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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 22

Chapter 22

It’s been more than a week since that incident and I am still not over it. His last words are ringing in my ear and every night I pray that he stays normal. I usually sleep while he is working in the study and go to grandma every morning before he can come out of the bathroom so that I can maintain a proper distance from him.

I was pretty sure he wasn’t drunk that night; his actions seemed too deliberate. What puzzled me most was how he seemed to know so much about me-my likes, dislikes, fears, and weaknesses. It almost felt like he was pretending or, even more confusingly, that he knew me from the past. I have tried to think about it multiple times but I could not remember him and I have never met with any accident to lose my memory.

I have never known such a powerful man before. I am completely confused about him. He would say one thing and then do another, leaving me scratching my head and constantly unsure about what to expect.

“Vanessa, where are you lost?” Reggie’s voice jolted me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah,” I replied, trying to refocus on the work in front of me. But the unanswered questions lingered, making it hard to shake off the confusion that seemed to have settled around me.

We have only one hour before reaching the work station. Today is the day we were waiting for so long and working our asses. off. The catalogue we were presenting had a significant investment, and the pressure to deliver a flawless presentation weighed heavily on us. From models to cameramen, every detail was meticulously arranged to meet the high standards set by Luciano.

Luciano will not tolerate any irresponsibility from our side nor do we want to disappoint him.

Arriving at our destination an hour early, we took the time to scrutinize every arrangement, ensuring that everything was its rightful place. The most serious person among all of us was Jasper.

My head was spinning like crazy because I didn’t have anything from the last two days and right now I don’t have enough time to have anything either.

I don’t know why, since morning, I have been feeling dizzy. I am now taking my meal on time, but I am still feeling weak and getting tired easily.

Only 5 minutes were left for the shooting to start, so I thought about having a rest for those 5 minutes, but before I could move to the chair, Luciano arrived, and all of our eyes were turned to him.

Luciano came out of his car while removing the goggles. His entry was nothing short of heroic, a commanding presence that demanded attention. He was not looking any less than a Greek god himself.

My heart dropped to my stomach as I stared at his beautiful features. I have seen him from very close but every time my eyes catch his glimpse, I find something attractive that pulls me towards him like a magnet.

His sharp and discerning eyes surveyed the room with keen scrutiny, acknowledging the efforts put into the preparations.

Wanda nudged me while whistling in my ear so that no one other than me could hear her.

“You are damn lucky, girl!” She whispered in my ear.

Lucky? I don’t think so. I would have been actually lucky if he had shown sympathy and care towards me instead of treating me like a low life without any respect or kindness.

My heart beat to my throat as he stepped towards us.

“Good morning, sir, the team greeted him.

But, as usual, he ignored the greetings. He didn’t spare a single look at me; it was not as if I wanted it.

He went directly to the cameraman while the spotboy brought him the chair and his black coffee.


13:55 Wed, Apr 30

Chapter 22

Soon we will get back to our work. From dresses to makeup, everything was ready, and we were waiting for the model when his assistant arrived.

“Sir, Sabrina ma’am has denied the modeling The news came as a bombshell, leaving all of us completely stunned.

“What?” Luciano immediately stood up, “Why?”

“I don’t know, sir,” the assistant responded with a hint of tension. “She liked the catalogue and even signed the contract. But this morning, her secretary informed me that she’s upset about not being informed about the team behind the outfits. She no longer wishes to model and is willing to pay for breaching the contract.”

Luciano’s jaw clenched and his fist tightened as his eyes flicked at me as if I were responsible for it. He was equally waiting for this day and working day and night to make it successful.

There are rumours about his and Sabrina’s, relationship. I am sure she denied it because I am involved.

My team members wore expressions of disappointment, mirroring the sadness that settled in my own eyes. It had felt like a dream finally coming true-the anticipation of having the top model showcase our dresses in Photoshop was exhilarating. The success of this collaboration could have propelled our careers to new heights.

“She thinks that she could ruin me by doing that. But she is forgetting that she is messing up with Luciano De Valentino.”

“Sir, how are we going to find a replacement model in such a short period?” his assistant voiced the concern hanging in the air. “If we don’t release the catalogue by tomorrow, it’ll be a significant loss for the company.”

“We don’t need to search for any models. The one who is going to do the photoshoot is already present here”

My breath caught in my throat as his eyes, sharp and unwavering, once again flicked at me. “Vanessa will do this.”



My eyes widened and my words caught in my throat when I wanted to protest and say a lot.

“Van,” Wanda turned to me while I was still staring at Luciano out of shock. “Our future is on your shoulder,” she almost requested, her eyes welling up with tears.

I know how important this photoshoot is for her. She has been working for this company for almost a decade in the same position and she needs promotion, which largely depends on this catalogue.

“L… I don’t have any experience in modeling.” I finally voiced my concern.

“I want one minute with her,” Luciano declared, his authoritative tone cutting through the air.

In less than a minute, the space cleared, leaving us alone..

“You have to do this,” he pressed, a demand more than a suggestion. The force behind his words left little room for negotiation as he closed the distance between us.

Why does he have to be so commanding without caring what I have to say or what I actually want?

“But I’ve never done anything like this before,” I protested, uncertainty lacing my words.

“Vanessa,” he began, his tone a blend of insistence and impatience, “this is not up for debate. It’s an order, a directive from your employer. Sabrina’s sudden refusal has left us in a tight spot, and we need a replacement. You may lack experience, but you have something she lacks: a direct link to the designs and a vested interest in the success of this project. This isn’t a choice; it’s an assignment that you will fulfill.”

His order left me with no other option than to think that I was going to do this.


13:55 Wed, Apr

Chapter 22

“But what if I mess up?”

Luciano’s expression hardened, and he stepped closer, his proximity intensifying the weight of his words.

“Mistakes are not an option. This isn’t just about you; it’s about the company, the team, and the expectations we have. Consider this a demonstration of your loyalty and dedication as an employee.”

Following his order was not a choice but an obligation. His eyes were telling me that the consequences would be dire if I didn’t listen to him.

“The modeling industry needs beautiful faces and you said lampot beautiful. How would I?” I had lost confidence since he started looking at me as if I were ugly.

He stared at me without blinking.

“Forget about everything I said to you before. I don’t have time to argue. I give you an order as your boss and you need to follow it.

He turned around and left me with the only option of going to the makeup artist and changing my dress.

God, please, let everything go smoothly.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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