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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 37

Chapter 37

“Missed me?”

A shiver ran down my body when his thick, manly voice reached my ear.

A long silence followed his question. My heart started pounding in my throat. My fingers shivered as

reached out to switch on the lights and I found him sitting on the couch like a king. The confidence that his body was excluding dwindled mine.

“Luci- Luciano?” I mentally slapped myself for stuttering.

It came as a surprise to me that within a second, such a huge room became suffocating me. Today, his sudden presence had a different effect on me.

“It seems like you are not happy with my return.” He asked, taking a sip from the glass that he was holding in between his fingers.

So my intuition was not wrong. Someone was actually staring down at me through the window and that someone was none other than Luciano himself. Don’t tell me he was there at the pub as well!


“No! It is not like that.” I tried to sound normal. “I am just surprised by the sudden return,” I told him.

He cocked his head, as if pretending that he had bought my lie.

“So why are you not answering my question?”


Which question?

“I asked, did you miss me?”

“Ahh! Y–yes”

Wait a minute? Why am I saying yes?


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Chapter 37


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“I mean no.”

His gaze became intense.

“Uhh, I don’t know.”

Why is he behaving so weird and why am I so intimidated by him?

“How could I possibly expect you to miss me when you were busy with your other friends? Right?”

My eyebrows drew together.

Why is he talking as if we actually have something in between us?

“Do you remember the last night we spent together?”

My cheeks turned crimson red when the scene replayed in my head.

“You asked me to love you,” he said boldly, “and I did.” I gulped

“… That was my mistake. When I am overly emotional, my brain stops working and I start acting weirdly.”

“Or shall I say you show what you really are?” he came back.

What do I really am?

I didn’t get it.

“Come here”

He gestured with his finger but I couldn’t muster enough courage to make a move. Even though the lights were turned on, his personality was still looking dark, with menacing intentions hidden behind those orbs that were penetrating my soul.

“You know, I don’t like to repeat myself,” he said in his thick, authoritative voice.


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Chapter 37

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Hesitantly, my feet moved towards him, one at a time, slow and small. He waited patiently for me to reach him. His eyes moved down my body while I was sipping on his drink.


A small gasp escaped my lips when he rubbed his thigh while asking me to sit over it.

“I can’t.”

“Do you think of me as a toy?”


His question confused me, bringing my eyebrows together.

“You asked me to love you when you were in need of it and now that everything is normal, you are acting like a maiden, like I am the one who is forcing you to do everything.”

My ears turned red as his words pierced them and directly hurt my heart.

“I told you that it happened because emotions were not in control and…”

Before I could complete myself, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward. I landed on his chest and he settled me on his lap, keeping my legs on one side.

Leaning down, he whispered in my ear,

“What if some day I do the things I want to do with you and another day I ignore your presence as if you don’t even exist? How would you feel?”

I gulped.

“Used or loved?”

What happened to him all of a sudden? Why is he behaving so weird? Every time I get to see his new face, it surprises me more than before.


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Chapter 37

His hold on my body tightened as if he wanted to make us one.


“I am expecting an answer, Vanessa.” He held my arm tightly and his voice became thick and demanding.




“This is exactly how I am feeling now. You used me and pushed me away when I was not in need.”

My head snapped at him and I found him staring at me already. Our faces came closer, our noses almost touched and our breath mingled.

I don’t know what to say. His gaze, his presence, and his aura have left me spellbound.

“You went on a business trip,” I managed to say.

“And you started enjoying with other males.”

My forehead frowned, but before I could decode what he exactly meant by his words, he lifted me up, turned me around, and pushed me down, with my stomach on his lap and my face on the couch. Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t get a second to understand or protest.


I squirmed on his lap like a fish without water. His one hand landed on my buttocks, and another pushed my face deeper into the couch, freezing my body at it’s place.

What the hell is he doing?

And why?

“Do you remember the rules I made while signing the agreement?” He spoke from behind.

I don’t know!

My mind is completely blank at the moment.

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Chapter 37

His sudden return and now this behaviour have left me flabbergasted.

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“What are you doing?” His thick and hoarse voice left my throat out of surprise when he pulled down my pants.

“Making you remember the rules because it seems like mere words are not enough for you”

With this, he pulled down my pants as well, baring my arse to him. He caresses my cheeks gently, making me struggle harder to break free. I knew his intentions and where all of this was leading.

In response, his hold became firmer as he pinged me down more into the couch, pushing his legs up and lifting my ass into the air for his better view.

His large, rough palm, which was caressing my ass, was suddenly gone, only to come back to slap my left cheek. The sound resonating in the room was followed by my scream, leaving me shocked for a


“Stop it!” I wiggled only for him to tighten his hold and deliver a second slap on another cheek.

I was trying my best to break free but his strength was unmatchable. Though the slaps were not painful,

I felt humiliated, like a small kid being punished for his shenanigans.

“Count for me.”

Another slap landed with his order but I couldn’t form a word.

“Count or I will keep on doing this,” he said while rubbing the area where he had just inflicted pain.

As his hand softly soothed the pain, a soft moan escaped my throat, and I ate back, not wanting to show him the effect his pain and care were having on me.

He slapped me once again but I couldn’t do as he said. He then started slapping continuously, sometimes rhythmically, sometimes intermittently. I never know when the next blow is going to come, or on which cheek. Weird sounds left my throat. I can’t recognise my own voice. And at a point in time, I Couldn’t identify whether I was moaning in pain or pleasure.


“Stop!” I finally voiced out.

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Chapter 37

And he stopped!

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My ass burned with the continuous slaps and I am sure it has turned red. I could hear a sharp intake of breath coming from him. His stares were burning my skin even more.

I was p gasping for air while he was admiring his work.

And then, after a minute, his palm again came back to my arse but this time in a soothing manner. He slowly rubbed it as if trying to sooth the pain with the same palm that it had just inflicted upon me.

“Now, will you count, or shall I continue?” He asked.

He was sounding dead serious and I was sure that if I didn’t start doing as he said, he would do it all night.

“I will count” I agreed.

With my body in complete clutches of him, I was not left with many options.

“Good girl” he rubbed my back as if he was rubbing a pet.


“One” I screamed.

The slap wasn’t harsh but for some reason my voice came out loud as if I wanted the whole neighbour to know about it.



By the time I reached to six my countings turned into moaning because every time his hand landed on my cheek it was followed by him rubbing it, his finger sometimes touching the most intimate area which was now throbbing with the need to get touched.



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Chapter 37



I was now panting heavily because I could feel the gush of liquid in between my thighs. I was praying for it to end soon because I didn’t want him to know about how I was feeling.

The last spank was the harshest of all.


But I was glad it was over!

His hold loosened and when I thought that he was going to leave me, something cold was squeezed” over my burning area. His hand lifted up from my head which allowed me to see what he was doing and I found him applying lotion on my butts which numbed them and relaxed my body.

He came well prepared.

“Seems like someone enjoyed her punishment” my ears turned red when he said that.

He noticed my arousall

“Why did you came with Jasper when I already assigned you a driver and told you in strict words that you are not allowed to roam with other male by the time you are with me?” His voice came very soft as if he was not the one who has just spanked me like a beast.

“And what about you?” I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer “why yo with a lady?”

were sharing the same room

I heard a chuckle from him when I was expecting an answer. He slowly made me sit on his lap not bothering to cover my lower part. I was glad that my shirt was long enough to cover it as he settled me on his lap.

“So someone is jealous. Huh?” He asked with amusement in his voice.

“Not jealous. But I think that when we are into this together than the same rule should apply on both of us” I spoke against his lips.

“Indeed” he chuckled again and his eyes flicked down to my lips.


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Chapter 37


“Though I don’t explain anything to anyone but now as you are my wife, let me clarify that she was not

the only one in the meeting room. She was just by chance seated beside me”

His eyes flicked back to mine, his hand which was resting on the small of my back pulled me closer to his body.

“Is this enough for you to know that I am loyal to you?”

I bite my lip in anticipation. He is acting as if we are a real couple.

His eyes flicked down to my lips as he drew a deep, sharp breath.


And the next thing I knew was his lips were slammed against mine. He pressed our lips so tightly that it started to hurt. It seems like he didn’t want to let go. He pulled back when I struggled to breathe.

“Last time you asked me to love you and I did” he whisperedagainst my lips “this time I want to love you”

What caught my breath in my throat was his hard manhood under me.

“And this time I am going to love you in my way”

My eyes widened when he grinded against me.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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