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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 32

As much as I wanted to know about that dreadful night but I have to came back empty handed because

I didn’t have enough money and he was not ready to tell me anything without it.

Till now I was thinking that uncle had some sympathy for me but everything was a lie. He didn’t tell me single word even when I was practically begging in front of him.

A loud sob escaped my lips as I hugged the only photo frame of my parents which is left with me. The house in which I used to stay with my parents was sold by my uncle and aunt. And one day when I didn’t listen to my aunt she burnt all my memories with them, leaving me with just a photoframe.

Today I’couldn’t sleep and when I was sure that Luciano was in deep slumber I stepped out of the bed. The words of my uncle were still fresh in my head. I desperately want to know the truth so that I could. reach to the murderers and take my revenge.

But I don’t have anyone by my side who could support me or at least share my pain.

Taking my parent’s photoframe I sat in front of the window from where I could see the twinkling stars and talk to my parents.

Why you leave me so early?

It would have been better if I had died, along with them the same day. Why I was at home when they died.

It become really suffocating for me to survive everyday alone because I don’t have anyone with whom I could share my pain.

Another sob escaped my lips no matter how much I tried to control it. A stream of tears ran down my eyes, drenching my cheeks. My heart was aching with all the pain. I am tired of being strong in front of the world. I really want someone who could understand me, accept my flaws and love me in my vulnerable state.

“Vanessa” I heard a hoarse, concern filled voice of Luciano which caught my breath in my throat.

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Chapter 32





I am sure he was standing behind me. His tall figure looming above me, casting shadow over me.

““Are you crying?” He asked from behind, his voice still hoarse as he must be in deep sleep.

I was trying my best not to make any noise but my emotions betrayed me.

I simply shook my head as my throat was already clogged with emotions. Hanging my head low, I hid my face with the photoframe of my parents.

I heard his footsteps as he walked around and felt the soft touch of his palm over my shoulder which stiffened my body.

“What happened?” He asked softly. His voice was so gentle that I have never heard it ever before.

A shaky breath escaped my lips as I prepared myself to say a few words so that he could sleep.

“I am fine, Mr. Valentino. Please sleep” I almost begged.

I wanted a few minutes alone because I know he could not provide me the shoulder which I am looking for.

Abruptly he pulled back the photoframe and I gasped, my hands reaching out for it. His eyes flicked down to the frame. His hold loosened when he saw the picture of my parents.

His eyes flicked to my face and I looked away, not wanting to meet his gaze. I am sure my whole face is blotched, eyes are swollen, cheeks are flushed and drenched with tears, nose is red due to continuous crying.

I am looking like the weakest and most pathetic person, exactly the way he think of me. But I am so broken at the moment that I don’t have enough strength to pretend to be strong.

I am alone, broken and weak!

I have accepted this fact.

“Please, leave me alone” I said while sniffing and wiping my tears with the sleeves of my shirt.



Emergency calls only of

Chapter 32

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He walked away but when I thought that he has actually listened to me, he came back with a glass full of water. My eyes flicked between him and the glass of water.

Why is he showing me the sympathy when he is going to get back to his cold and rude self in the


I don’t want his kindness for a few hours because then my heart will have high hopes and he will break all of them in the end.

“If you think that I am going to sleep while you cry like crazy than it is not going to happen” he said in a bit rude tone which didn’t came like a surprise to me.

He insisted on having water and I took the glass from him, taking a few sips to gulp down my emotions.

“Come with me” he took the glass of water from me and help me in standing.

We slowly walked to the bed and he pushed me down to sit. After placing the glass aside, he sat beside

“What happened?” He asked.

I shook my head, feeling better than before. His presence by my side gave me some relief for some weird reasons. My hold on the photoframe of my parents was so tight as if my life depends on it.

“Where did you went today, in the middle of the office hours?” He asked all of a sudden

My head snapped up at him.

“How do you know?” My eyebrows drew in confusion.

“Vanessa” he let out a sigh “I am the CEO of the company. I know everything about my employees, especially if they leave in the middle of the office hours”

I looked down and gulped.

“What was such an important thing that you have to leave the work in the middle?”


Emergency calls only

Chapter 32


I shook my head slightly.

“Nothing important. It was just…”


D70% 15.25

“Don’t lie to me” he interrupted before I could complete myself “I have seen how much dedicated you are for your work. You will not leave the office until and unless it is not very important. That’s why I didn’t ask you about it then and there. I am pretty sure your current situation is because of that. Now. tell me the truth or you know I could easily know about you”

I drew a deep breath and blinked my eyes which were again ready to brim tears.

“My uncle called me” I told him

“And you went there alone?”

A painful smile made it’s way to my lips..

“Whom shall I have asked to accompany me? You are blessed with your family and so many employees. Anyone could get ready to do anything for you just with the flick of your finger but I am alone. I don’t have anyone” I gulped the harsh reality of my life.

“You have me” he spoke all of a sudden taking me by surprise.

His eyes moved around my face and he bite his cheek as if regretting what he just said.

“I mean to say, for the world you are my wife now. What would have someone said if they found you alone in a taxi. I could have sent the driver with you”

I chuckled bitterly

“Driver couldn’t give the emotional support I want”

He sighed.

“What your uncle said?“.

I shook my head and looked away, not wanting to tell him anything related to my dark past.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 32


10070% 15:25


What’s the use of it? He is in my life for a few months only.

“When you were independent why didn’t you leave them?” He asked.

The way he asked the question shows that he wanted to ask it for a long time.

“For my parents” I replied looking down at the picture of my parents.

The tears that I was holding for so long dribbled down my cheeks.

“When my

I gulped.

father died he took a promise from my uncle that he would raise me until I am married”

“I was just fulfilling the last wish of my father because uncle told me that they were his last words” sniffed “he didn’t know that even with uncle and aunt, their daughter is going to be alone”

He shifted to my side and gently placed my head on his shoulder. With the other hand he rubbed my palms, whispering sweet nothing in my ear. I couldn’t believe that it was actually him.

“You are not alone” he said “not anymore”

His embrace was so comforting and protective that it felt like I have found

my home.

A painful sob again escaped my throat and a thick hot tear dribbled down my cheek. His thumb rubbed the year away.

I looked up at him when he placed a kiss on my forehead. His eyes stared down at me with longing but this time the desires were more profound in my own eyes.

The next words slipped out of my tongue on their own which took him by complete surprise.

“I want you Luciano”

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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