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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 27

Chapter 27


Time seemed to stretch as the car hurtled toward the tree. My scream echoed in the confined space, and my fingers. tightened their grip on Luciano’s hand. The storm of anger in his eyes transformed into a focused intensity as he reacted with lightning speed.

In that split second, Luciano’s hand moved with precision, slamming onto the brake pedal. wet asphalt pierced the air.

The screeching of tires against

The car came to a shuddering halt, mere inches away from the looming tree. My breath caught in my throat, and my wide eyes met Luciano’s, searching for reassurance.

Our eyes

moved down to each other’s body to make sure that we were unharmed. Silence enveloped us as the rain continued to drum against the car roof. I let out a shaky exhale, my heart still pounding in my chest.

Unable to contain my anger any longer, I unleashed it upon him

“Have you lost it, Luciano?”

His nostrils flared as he inhaled a sharp breath.

“How could I keep calm when a man would say such mean things about my wife?” he retorted.

“Why do you keep forgetting that I’m not your real wife? His grip on the steering wheel tightened, and his jaw clenched. “I could have dealt with him alone, and no one would have known about anything. But you created a scene there!” I shouted, frustration boiling within me. There’s no need to get so possessive and crazy every damn time!”

“Just shut the fuck up! There’s no need for you to tell me what I should do and what not!” He roared back at me in an even louder pitch.

In a sudden burst of fury, he swung open his side of the door, slamming it tightly and causing me to flinch slightly in my place.

He was fully drenched by the time he walked around the car. But where he was exactly going in such a heavy downpour?

He could die all he want!

Crossing my

arms t

to my chest I leaned back onto the car.

After a minute my anger subsidised and I couldn’t help them tum my head around. I watched through the misted car window as Luciano, bent down to inspect the tire. I could see his lips moving a little bit, most probably swearing under his


Raindrops streamed down Luciano’s face, his wet hair sticking to his forehead. Despite the heavy rain, he was trying his best to fix the flat tire. The way his hands were moving was showing that he knew the task in hand.

Watching him work, guilt tugged at my chest. Maybe, I am not his real wife but at that moment he did what a man should do. He protected me from that man.

My eyes caught the sight of an umbrella and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out to it. Retrieving it, I hesitated for a moment, glancing at Luciano through the rain-streaked window

With a deep breath, I pushed open the car door, along with the umbrella before the rain could engulf me. I shivered as a cold wind hit my body. Luciano, still engrossed in fixing the tire, hadn’t noticed my presence yet.

Slowly I walked to him and covered his head with the umbrella. He looked up, surprise flickering across his face as he saw

the umbrella.

“Why are you here?” he asked, his jaw clenching tightly. His gaze sharply moved to my uncovered shoulder, now drenched

with rain.


13:55 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 27

“Thought you might need this,” I said, my voice almost lost in the sound of raindrops hitting the umbrella.

“Just go back; I don’t need your help,” he retorted rudely.

“We’re in this together. We should help each other,” I argued.


“We are two different personalities. I don’t need your help. You are no one to think about me. Remember, you are my fake


His words struck a chord, and my heart skipped a beat. I could sense the pain in his tone. Despite our arrangement being fake, our names were intertwined, and perhaps there was an unspoken bond created along the way. I am sure this is the reason he couldn’t see me in trouble. Now when I am with him. I can’t see him like this. It came out naturally to help him.

Every person has a weakness, and his weakness is his anger. I erupted at him at a time when I should have been trying to calm him down.

“JUST GO!” he shouted, and I flinched.

Walking back, I sank into the car. The only sounds that reached my ears were the relentless raindrops pelting against the car


After what felt like an eternity, around five minutes passed. He returned, and fortunately, the car started. This time, he drove at a normal speed. Not a single word was exchanged between us, but I couldn’t resist stealing glances at him. He was drenched, his eyes red. He was aware that I was watching him, yet he avoided making eye contact.

The shared space in the car felt suffocating as the air was too thick with the tension to breath properly.

After a twenty-minute drive, we finally arrived home. The guards swiftly opened the gates for him.

Without sparing a glance my way, he opened his side of the door and walked into the home.

“Ma’am,” the driver drew my attention, waiting for me to step out so he could park the car..

Stepping out, I followed behind him. He took long strides, and I moved slowly, still processing the events of the evening.

“Lucy,” Grandma called him, her voice filled with concern.

“Why are you still awake?” he asked, noting the deviation from her usual sleeping schedule.

“I was tensed for you. You were out and it was raining so heavily. You catch a cold so easily, and you’re fully dre eyes twinkled with concern for her grandson..

My heart swelled with a mix of emotions. Luciano is fortunate to have at least one person in his life who genuinel

about him.

“I am not a child anymore. I am fine, go and take rest,” he said colilly, brushing off her concern before making his way


As Grandma’s worried gaze shifted to me, I could sense the depth of her concern for her grandson.


Walking over to her, I gently took hold of her palms and squeezed them reassuringly.

“Since he was a baby, he’s always been prone to catching cold easily. The way his eyes are heavy, I’m afraid he might fall ill and won’t take care of himself. He doesn’t even listen to anyone, she said, her eyes on the verge of tears.

It was evident that she loved him deeply, perhaps even more than he realized.

“Don’t worry, Grandma. I’ll take care of him,” I assured her, planting a gentle kiss on her palm.



13:55 Wed, Apr 3 M

Chapter 27

“I believe in you,” she said,-gently caressing my head.

“Good night”

I gestured to her caretaker to assist her to her room. She nodded and they disappeared down the hallway.


Hesitantly, I made my way to our room. Though Luciano hadn’t uttered a single word to me since our return, his silence. seemed more ominous than his anger.

Hesitantly I made my way to the room. Though Luciano hadn’t said any word to me since then but his silence is looking. more dangerous than his anger.

As I stepped inside the room I found it empty. I am sure he must be in his closet, changing his dress.

Sighing. I turned to my wardrobe to change into something more comfortable. As I selected a cozy night suit, Luciano emerged from his closet, now clad in his own night attire. He didn’t look at me for once which tugged my heart.

Within these four walls, we might play the roles of strangers, but he usually couldn’t resist stealing a glance or two when passing by. Today he was completely ignoring my existence which was hurting me.

What caught my immediate concern was the state of his appearance. His eyes and nose were red, his lips had taken on a purple huer and his feet and palms appeared pale. And in the next moment he sneezed confirming my doubt.

He has caught the cold!

Before I could express my concern, he walked briskly to his study, slamming the door shut. The resounding sound echoed through the room, leaving me standing there in worry and frustration.


How would I handle him tonight?

The air in the room felt heavy with tension, and I braced myself for whatever the night had in store.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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