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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 23

Chapter 23

I was bone-tired by the time they asked me to change the dress for the fourth time. The tight-fitting dresses and the layers of makeup already had me on edge. Luciano’s unwavering gaze during the photoshoot added another layer of discomfort. He neither moved his gaze away for me nor did he even blink.

His deep

p ocean blue eyes were penetrating deep inside my soul.

I was already struggling with the pose and the way the cameraman was asking me to give the expressions, and the man staring at me from afar was adding to my discomfort making it difficult for me to grasp the commands of the cameraman at one time.

“Oh, my God, Oh my God!”

I heard excitement filled voice of Wanda which broke the chain of my thoughts.

of pride

I looked up to find her staring down at me, her eyes welled up with tears of

“Look at my girl, my little Van,” she exclaimed. “You are looking so beautiful.” Her gaze lingered on my face, a mixture of admiration and genuine joy evident in her expression. “I don’t have enough words to describe your beauty.”

“With such expensive dress and makeup anyone could look beautiful” I muttered

People have often showered me with compliments about my beauty, but within the confines of my own home, I’ve endured a different narrative. Olivia and her mother consistently hurled derogatory remarks about my looks, that eroded any confidence I could have built.

“That’s not true ma’am” one of the makeup artist who have helped me with all this spoke “You are genuinely beautiful, and that’s why you look mesmerizing. You are one of the most beautiful models I’ve worked with so far,”

“Just look at yourself.” Wanda urged, turning me around to face a full-length mirror. “I have never seen any bride more beautiful than you. All the hard work we put into this dress has paid off.”

As I stared at my reflection, a sense of disbelief washed over me The woman in the mirror looked ethereal, more beautiful than I had ever seen myself, even on my actual wedding day, which ended in me breaking away and fleeing.

“Isn’t it, Jasper?” Wanda’s words caught my attention, and my head turned to her. It was then that I realized Jasper was also in the room, staring at me without blinking.

“Indeed, she is looking breathtaking.”

“I am sure, Mr. Valentino would not be able to take his eyes off of you. Wanda said with excitement

At the mere mention of Luciano, Jasper’s gaze shifted away, but couldn’t miss the fleeting expression of sadness that passed through his eyes.

“The cameraman is waiting; come out soon,” Jasper interjected before taking his leave.

“You know, I have attended many photoshoots before, but I have never seen Mr. Valentino looked at any model the way he was looking at you. My eyes never deceive me. I could bet that he is deeply in love with you.”

Oh, Wanda! Only if you know about the reality of our relationship.

The notion of Luciano being in love with me seemed like a distant dream, he has already clarified himself that he would never fall in love with a person like me. I am not of his standard need to keep my heart and it’s beat in check if I don’t want to get heartbroken again.

The moment I stepped out of the room and went towards the shooting area with Wanda on my side, my eyes locked with his and the world around us faded for that particular moment.

I couldn’t deny the magnetic pull, the unspoken connection that lingered between us. His gaze, like a gentle caress, touched


13:55 Wed, Apr 3M-


my skin, and my heart raced in response. Luciano was looking at me as if I were the most beautiful girl on earth, a sentiment that left me both mesmerized and perplexed.

My breath caught in my throat when his eyes flicked back to mine. Every time I lock my eyes with him when he is looking at me with such intensity, it feels like we are connected from the past. We know each other from years and Luciano is pretending more than one thing.

Sometimes it feels like that he is not pretending in front of the world but he is doing it in front of me.

But then again I have always lived my life in darkness. I barely existed for anyone. How could he, the man with all the power and riches could know me?

It is just my stupid mind which keeps on creating fake scenarios and stories.

My attention diverted when a male model arrived.

“Good afternoon, sir,” he greeted Luciano.

“You are 5 minutes late, Luciano reprimanded him. “Now there is no need to work. Go back.”

What? His statement left everyone stunned. The male model was crucial for the wedding photoshoot, and without him, the project couldn’t be completed.

“But sir he is just 5 minutes late” his assistant interjected trying to make Luciano understand things “how would we bring another model….”

The assistant halted mid-sentence when Luciano shot him a sharp look with his side eyes.

“I will be doing the photoshoot,” Luciano announced.

Everyone gasped and became stunned. The unexpected turn of events had the room buzzing with a mix of surprise and disbelief.

The staff was still not able to digest what he just said when he went inside to change his dress. We exchanged looks but no one was able to say anything because it was happening for the first time that he himself was going to do the modelling.

As he emerged, a hushed anticipation filled the air. The aura around him had transformed, emanating an air of both possessiveness and confidence. Luciano donned one of the suits from the collection, effortlessly showcasing the perfect blend of authority and style.

The room fell into a momentary stillness as everyone took in the sight of Luciano as a model. The finely tailored suit accentuated his broad shoulders and the commanding presence that defined him. His dark hair was impeccably styled, and every step he took exuded a charismatic allure that held the room captive including me.

“May I?” Luciano’s voice, smooth and captivating, reached me as he approached, extending his hand.

Wanda took a step back, her eyes alternating between Luciano and me. “Wohoo! So what if we missed your real wedding,” Wanda exclaimed. “We are going to get the glimpse of it today.”

She hooted with excitement as she stepped back, creating a space for Luciano to take my hand. Zaps of electricity surged through my entire being as he closed his fingers around my palm, squeezing it gently, and guiding me forward. In that moment, it felt as though my own husband was leading me down the aisle.

The cameraman took his position in front of us. Luciano looked at the camera like a professional, as if he has been doing this from ages.

“Ma’am, please smile. You are looking nervous” the cameraman said.

Luciano’s hand found its way to my back and Luciano’s hand found its way to the small of my back, and his thumb began to stroke my skin in a soothing manner.

“Breathe,” he softly commanded.


13:55 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 23

I released the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding-

“Relax,” he added, and my shoulders obediently eased under his touch. How could my body respond to him so effortlessly?

The warmth of his touch sent a shiver down my spine, and a blush tinted my cheeks, the cameraman didn’t miss on capturing the moment.

“Look into each other’s eyes the cameraman further instructed,

Abruptly he whirled me around, placing his arm around my waist he pulled me closer taking me by surprise. I could hear faint aww but everything became distant when he saw deep into my eyes. Now, I can’t move my eyes away from him even if

I want

My heart quickened its pace in my chest as he gently placed his forehead against mine. This intimate gesture wasn’t directed by the cameraman, but Luciano seamlessly embraced the moment, creating a pose that felt both natural and deeply personal.

“Why you did this, Luciano?” I asked gathering enough courage.

“Because you are my wife and I cannot allow anyone to touch you.” He said, his voice paced with possessiveness.

“I am not your………..

“Shhh,” he brought his lips closer to mine which sealed my lips “we are surrounded by people and in their eyes you are my


Why are you doing this? Who you actually are, Luciano? What you really want?”

He chuckled, a soft dimple forming on his cheek, the cameraman capturing our candid pictures.

“Have patience, time will tell everything. Dove.”

Dove, my cheeks turned red as he said that again.

I was about to ask why he calls me Dove again and again when he started whirling me around, and the cameraman clicked pictures after pictures.

He stopped and pulled me to his arms, my back collided with his chest. He placed his chin on my shoulder and whispered in my ear so that no one could hear him.

“When you came to me that night, your dress was torn by running, your mascara was running down your check by crying and you were dressed up for someone else but today you are looking like a true beauty” his hold tightened around my waist “just like mine.”

He breathed deeply as if inhaling my scent.

“From now on, I am going to remember this stunning look of yours”

He again whirled me around. I fall back and he was too fast in caching me on his arm. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

My heart leaped in my chest when he showered me with compliments which felt real.

“My beautiful wife” he murmured, once again kissing my fore

head. I shivered when his soft lips pressed against my forehead.

Fake wife!

I reminded myself before my brain could think of something and my heart has to pay for it.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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