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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“How much could you give in exchange of one night with my wife?”

My eyes

moved up at Luciano in horror. His eyes flicked down to my hand which was still in Michael’s hold and then moved to him. His hands were shoved in his pants pocket as he was expecting and answer from Michael.

Michael immediately withdrew his hand from me and stood up.

“Mr. Luciano, it was your wife who was seducing…


My eyes widened and I rose up to my feet as I heard him putting allegations on me.

I gulped when suddenly the music was stopped and the words of Luciano were heard by everyone.

“There is no need to explain to me anything. I already heard about your offer Mr. Davis. Now I am really interested. I actually want to know how much you could pay in exchange for one night with my wife”

We became the centre of attention of all the guests and suddenly I wanted the earth to part into two and swallow me whole.

“I… Michaet gulped “it is not the way you are thinking” he added

“I am not thinking anything. It is you who made a story about her and then proposed an offer. I am just asking what you

have in store. I would gladly give you wife for a right if I found your offer good enough”

My eyes widened even more. Is he really going to do that?

How could he?

Suddenly the expressions of Michael shifted. A wide devilish smirk played across his lips. His eyes flicked to me for once before going back to Luciano,

“I promise you the next deal’ he said.

Luciano clicked his tongue

“That’s too measly for my precious wife.”

Michael’s eyebrows shot up.

“Now, I am damn curious to know everything about your wife, Michael chuckled shamelessly.

My head hung low as my cheeks burned with embarrassment. I hadn’t realized Luciano brought me here to auction to some other man. Before Michael, I wanted to kill Luciano.

“Too bad for you,” Luciano clicked his tongue once again, “because even laying a finger on my wife is beyond your damn league.”

My head snapped up and I saw change in the expression of both the man. Luciano was burning in anger while Michael was confused by the sudden change in Luciano’s demeanour.

The room seemed to tighten its grip as Luciano’s eyes narrowed upon Michael. The air grew heavy with tension and silence settled over the gathering.

“You think you can disrespect my wife and get away with it?” Luciano’s voice sliced through the stillness, every word dripping with a dangerous calm.

Michael’s earlier arrogance had vanished, replaced by a realization that he had stepped into treacherous territory. He swallowed hard, his bravado shattered by Luciano’s demeanor.


13:55 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 26


Without uttering a word, Luciano’s hand shot out, gripping Michael’s collar with a force that left no room for resistance.

“I will teach you a lesson about respect, Luciano hissed through clenched teeth, his fingers tightening their grip.

A gasp of surprise escaped my lips as I witnessed Luciano’s sudden eruption of violence. Never before had I seen him so consumed by anger, not even during his confrontations with Nathaniel. It was as if a Satan had possessed him, and the storm within showed no signs of subsiding.

“Mr. Valentino, release my collar,” Michael demanded, his arrogance still present.

“How dare you to ask such an absurd thing from my wife?” Luciano asked not losing his hold on his collar.

*First learn to keep your wife in control” Michael retaliated “it was your wife who seduced me fi…


A sharp gasp escaped my lips as Luciano delivered a punishing blow to Michael’s jaw. The force of the impact reverberated in the air, and my hands instinctively covered my mouth.

“One more lie about my wife, and I’ll bury you alive, right now, right here!” Luciano’s voice thundered; his eyes ablaze with unbridled fury.

I stood petrified, witnessing every fiber of Luciano’s being consumed by anger.

“Sir, please release him,” the host of the party, whom Luciano ha introduced, pleaded.

But Luciano didn’t losened his grip. Luciano’s eyes were giving deathly look to Michael as if he wanted to burn him with his mere gaze.

“Ma’am, please, stop him, the host implored me.

“Luciano, please, let him go,” I pleaded in a meek voice, aware of the eyes fixed upon us.

The onlookers absorbed the dramatic scene unfolding, sensing that this moment would be etched in their memories. The news of tonight’s events would undoubtedly spread like wildfire, and I couldn’t predict how it would be interpreted.

Luciano pushed back Michael who fall on the ground with a loud thud.

“If I saw you around my wife again then I will make sure that you rot in hell!” Luciano gave last warning to Michael be walking to me.

Luciano grabbed my wrist and started pulling me with himself. had to practically run behind him but I didn’t fight be I better know to follow his steps than to make him kill someone.

The host tried to stop him but Luciano kept me dragging out. It was raining heavily when we came out.

“Keys!” He demanded from the driver.

The driver gave him the keys of the car. Without wasting even a second I sat on the passenger seat while he took hold of steering wheel,

My heart pounded in my chest as he accelerated, his grip on the wheel so tight that his knuckles turned white. Initially, I tried to keep my pleas silent, but as he shifted gears, my desperation took over.

“Luciano, please, slow down.”

It seemed like my plea fell on deaf ears. He continued to drive, heedless of my appeals.

When I lost any parents, it was raining heavily and this is the reason that I never like rain. The way Luciano was driving intensified the grip of that past trauma on my heart.


13:55 Wed, Apr 3 M.

Chapter 26

The urgency in my voice heightened, “Luciano, for the love of God, slow down!”

But the roaring engine drowned my words, and the rain-covered windshield blurred the world outside. Luciano’s relentless drive mirrored the storm within him, leaving me caught in a tempest of emotions, fearing both the external turmoil and the internal turmoil that had taken hold of Luciano.

“Luciano, please, don’t!” My palm instinctively rested over his as he reached out to change the gear.

For the first time, his head snapped towards me, and I was petrified to see the storm of anger raging in his eyes.

I gulped down horror, and though fear coursed through me, I shook my head in a desperate attempt to make him stop.

Suddenly, my instincts kicked in, and I focused my gaze straight ahead, only for my eyes to widen to the point of nearly popping out of their sockets.

Our car was hurtling towards a tree! Panic surged through me, and all I could manage at that moment was to scream his


Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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