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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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I shivered involuntarily as the delicate tip of his nose grazed the sensitive expanse of my neck. With al sudden yet gentle nip, he caught a small section of skin between his teeth, eliciting a wince from me. In the very next moment, the warmth of his tongue emerged, soothing the spot where he had just induced pain.

I don’t get why he gives me pain when in the end it is him who soothes it.

I tried my best to stay calm but my heart was not ready to co–operate. It was pounding in my chest loudly as he nibbled, sucked and licked my neck as if it was his favourite candy. The relentless assault on my neck felt both exhilarating and tantalizing, as if he sought to imprint his presence in the very essence of my being.

Gradually my self–control started crumbling beneath the intensity of his passionate pursuit, leaving me engulfed sensations of his .

“Relax” he murmured against my ear, his hot breath fanning my skin, sending electric waved directly to my core.

At his order I drew a deep breath and turned my head to face him. His eyes stted deep down into mine as if trying to read my soul. The silence around us allowed me to read through him and all I found was longing to feel belonged just like me.

“I want to explore everything with you” he breathed against my lips “I want to see if this works out or not. If it did we could turn this fake relationship into a real one”

Though his proximity always leaves my brain numb but this time I managed to understand the underlying meaning of his words somehow.

“But why me?” I asked him back “I mean I am an ordinary woman who has been tied with you because of certain circumstances. You could get anyone you want”

“Hmm, I am also asking the same question to myself but not getting the answer. The only thing that I know is that since I have tasted you for the first time, I crave more and more for you. My desire for you has become insatiable. And today I am going to fulfill my desires in my own way”


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Chapter 38

JUL 069% 15:28 U069%

I gulped. I couldn’t understand that this is because he is feeling something towards me or is it just lust.

Before I could think any further his hands moved ahead and started unbuttoning my shirt. My hands reached out to his wrist and he stopped.

“I twice loved you the way you wanted. This time let me do it my way.” He spoke

My hands dropped down on their own. If I stopped him at this moment when his manhood beneath me is showing how badly he wants me than it would come out selfish from my side. And I can’t deny the way my body is reacting. I want him as well.

“Ahhh” a loud moan escaped my mouth when he squeezed my bosoms together.

Removing my shirt, his hands worked on my pants and he removed it out of his way as well.

He then lifted me up in his arms in bridal style and walked towards the bed. I couldn’t move my eyes away from him as he placed me in the middle of the bed.

Standing on the edge of the bed he undressed himself. Throwing the belt to the side of my head, he came over me. The way he crawled towards me felt like a predator coming for his prey. Neither I was able to say anything nor make any move. I was frozen to my place.

Leaning down he on my forehead which came as a complete surprise to me. He intertwined his fingers with mine and lifted my hands above my head. His lips moved to my eyes which made me close them.

Suddenly I felt something getting wrapped around my wrists which made me open my eyes. In

confusion I looked up to find that he has wrapped his belt around my wrists and now he was trying my hands with the bedpost.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Instead of replying to me he stood up and went to his closet taking me by surprise. He returned within a minute with two small ropes in his hand which deenen

my confusion.

Placing them on one side of the bed he hooked his fingers in the waistband of my panty and pulled them down in a go. A gasp escaped my lips when he did it a bit harsher than he did the last time.


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Chapter 38

UD69% 15:28

He then parted my thighs. When I tried to pull them together he grabbed them in tight hold.

“Don’t. You. Move” each word was punctuated by strong command.

One by one he tied my ankles to both the ends of the bed, leaving me stark naked and spread on his


“You are beautiful” he murmured under his breath as his hand removed his boxers.

My cheeks turned crimson red when my eyes fall on his penis which was rock hard. He seems all ready to ravish me.

His eyes slowly moved down, taking in every inch of my body while stroking his member, making me

blush even harder.

I convulsed when he licked his lips while staring at my vagina. The cold air hitting my private part was also not helping me much. I felt a strong urge to clamp my thighs together but I couldn’t because my legs were tied to the bed and he was enjoying my situation.

Slowly he approached me once again and hovered above me. He left feathery all over my before stopping on my lips. The soft lip soon turned into a harsh one. He started practically chewing

face my lips. When I moaned he slip his tongue inside and explored every corner of my mouth.

He moved away when I went out of breath. He licked the curve of my neck with the tip of his tongue. I moaned and tugged on the belt which kept my hands tied to the bedpost. I really want to touch him and clamp my thighs together to help myself but I couldn’t do anything. I was completely at his mercy.

My body was so sensitive and ready for him. Even the barest of touches sends pleasure through my body, straight to my throbbing vagina and aching clit.

Moving down his warm mouth wraps around my nipple while he squeezed my other blosom with his hand.

I was already aroused from the spankings and now the way he was playing with my sensitive nipples, I was pushed to the edge.

Suddenly his fingers grip both of my nipples and pinch HARD!


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Chapter 38

My body arches up off of the bed from the sudden pain, and a scream left.

my mouth.

My reaction encouraged him and this time he twisted my nipples painfully.

“Ahhh, it’s – it’s hurting” I managed to say.

He loosened his hold but then once again tightened it, rubbing his thumb over the buds in a circular motion. With him playing with my nipples I could feel my womanhood clenching and juice freely flowing out of it.

I squirmed like a fish without water when he squeezed my breasts with his large palms. My bosoms fitted in his palms as if they were meant to be there.

I can feel my body coming close to that first climax but then suddenly his touch was gone, leaving me

gasping in need.

“Everything in it’s due time” He chuckled softly.

This is not fair!

He can’t just play with my body like this.

He sat back and his finger reached down to my vagina, which was getting damper by the second. An involuntary moan escaped my lips and my hips bucked up in the need of more of his touch.

I could tell that my struggle was turning him even more. He is keeping me on edge knowingly and is completely enjoying it..

With one sudden motion he penetrated me with his finger and I let out another involuntary gasp.

“Say that you are mine!” he snarled, and inserted another finger.

His thumb reached around and found my clit and he started to circle it ever so slowly. I was helpless to resist as I was tied to the bed. There was nothing for me to do but to experience what he was doing to me, and my body responded to his every touch. His thumb started rubbing my clit harder and I moaned.


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Chapter 38

ID 69%



Just when I thought that I would now he would allow me the orgasm his touch was once again gone.

“Say it! Say that you are mine” he repeated as his fingers once again touched me where I wanted him.

He kept rubbing my clit harder and faster and I knew that if I didn’t say as he want he would stop once again which I definately didn’t want.

“Yes, I am yours” I blurted out as I was in need to release it.

My eyes rolled up when he increased the pace. I didn’t know when he leaned down.

“Come for me, dove” he whispered in my ear.

And everything exploded.

I was met with wave after wave of pleasure which drove me to the cloud 9.

I was still panting with the orgasm when I felt his penis entering me. My eyes shot open and the moment our eyes connected he pushed inside me in one go, making us one.

A moan escaped my throat which he ate by capturing my lips with his.

“How does it feel?” He asked, once he was inside me completely.

“Full” I murmured against his lips “so full and complete”

And it was – he seemed to fill every inch of me as he plunged inside to the hilt.

With a small gentle smile tugging at the end of lips he started moving inside me, making me go mindless.

Suddenly, he grabbed my thighs tighter and started to thrust in and out of me rapidly and roughly. He started pounding inside me the way he never had. He went wild, he was grunting like beast. The whole bed shook with every thrust.

“Luciano!” I screamed out his name as with every thrust my body was being lifted off the bed.


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Chapter 32

Me moaning his name only encouraged him even more and he went even faste

He was actually doing it the way he said, hard and fact

After a few minutes my eyes started rolling up and I could hear his grunts which indicated that he was close and we came at the same time.

He collapsed over me, making sure that he is not crushing me under his weight. He canted in the crook of my neck and I also inhaled through open mouth.

When he calmed down he freed my legs and uncuffed my hands. I was completely exhausted so I just closed my eyes, my hands reaching out for the duvet

“What do you think you are doing?” His question flutter my eyes open “I am not done yet”


Before I could understand he flipped me over my stomach, wrapped my hair around his wrist and entered me from behind making me moan his name like a mantra.

I lost count how many times he took me. I couldn’t think of anything because every thought seemed to centre on the incredible sensation of being filled, being taken, again and again.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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