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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 15

Chapter 15

While working, we didn’t know when the clock hit 10 and it was time to wrap up everything.

We are working late because this photo shoot is equally important for all of us. If it becomes successful, it will bring a very big deal for not only the company but also a good hike in our salaries. Crores of money have already been invested. We don’t want everything to go in vain.

Though the usual time for returning home is 6 p.m., we needed to finish a lot of work today, so we stayed back. The company closes at 10 p.m., so now we would have to leave the work for tomorrow.

Waving bye to three of them, I stood at the side of the road, waiting for the cab.

grabbed After a minute. I heard a car honk, which grabbed my attention. I looked up to find that Luciano had come. My forehead frowned as I thought that he might have left.

Rolling down the window, he turned his head towards me. Though he didn’t say even a single word, his ocean blue eyes penetrating deep inside my soul were enough to tell me that he was expecting me to join him in the car.

I looked around to find that the roads were silent and it might not be safe to take the cab. He was not looking in a good mood and it was quite clear that if I didn’t sit inside, he would start ranting.

I have heard enough from him today. I am not in a mood to listen anymore nor do I want any of my colleagues to know how he treats me.

Walking around, I sat inside and cancelled the cab.

He started the car and soon we were moving towards his home.

I looked away so that he couldn’t see me. No matter how much Itry, I am still not able to forget what happened at noon.

I am not getting what wrong I have done in my past life that I am suffering so much in this life.

When I was still small, God snatched away my parents, leaving me at the mercy of my uncle and aunt, who made my childhood traumatic. I was bullied by their daughter all my life. I had to work in their house like a maid to get a basic education and two meals. The punishments I got made my nature submissive, obeying their every whim.

There was barely any night when I didn’t cry to sleep. I always used to believe that there would surely be someone who would take care of me and love me the way I always wanted.

When I met Nathaniel, he showed a bit of love and care and I thought he was the one. I fall into his trap, only to get betrayed in the end.

And when I was running away from everything-from my past to my life-I collided with Luciano, the person I was least expecting and barely knew.

My chin quivered and my nose prickled as my eyes welled up with tears.

After what happened today, I actually want to cry. Luciano is only adding to my problems, making me feel vulnerable and pathetic about myself.

My whole body was shivering as I was trying to control my emotions. As much as I wanted to cry, I didn’t want to do it in front of him. He already thinks of me as a very weak person. He will make fun of my emotions. The least that I expect from him is sympathy.

Suddenly, the car came to a stop but I didn’t turn my head to look at him because my eyes were still brimming with tears. I was trying my best not to let them spill down my cheeks.

“Come out; 1 am starving

I looked straight when I heard the sound of the door closing. He crossed the road and grabbed a seat in an open cafe. His


13:57 Wed, Apr 3 D

Chapter 15

shoes tapped against the ground, indicating that he was impatiently waiting for me.


Blinking multiple times, I swept in the tears and drew deep breaths to calm myself down. I have fallen into this and now I have to face it no matter what.


As I stepped out of the car, a cold wind hit me, making me tremble. Wrapping my arms around my body, I moved forward without caring that I might fall ill. There is no one to care about me or to cry over my dead body, even if I die.

Blindly crossing the road. I walked forward and grabbed the seat in front of him. By the time I reached there, he had already ordered something. An awkward silence settled in between us by the time the waiter came with his order. I didn’t even look at what he had ordered. I wasn’t in the mood to have anything.

He took the first bite and I looked away.

“Eat,” he ordered.

“I am fine,” I said.


I saw him shrugging from the corner of my eyes. And he continued eating.

After a minute of eating continuously, he spoke again.

“I know there is a lot you want to say.

My eyes finally flicked at him. I didn’t want to but I glared at him with my red eyes. He was amused to see that look on face, which pissed me even more. A small smile played across his lips as he chewed the food.

“Just spill it out!” He provoked

It was my point to keep things to myself. And when I opened my mouth, I kept on saying it without taking even a single breath.

“I was heartbroken; that’s why I went to that bar and ended up drinking so much that I lost my senses. If I were in consciousness, I would have never done that because, all my life. I saved my virtue for my husband. I am submissive because this is how I was raised. It is not like I didn’t try to fight him back but he is too strong for me. Since childhood, I have been beat and punished if I didn’t listen to them and this thing is now planted deep within me even when I am independent and away from them. My submissive nature will not change in one day. It will take time for me to come out of that. And before giving anyone else the lecture, you should have a look at yourself too. When you should be showing sympathy to others, only barge on them. It is not like I am expecting anything from you but if you say that I need to change, then you need change as well.”


I huffed and he chuckled.

“This is the little spirit that I want to wake up in you.” He pointed at me with the fork he was using to cat.

“Why do you want to change me at all? Just leave me on my own We will part ways once your motive is fulfilled. We were living our lives earlier and after this, we will again separate our ways. Why do you care about me so much? Because no matter what the world thinks, in reality, I am nothing to you. I know that…..

Before I could complete my sentence, a piece of bread was stuffed in between my lips, stopping them from moving. I was taken aback, as I wasn’t expecting it. My eyebrows drew together in confusion but in the next second, my eyes widened to the point of coming out of their socket when I heard his next words.

“You know nothing, Dove.”


My heartbeat shot up. I have heard it somewhere. It seems very close to me. My ears turned red and my eyes moved around to think about it.


13:57 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 15


Before my brain could think of it, he leaned forward with a playful glint in his eyes, effortlessly capturing the half portion of the bread that lingered at the edge of my mouth. Time seemed too slow, and I found myself frozen in surprise when he reduced the gap between us.

The atmosphere shifted, catching me off-guard. His eyes, locked with mine, held a mixture of mischief and a hint of something deeper.

I was too shocked to move when his warm and soft lips brushed slightly against mine.

This act of his made me completely forget what I was saying and where I was. I even forgot the fact that I was angry with him.

I came to my senses when he moved back slightly. I was about to create a distance between us when he whispered against my lips.

“Don’t move; we are getting captured on camera.”


He then did the most unexpected thing and pressed his lips against mine, leaving me paralyzed at my place.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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