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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Third Person’s POV
“One more shot, pweasee,” Vanessa slurred, her words heavily distorted by the effects of the alcohol.
By this time, she had become the center of attention in the bar, a bizarre sight in her bridal attire. But Vanessa doesn’t care about the whispers and stares, as her life has already shattered around her.
Rejecting Nathaniel at the altar, she ran off, leaving guests completely shocked and bewildered.
She was heavily drunk, had completely lost her senses, and was moving her body along the beat of the song when she tripled.
She was ready to break her nose when a strong arm wrapped around her waist on time and pulled her closer to at warm embrace, which she needed at the moment and her soft body collided with his hard one. The sudden collision gave her a whiff of him and he smelled heavenly.
Dominating, powerful, and tempting!
These were the vibes that she got from the man who was holding her in his arms.
And for him, she looked heavenly beautiful, as if an angel herself had fallen into his arms, so fragile and
She was no longer feeling alone and empty.
Slowly, she opened her eyes and met the most beautiful eyes she had ever encountered.
They were deep, dark, and intense.
Her eyes moved around his face, his chiseled jawline, perfectly trimmed beard, broad chest, plump lips, and thick lashes, and the only word that came to her head was,
She has definitely seen him somewhere but she can’t tell where.
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Chapter 2
039% 16:19
Every pore of his body was radiating power, which not only sent shivers down her spine but also made her weak.
in the knees.
Instinctively, her tongue came out to lick her lips, which suddenly felt dry. His eyes flicked down at the movement of her tongue and she heard him sucking in a deep, audible breath.
Her eyes were not ready to even blink because he looked so tempting. Sinfully Tempting.
“Dove,” he mumbled.
His voice was barely above a whisper but it was so deep and authoritative that it could bring anyone to their knees, commanding obedience and submission.
“Vanessa, my name is Vanessa,” she told him, looking deep into his eyes and suddenly wanting to hear her name
from his mouth.
He almost tasted her name on his tongue. She had never loved her name so much before. She wanted to hear it again and again, falling in love with the way her name came out of his mouth.
Their lips were just at a hair’s distance when suddenly everything that had happened to her replayed in her head, which forced her to believe that beautiful faces have ugly hearts.
She simply pushed him aside and turned around to the bartender, asking for another shot without even caring how this stranger knew her name.
The man simply shook his head at the bartender, asking him not to give her any more drinks.
“Give it to me!” Vanessa drank and pouted.
She read fear in the bartender’s eyes and when she followed his gaze, she found that the stranger was subtly threatening him with an intimidating glare.
“Who are you?” She finally asked.
“I am Luciano De’ Valentino.”
He introduced himself in his thick, dominating voice as the king of the empire he was, which made Vanessa.
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Chapter 2
shudder at her place but she shr
off the feeling and cried.
“I don’t care if you’re Ciano or Piano,” she retorted, her voice laced with frustration. “Just go away from my sight
and let me drink.”
Luciano felt agitated at the way she called him but he wanted to leave her there and then he reminded himself that he was not in her right state of mind and he promised himself to make her pay for this the next morning.
Her frustration escalated and she started thrashing around when the bartender refused to give her another
“Look at me.”
Luciano’s voice morphed into the sound of songs and her crying, because of which she couldn’t hear him at first.
“Look, at me, Venessa.”
This time, he punctuated every word, holding her wrist and turning her around. His voice held a unique blend of softness and sternness.
She stopped thrashing around as the coldness and intensity of his words froze her body in place.
As she stared deep into his ocean blue eyes, suddenly it felt as if the pieces of her heart had started coming together.
It felt like she had finally found a home.
The warmth she was looking for.
Her eyes, which were red and dry, abruptly welled up with fresh, hot tears; her nose turned red; and her chin started quivering as she had her first emotional breakdown of the evening.
Wrapping her arms around his stomach, she hugged him tightly, which took him by surprise and his body became as hard as a stiff board in response.
She started crying, hiding her face in his chest. His 6’3 tall frame made a protective shield around her 5’4 short body.
He was so shocked that he couldn’t move, nor could he caress her back.
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Chapter 2
39% 16:20
His eyes moved around and he found that they had caught the attention of many eyes and he became sure that this was not the right place to talk.
Pulling back, he led her but she was so tipsy that she tumbled and was about to fall down.
Without hesitation, he swiftly scooped her up in a bridal-style hold, eliciting loud cheers and hoots from the crowd but one sharp, deadly glance from him was enough for all of them to shut their mouths.
Vanessa, placing her complete trust in him, wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest as he carried her to one of the VIP rooms and locked them in so that no one could peek inside.
Gently, he set her down on the bed, a stark contrast to his usual demeanor. Her soft s obs reached his ears, and strangely, at that moment, all he wanted was to offer her comfort and solace when he himself needed that.
“What happened?” He asked her a question that he hadn’t asked anyone for years.
“My… It was supposed to be my wedding.”
She hiccupped, wiping her tears with the back of her palms, looking like a small baby.
“And?” Luciano, not known for his patience, prodded.
“And… my fiancé cheated on me with my cousin’s sister,” she confessed, her voice breaking as the memories of that painful scene flooded back.
She thought that he would sympathize with her but his cold response caught her off guard and she heard him taking a breath of relief.
“Then you
should be happy about that.” Luciano said, placing his hands on his waist as if someone’s life hadn’t just been shattered, “You got to see his real face before you could tie knots with him forever.”
Suddenly, she stopped crying as his words instilled a sense in her.
He was not wrong, though!
But what about her?
“But… it wasn’t supposed to be like this,” she sobbed, a fresh wave of tears washing over her.
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Chapter 2
039% 16:20
Luciano was in a situation for the first time where a girl was crying continuously and there was no one around except him who could soothe her.
“Oh, my heart, my baby heart. It’s in ripples,” she cried loudly, hiding her face in her palms.
His hand moved slowly to her shoulder, gently resting there. She looked up at him, her fingers trembling.
“You will soon get what you want,” Luciano said, his typically reserved nature giving way to an unexpectedly soft and reassuring tone.
He is a man with a few words and that single line felt like a heartfelt paragraph to him, and he was somewhat surprised by this side of himself.
“I wantjove; could you give it to me?” She asked, taking him by surprise.
His body froze, as he’didn’t expect it. His heart is well protected by walls and he no longer believes in love.
“No,” he said, taking his hand back. “I can’t!”
He decided to leave her in the room so that she could sleep and get to her senses in the morning.
“Just for this night.”
But before he could turn around, she grabbed his shirt and started unbuttoning it.
“Please, love me, please.”
Her voice was desperate, showing how badly she wanted someone to love her. He could see himself in her eyes, as if she were the mirror of his soul.
There were small tears in her eyes, a pout on her lips, and that innocence on her nose that no one could resist, at least not the beast in him who wanted to tame her.
Still, there was a thin resistance in him that was holding him back, as he was in his senses.
“You will regret it in the morning,” he cautioned once more.
“I have many things to regret”
she replied with a touch of sadness in her voice.
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Chapter 2
With one swift move, she unzipped her gown and opened her hair seductively. His breath caught in her throat as he took in the breathtaking sight in front of him.
“I don’t mind if one more adds to it.” Her hands moved to that part of his body where no man could keep his control, “because this is exactly what my heart wants at the moment.”
She didn’t give him time to react or even think about the proposal; she just pulled him onto the bed. He collapsed over her but still managed to keep his weight on his palm.
Locking her fingers in his hair, she brought his lips closer and kissed him deeply and passionately.
Luciano’s resistance finally gave way to the intense desires stirred by the moment, and he succumbed to the powerful connection between them.
The room was filled with moans and grunts as he took her the way he always wanted.
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Chapter 2
D39%☐ 16.20
They were lost in their own world of ecstasy, unaware of the fact that havoc awaited them the next morning that was going to put their lives upside down in a way they never imagined!
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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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