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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 14

Chapter 14

My eyes widened to the point of coming out of their socket when I noticed Nathaniel raising the iron rod towards Luciano with the intention of bursting his head.

“NO!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Luciano has just saved me. I don’t want him to get hurt because of me.

Suddenly, there was a subtle shift in the atmosphere, which indicated a direction toward the storm.

Just when I thought that the iron rod was going to hit Luciano, his hand reached out for the other iron rod in a lightning-fast motion. He didn’t even turn around to see the exact position and was able to catch it on time, dodging the attack like a pro.

My chest heaved up and down as I drew in deep breaths. I was scared that Nathaniel would actually hit Luciano. But the way Luciano grabbed the iron rod in heroic style, it seems like he has good experience on the battlefield. He didn’t even need to look at it.

Snatching the iron rod from Nathaniel, Luciano turned around on his heels with a deadly expression on his face.

My heartbeat, along with my breath, once again shot up when Luciano raised the iron rod in the air with the intention of hitting Nathaniel.

My childhood was so traumatic that I am scared of closed areas, fights, and abuse because this is exactly what I have faced my entire childhood and teenage years. They used to lock me in dark rooms or hit me if I didn’t do as they said. Violence is something that shakes my heart.

My breath caught in my throat and I couldn’t form any words when Luciano brought down the iron rod towards Nathaniel

with force.

Luciano’s hands froze when the rod was about to hit Nathaniel.

“If I wanted, I could kill you right now and bury your dead body right here. No one would come to know about this because I own this place.”

Luciano’s nose flared in anger and his hold tightened around the rod. He was doing his best to control himself.

“But I will not do that because then there would be no difference between you and me.

Luciano threw away the iron rod and it clattered against the floo

Luciano’s body was radiating pure rage. He was boiling in anger and it was quite clear that he was controlling himself


What scared me even more was that Nathaniel didn’t even flinch from his p

place. He was not afraid of death. It seems like his only motive was me and he was ready to face death and the devil to fulfill that. The semester smile was playing on his lips all along.

The tension in the air-the war between the two men standing in front of me and the cold floor below me-sent chills down my spine, making me shiver like a leaf.

“Why t

don’t you say Luciano that you don’t have enough courage?” Nathaneil came back

It was clear that Nathaniel was trying to provoke him so that he could use it against him.

Luciano attacked him and grabbed his throat tightly, squeezing the oxygen out of him just the way he was doing to me a few

minutes ago.

Nathaniel’s face turned completely red and this is when I noticed the bruise on the side of his lips. Luciano must have punched him when I was busy inhaling oxygen.


13:57 Wed, Apr

Chapter 14

“Luciano!” I called him when I saw that he wasn’t leaving Nathaniel.



I don’t want Luciano to kill him. Listening to my voice, his anger subsided a bit and he left him. Nathancil coughed badly while inhaling deeply.

“See, she still loves me.”

Nathaneil started laughing like a maniac, throwing his head back, misinterpreting my words. I still couldn’t believe that in the last 2 years I failed to see his real face. Now I am glad that I caught him on the bed with Olivia and I saved my life from getting controlled by this devil. I would have surely regretted it. He couldn’t pretend to be someone else his whole life.

“She can’t see me dying because she still cares for me,” he added.

“That’s because she has humanity unlike you,” Luciano repraminded.

“You can stay in your delusion all you want, Luciano. But you cannot change the fact that she is mine. Both of you don’t love each other. I can’t see the chemistry in between you two,” he said with so much certainty that for a moment it felt like he knew the reality.

But I gulped and assured myself that he was assuming things.

“I am sure you have done all this to take revenge on me. You mixed up your professional and personal lives. You lured my girlfriend with your charm and she is so innocent that she failed to see your real face.”

My brain started processing Nathaniel’s words,

If I failed to see his real face in two years, how could I know Lucano’s real intentions in just two days?

I am not even sure he forced me or that I gave myself to him willingly last night.

What if the news that has been printed all over the newspaper was also part of his plan?

I had to mentally slap myself to stop overthinking.

Why would he do that when he had a girlfriend and his family also loved her? He is not getting anything by making me his fake wife. He is a billionaire; he can get anything with the flick of his fingers. He doesn’t need me to achieve anything. I am sure he must also have gotten caught in this situation.

“Indeed, she is innocent; that’s why she couldn’t see your real face.” Luciano spoke in a calm tone but authority was leaking from every word that came out of his mouth.

“And now she is trapped in your web,” Nathaniel spitted. “Let me tell you one thing, Luciano, she is mine! I know her from the last three years.”

“And I have known her for the last ten years,” Luciano stated.


A pin drop and one minute of silence followed his words. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped when I heard him. He has known me for the last ten years. The same expressions were on Nathaniel’s face.


“Whenever I hire an employee, I always do a background check. I know everything about her that she has done in the last 10 years’

I released a shaky breath.

Though Luciano provided a valid reason for his previous statement, something still seems missing.

“There is a difference between knowing someone-professionally and personally!”


13:57 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 14

“Oh! I have gotten intirnate enough to

Nathancil raised his fist to punch Luciano before he could complete himself but Luciano caught his fist on time. Luciano twisted his fist and threw it back.

“I have tolerated enough of your tantrums and given you enough time. She is my wife; she is mine. You are no one to her. Leave before I decide to break your hands for touching my wife! He shouted at Nathaniel

Nathaniel’s eyes narrowed at Luciano.

“I am going for now because this is your place and in his den, even the dog is also a lion. But don’t think that my chapter is over. I will not sit silently until I don’t reveal everything about you!”

He gave Luciano a look and glared at me before leaving the place.

Silence followed his departure. With the support of the wall, I stood up. Luciano approached me with heavy steps. His palms were clenched tightly..

“When he was hurting you, why didn’t you kick him where the sun doesn’t shine?” He shouted at me.


But before any words could come out of my mouth, he started shouting again.

“You are now my wife and for the world, you have to be strong. Leave your submissive nature or people will crush you under

their feet.

I gulped the emotions building in my throat. That man just tried to take my life because I am married to him. I was expecting him to say a few sweet words, to ask me if I am fine and all he is doing is shouting at me.

“Now, go and do your work,” he scolded me again.

Walking out of the maintenance room, I picked up the magazine.

My hands were still shivering and I tried my best to walk normally. I was shaken by what Nathaniel did to me and the way Luciao shouted. I wasn’t feeling any better.

I wanted to cry at the moment but I don’t have even a shoulder to cry on!

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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