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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 30

Chapter 30


I found something hard under me as I stirred in my sleep. The sun’s rays, penetrating through the curtains, caused my eyes to flicker open, struggling to adjust to the bright light. Before I could fully comprehend my surroundings, a comforting palm extended in front of my eyes, shielding them from the harsh sunlight.

Lifting my head up, I placed my chin on Luciano’s chest and realized that I was sleeping over him.

Everything that happened last night came back to my mind. The way I took care of him and he forced me to sleep over him and I have spent the entire night in the exact position.

As I stared up into his eyes, I found him already staring at me. He was wide awake and God knows from how many minutes or hours he staring at me like this.

My cheeks turned red out of embrrassment. I flicked my eyes away and noticed that the time on which he usually wakes up has already passed.

“It’s past the usual waking up time. Why didn’t you wake me up?11 asked, my voice hoarse from the sleeping.

“You were sleeping. I thought not to disturb you,” he explained, his voice carrying a calm undertone which came as a surprise forme as well..

“Why?” I inquired, a slight frown creasing my forehead.

Even if I have woken up late I have always found him ready for the office. He doesn’t like to get late even for a minute.

“Because you were taking care of me last night, and I don’t like to take any favors. So, I thought of letting you sleep over me,” he replied casually.

I sighed. His words didn’t sit well with me. It seems like he was enjoying me being over him but I just let it go.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked, wanting to ensure that he was indeed okay.

*I am fine. In fact, I was fine last night as well. It was just you who made it a big deal,” he remarked “I am tougher than I look”

A tough man who catches cold easily.

Instead of arguing with him I thought it better to stand up and start my day and let him do the same before he blames everything over me.

As I lifted my body up, I realised that his arms were wrapped around my waist. He didn’t lose his hold even when he knew that I was trying to get up.

With confused look on my face I look up. He is the one who always scolds me for making him a few seconds late but now he is whole half an hour late and still he is not letting me move.

“You- you are getting late” I tried to remind him.

“Hmm.” His hold tightened as he shifted his body, bringing us even closer. “I am the boss. No one is going to question me,” he declared with a playful glint in his eyes.

“But I began, attempting to reason with him.

My words caught in my throat as his hold tightened, and he shifted in a way that brought us even closer. The proximity left me momentarily breathless. His closeness was unexpected, and I could feel the warmth radiating from him, enveloping me.

Suddenly, my attention was diverted when my thigh shifted, and 1 felt an undeniable hardness against it. My eyes widened as the realization struck me, and my words trailed off,

Is it morning wood or he has been turned on by my touch?


13:56 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 30

Gulping hard, I found myself at a loss for words. I could feel goosebumps rising on my skin as if a sudden warmth had enveloped me.


Luciano’s gaze held mine, a hint of something more intense passing between us. A shiver ran down my spine as Luciano’s fingers began to trace slow, deliberate patterns along my back. The satin t-shirt I wore slipped off my shoulder, granting his fingers access to the bare skin beneath.

He was so gentle and slow in his move that I didn’t expect it came from him. His eyes, intense and unwavering, held me in a spellbinding gaze. I felt mesmerized, unable to move or utter a single word.

My breath caught as he continued his slow exploration, each touch leaving a trail of warmth in its wake. I could feel my body turning hot and him becoming hard under me with every touch of his finger.

I had to move before it becomes too late. As I tried to maintain my distance he held my waist tightly once again.

“Last night you took care of all my needs so what happened now It is also my need

My throat went dry as 1 gulped, desperately searching his eyes for any hint of jest or humor. I still remember the night when he asked about making a physical relationship. I will not deny the fact that I also feel a pull towards him every time I see him, even now I could feel my body reacting the way he likes but this is wrong. We are not real husband and wife.

“L.. I can’t Fmuttered.

“Why?” He asked slightly irritated.

“We are not real…”

“What difference does that make?” he interjected, a note of frustration in his tone. “You have already given me your virtue.”

My cheeks turned crimson red as his words settled in.

“You… you said I am not your type.” I blurted out, grasping at any reasoning to keep a distance.

“I also said that now, when you are my wife, I can’t go anywhere else,” he retaliated, his words carrying a possessive


“But I tried to interject, only to be cut off.

“Just listen to your body,” he said, his fingers tracing a slow path along my hand, causing shivers to course through me.

His touch ignited a primal response, a fluttering of butterflies in my stomach, and a strange sensation rising within my chest. The more he was touching me, the more my body was craving for his touch.

There was a magnetic pull which I couldn’t entirely resist.

“This is not wrong if your body also wants it,” he whispered lowly, his words sending a shiver down my spine.

I gulped, caught in the tug-of-war between my desires and the moral reasoning that held me back.

With a determined yet gentle motion, his hand slid inside my t-shirt, his touch igniting a cascade of conflicting sensations. All protests seemed to dissipate as his fingers played with the hooks of my bra.

Just when he was about to unhook my bra his phone rang. A frustrated sigh escaped his lips as he reluctantly reached for his phone.

“Good morning, sir,” came the voice of his secretary through the phone.

“State the purpose,” Luciano responded curtly, his voice carrying frustration or may I say sexual frustration.

sir, you

have a meeting with China’s client within half an hour. I just called you to remind you about it, the secretary explained.



Wed, Apr

Chapter 30

He sighed


He Hang up and looked down at me.

“Until next time he whispered before letting me go.

My head spun. He was fast in stepping down the bed and disappearing into the bathroom. My body shivers at the loss of his


My heart throbbed in my chest and my whole body was burning. My cheeks turned red when realization drawn upon me. If

was not the call, I almost gave into him.

My body and my mind are going in two different directions. My brain wants me not to indulge into this but my body craves for his warmth and touch.

And now it seems like my bodily desires are dominating me.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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