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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 31

The catalog was an immense success, bringing in substantial revenue for the company. Luciano

couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Rumors about our fake marriage were still circulating,

and it was widely believed that the chemistry between Luciano and me played a significant role in the

catalog’s success. Our photoshoot, adorned with wedding attire, had captured the public’s


Now, they are looking forward to wearing our dresses at their weddings.

They are also seeing us as an idol couple, completely unaware of what the reality of our relationship is!

Shaking my head, I once again concentrated on my work.



I was busy working when I got a call from my uncle. It came as a surprise because since I have left his home it is for the first time that he is calling me. At first I didn’t want to pick his call but than something

inside me forced me to listen what he has to say.

“Hello Vanessa” his voice came from the other end of the call.


For one percent I was expecting him to ask me about how I am but instead he came directly to the


“You always wanted to know about the death of your parents, right?” he asked, a question that sent a

ripple of unease through me.

His question alerted me and my body became stiff. Wanda noticed the change in my demeanour and she placed her palm over shoulder. I just shook my head slightly.

“Yes,” I breathed out, my voice barely audible.

“Come to my office, right now. I will tell you everything about it.”

Saying that he hang up.

Emergency calls only

Chapter 31


10071% 15:24


“What happened?” Wanda asked me, noticing the lines of worry on my face.

“My uncle wants to meet me” I murmured

“Will you go there alone?” She asked

She knows a little bit about my uncle and aunt behaviour towards me.

“Yes” I nodded, it is not like I have someone to take with me “I had to face him alone”

“Ok, but have your lunch first” Wanda said out of concern.

“I am fine Wanda. Nothing will go down my throat without talking to him” I said.

She was just tell not ready to let me go but I just left the cabin. It is lunch time. I believe I will returni within an hour and resume my work.

Walking out I hired a cab which was supposed to take me to my uncle’s office.

The day my parents died I was with my Grammy (maternal grandmother). I was around 8 years old, playing with her. Everything was fine and perfect until Grammy received a call from my uncle, delivering the devastating news that my parents had been killed.

She did not want to tell me about the news but I heard it through the call and started crying badly. Though, I was a small but not that much that I couldn’t understand the meaning of death. I tried and ask my Grammy to take me to them because I believed in God and my parents that they would not leave

I beleived that if I went their some miracle will happen and I would see my parents fit and fine.

My Grammy took me to the place the uncle told her. And there my whole world was devastated when I saw my parents body lying lifeless in the pool of their own blood.

Shaking my parents body I tried to wake them up but they didn’t.

The second shocking news came when police announced the death of my parents as an accident. My Grammy who was also crying asked my uncle that he was mentioning it as a murder but he changed his


Emergency calls only

Chapter 31



statement and told us that those words spilled out from his mouth in the heat of the moment. In reality. it was an accident.

I didn’t come to know when I fall unconscious while crying and when I gained my conciosness back, they were burying the body of my parents.

o stay

The same day my fate was sealed and my guardianship was given to my uncle. I wanted with my Grammy but the court didn’t allow it looking at her age. Still I was asking to be with her but my uncle told me about the last words of my father. He wanted me to stay with my uncle until I was married.

Soon she was shifted to an old age home and my life became a hell as I stayed with my so called


Whenever I used to visit Grammy she always used to tell me that there is something hidden from us. My parent’s death was not an accident but as she was also old so she couldn’t find the truth. She was sure that uncle knew everything about it. She asked me to find it when I grow up.

A few years after that my Grammy also died, leaving me all alone on my own.

The only person who knows about the reality of my parent’s death is uncle.

In the past I have asked about it multiple times but he never told me.

“Ma’am we are here” the cab driver’s words caught my attention.


Paying the fare, I immediately went inside. There were barely any employee. His company is facing a

unfall from the last few years. This is one of the reason why he wanted me to be with Nathaneil.

Uncle was seeing him as a source to flourish his work. They knew each other from the past. Nathaneil once visited home and I caught his eyes. I thought that he loved me but less did I know that he was lusting over me, his intentions behind showing fake love and concern were something else.

I knocked on the door of the cabin and his voice came from the other side of the door.

“Come in”

Emergency calls only

Chapter 31

10.071% 15:24

“Ohh, Vanessa!” He exclaimed as he saw me “have a seat” he pointed at the vacant seat in front of him.

Without wasting even a single second I sat in front of him. More than him I was in a hurry as I wanted to know the truth about my parents death.

“Tell me about my parents” I came directly to the point.

“Have patience Vanessa. Why are you in so much hurry?” He asked.

“Uncle, I have waited enough years to know the truth. I just want to know what happened that day!” !


“What would you like to have? Tea or coffee?” He asked.

“It would have been better if you had asked me about this when I was with you and slept so many nights without having anything. Now I only want to know the truth behind my parents death because this is exactly why I have came here”

He inhaled deeply and leaned forward

“You know Vanessa, I am the only person who knows the truth of that dreadful night. The police who were involved has also died. There is not even case in the court over which you could fight” he said.

“I know everything and this is why I am here. Just stop beating around the bush and come directly to the point” I said.

“I could see that you have became fierce” he chuckled “nevertheless! I am ready to tell you everything but you know nothing comes for free”

My eyes narrowed at him. I knew that he would not tell me everything so easily. If you wanted to really tell me the truth than he would have already told me everything when I was with him. I was sure that he has some intention behind calling me here.

“You see, I barely have any employee in my factory anymore. This is because I am on the verge of bankruptcy”

The news didn’t came as a shock to me. I already knew about it.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 31

02071% J15:24

“I am in dire need of money. Help me with that and I will tell you everything about that night and your

parents” he said, his words laced with menance.

His words broke my heart into millions of pieces.

“I don’t have anything to give you” I said.

“Oh come on, you are married to Luciano De‘ Valentino. How could you say this?”

I remained silent.

“I am in need of money as much as you are in need to know about your parent’s death. I am ready to tell you everything but I want $50,000 in return”

It felt like he has thrown the bombshell over me.

“Come back to me with this much money and I will tell you all you need to know…”

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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