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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 29

Chapter 29

His body was still and now he was laying on his back. His chest was heaving up and down in a regular rhythm.

I think he has slept.

Slowly making my way towards the bed I made sure that 1 was not making any sound which could wake him up. I am sure he would not let me do anything if he is awake.

Gently, I set a tray on the nightstand and settled myself beside him on the bed. Soaking a cotton cloth in cold water, I prepared to place it on his forehead to offer some relief.

As I was about to press the cool cloth against his forehead, he unexpectedly grasped my wrist, catching me off guard.

His eyes were still close but he was too fast and too accurate in grabbing my wrist. The fingers that wrapped around my wrist were burning with fever.

He slowly opened his eyes which were still blood shot red.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he questioned, his voice hoarse and laden with fatigue.

You are burning, I am just trying to help…”

His hold on my wrist tightened ahh

He left my wrist when he heard my painful yelp.

“I am fine” he stated before turning his back to me.

Frustration clenched my teeth as I dropped the damp cloth back into the tray. Enough was enough; I couldn’t continue tolerating his stubbornness.

I was about to drift down and cover myself with the duvet to have a good sleep when my eyes once again drew to him. His body was visibility shivering with cold. He actually need care but he is not ready to listen.

I am torn between my pride and compassion. I would have to keep aside my pride once again to help him. With know that I won’t be able to sleep with him in pain by my side.

Huffing and keeping my ego once again aside I stepped down the bed and walked to the door.

“It’s okay if you are fine and don’t need my help. I must go to grandma and tell her everything about you. She will the decide what to do”

At the moment he is acting like a small stubborn kid who listen only to his strict parent and the only way left to make him listen is scare him on the name of that parent. This is exactly what I planned to do.

“Stop!” He sat up abruptly. “Stop right there.”

I halted in my tracks, a victorious satisfaction bubbling within me because this was precisely the reaction I had hoped for.

“Grandma will worry unnecessarily about me. She must be sleeping at this time,” he protested.

I merely shrugged, my arms crossed defiantly.

“So? Her grandson is sick, it’s her duty to look after him. Isn’t it?”

His eyes narrowed, and anger flared in his gaze.


13:56 Wed, Apr 3 D

Chapter 29

“Come back,” he commanded through gritted teeth. “Come back right now!”


For the first time I was more than happy to comply with his orders. I walked to him with my heart dancing in my chest at my small victory against him./

“Yes, boss,” I blinked innocently with a small smile on my lips.

With the frustration quite visible on his face it was clear that he wanted to scratch off my smile.

“Do whatever the hell you wanna do,” he retorted in his trademark rude and cold tone, “just be quick!”

“Ok boss”

I had to practically press my lips together to stop myself from smiling. He will not think twice before breaking my teeth if I smile in front of him in this situation.

I dipped the cotton cloth into the water once he sat back against the headboard. Squeezing the excessive water, I spread the cloth on his forehead.

He didn’t close his eyes this time but his body remained as stiff as a board.

As I kept on carefully placing the cool cloth on his forehead, I didn’t notice that his eyes were on me all this time.

I could feel his eyes on me, a gaze that lingered a little longer than I expected. Just when I was about to pick up the cloth to once again damp it my eyes fell on him. His gaze, once filled with anger, now held a softness that caught me off guard and froze me to my place.

The room seem to hush and moment seem to stop as we stared deep into each other eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly changed and in the silence that surrounded us all could be heard was the loud thumping of our hearts.

I could see vulnerability in his eyes which was hidden deep inside.

I could feel the energy between us, which was both unfamiliar and undeniable.

His gaze, intense and softened, seemed to linger on my face, and I couldn’t help but notice the subtle change in his demeanor. The harsh lines that marked his features softened.

I gulped and blinked, removing the cloth from his forehead, I dipped it and once again spread it over his forehead, making sure I am not looking at him.

I was about to move away to maintain the distance when he grabbed my wrist once again. His touch sent the shiver down my spine. I turned around in surprise.

“Are you done?” He asked, his raspy voice cutting through the quiet of the room.

I nodded slightly, glancing down.

“But I am not fine yet,” he rasped, his voice husky, eyes searching mine.

“It will start working soon,” I replied meekly, trying to reassure him.

He scoffed softly, a shiver still evident in his body.

“You took the responsibility to look after me, right? How could you just leave me like this?” His eyebrows shot up in a mix of accusations and needs..

“I will bring medicine,” I offered.

I thought that now he would leave me and let me bring medicines for him but instead he reached out, his fingers gently


13:56 Wed, Apr

Chapter 29


playing with a strand of my hair. His touch was surprisingly tender. He wasn’t angry anymore. With his eyes red, it felt as if he was drunk.

“Medicine will not help with chills,” he stated, his gaze holding mine.

“I will turn on the heater,” I suggested, attempting to come up with solutions.

“It needs maintenance,” he countered, his grip on my wrist tightening ever so slightly.

He was pulling me closer with every sentence, reducing the gap between us.

My brows furrowed in confusion, and I hesitated.

“What… what do you need, then?” I asked, unsure of how to remedy his situation.

“You,” he said simply, his hand now pulling me more and more closer to him. “The warmth of your body.”

A moment of silence followed his words as his words sank in. My cheeks turned red when I realized what he has just demanded.

My eyes searched for any kind of hint of humour, to see if he was joking but to my surprise he was serious.

Without another word, he pulled me into his embrace, his body radiating a feverish heat that contrasted with the chill of his shivers. My car pressed against his chest as I fall over his body, I could hear the drumming of his heart which I couldn’t figure out was because of the high fever or our proximity.

I tried to pull back but just when I was able to lift my body slightly up, he pulled me back onto his body.

“Yes you” he rasped and I looked up.


Our faces came so close that his hot breath started fanning my face. I was so stunned by the proximity and his words that I found my lips sealed. I tried to move my tongue but it didn’t co-operate.

“I want you” he licked his lips which has became dry.

My eyes blinked and I gathered enough courage to speak up.

“This- this isn’t right”

1 gulped and mentally slapped mysel

for stuttering. He must be thinking that our proximity is affecting me.

“We are not…

He pressed his lips against mine before I could complete myself taking me by surprise.

The moment stopped when he kept his lips tightly pressed against mine. I could feel butterflies in my stomach and a wierd sensation rising in my chest.

“I know we are not real husband and wife” he said pulling back don’t want you to remind that to me again and again. Got


His Ocean blue eyes penetrating deep into my soul expecting an answer from me,

I nodded.





13.56 Wed, Apr

Chapter 29


My breath caught in my throat when he suddenly whirled me around and in one swift move, lay back on the bed with me

above him.


“Shh… Just sleep”

His hold tightened around me, seeking solace in the shared warmth.

He kept on caressing my back until my body relaxed and my breathings became normal.

Soon I could feel our bodies exchanging heat and warmth enveloping us. The moment became more about two souls finding comfort in each other,

The room seemed to quiet down, the only audible sounds being the hushed exchanges of breaths and the steady beat of our


As the minutes passed, our bodies naturally gravitated toward each other, finding a perfect fit as if they were meant for each


A few minutes later, his breath also became even and his body relaxed under me, indicating that he has slept.

Soon after I also drifted into deep sleep listening to his heartbeats.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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