hurting me!” I cried out when he is hold became so tired that he cut off the blood supply.

“What about you hurting me. Vanessa?” He asked me back.

“Leave me!” I shouted and tried to bite his hand but it had no effect on him.

“NEVER!” He roared “I will never leave you, Vanessa”

Grabbing my wrists in his palms he twisted my arms and locked my hand behind. I yelped in pain when my hands got crush between my body and the wall behind but my pain had no effect on him. He was blinded by anger.

“I don’t care, you are married or not. You were mine and you will always be. I am ready to go to any level to make that happen. I will kill Luciano, if this is what it means

could see deadly obsession in his eyes and it was quite clear that he was not kidding.

“I am a man with desire. You never allowed me closer and to fulfill my desires I accepted the offer given by your sister who was more than willing to do anything to have me on her bed. I always fantasized about you even when I was with her. I could have easily forced you to fulfill my desires but I always respected your boundaries”


He is so cheap and he is saying it so proudly. I can’t believe it at the time, I loved him. He respected my boundaries, he loved me but he couldn’t wait for a few hours. He fucked my cousin on our wedding day as well and now he is justifying it.

“I thought that you were a woman with morals but I didn’t know you were fulfilling your desires with someone else. That’s why you never need me, physically”

There is no doubt that he never understood me. He is defining my character so badly..

“He touched what’s mine.I will surely kill him and take the revenge of touching what’s rightfully mine. I cannot share your with anyone. I always wanted you, I wanted to feel your soft and warm body against me.”

He pressed his chest against my bosom which were puffed because my wrists were locked at the back. I felt disgusted

“I love you, and I am ready to do anything to claim you” he declared

“You never loved me, you only had lust. I am glad I married Lucia..”

Suddenly he grabbed both of my wrists with one hand and curled the fingers of the other hand tightly around my throat before I could take Luciano’s name.

“Don’t take that bastard name in front of me or I will kill you before him!”

I coughed and gasped for air but couldn’t get any. The more I was struggling the more he tightened his hold. I could feel my whole face turning red and nerves of the neck popping out with the pressure and lack of oxygen. My vision started to become blurry. He knew that I was going to pass out but he didnt lose his hold.

My eyes started rolling up. I knew that if I lost consciousness than he will surely abduct me but I can’t keep my eyes open.



13:57 Wed, Apr 3 M.

Chapter 13

Just when everything was about to turn black, he was harshly pushed away from me. I coughed loudly and collapsed on the floor while gasping for air. My brain and senses stopped working as they couldn’t get enough oxygen. My whole body was burning.

I could hear a distant sound of a punch which made me force my eyes open. My vision was blurry when I looked up. I could see a blurry figure of a man, looking down at me.

I blinked multiple times to clear my vision and was surprised to find Luciano..

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a very gentle and polite tone, which is very hard to hear from his side.

I couldn’t answer because I was still inhaling required oxygen.

The dizziness that was before immediately flew away when I saw Nathaniel attacking Luciano with a iron rod from behind.



Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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