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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 40

“What happened?”

Luciano stopped eating and looked at me with concern filled eyes when he noticed that the color of my face had drained.

Hanging up the call I immediately stood up forgetting the fact that Luciano was waiting for my response. He grabbed my wrist before I could walk away.

“What happened?” He asked once again.

“I–I just got a call from a police officer” I told him, my mind still processing the words he just said.

“Police officer?” He asked in surprise “but why?”

I was not sure whether to tell about this to Luciano or not but it was also true that he would ultimately come to know about this even if I hides.

“He is an ex police officer who was involved in the case of my parent’s death”

His eyes widened and body became alert the moment he he heard about the accident.

“What he said? And why did he call you?” He asked, suddenly getting fully interested in the conversation.

“He has asked me to come over to his place” I gulped


My eyes moved from side to side.

“Tell me why, Vanessa. It is not like you can hide it from me” he pressed

“He wants to tell me everything about that day. He wants to tell me about the people involved in the murder of my parents”

Emergency calls only

Chapter 40

JU069% J15:29

His eyes widened and his breath hitched in throat. His hold on my wrist tightened. His reaction. surprised me because for the first time I saw him scared.

Why is he scared?

He has nothing to do with this.

He blinked and within a second his face became normal.

“After so many years? Why?”

“I don’t know” I shrugged “he just told me that from so many years this thing was eating him from inside. Now he can’t keep it with himself any longer. He want to tell me the truth because somewhere he is also responsible for my sufferings” I told him everything.

“Ok! I will come with you” he said casually as he stood up.

“Thanks Luciano. But I want to go there alone” I said

“I can’t let you go there alone. It could be dangerous for you”

I breathed. I can’t tell that the fear that I saw on his face for a split second was for my safety or something else.

“I have went everywhere alone. I have faced many things alone. So it is not a big deal for me” I said.

“Earlier you didn’t had any option. But now you have me. You are no longer alone and not in any case I am allowing you to go there on your own. I am coming with you and this is final. Just give me one minute”

He didn’t even wait for my response. He immediately went to the room to change his clothes. I was waiting for him to return when my eyes flick down and I realised that I have got a stain on my t–shirt which needed to be changed before going out.

Without wasting any further second I went straight to the room and picked out a random t–shirt when I heard muffled sound coming from the closet. Unable to stop myself I walked to it silently. I found Luciano talking to someone on the call.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 40

“I don’t care what it takes. I just don’t want her to come to know about this”

Her? Whom and what?

101069% 15:29


My brain was discerning his words when I suddenly heard his voice from close which flinched me as my place.

“What are you doing here?” He looked down at me.

When did he came out?

“I just came to chenge my t–shirt”

He cocked his head as he saw the stain on the one I was wearing.

“Be quick, I am waiting for you outside”

I nodded and he walked out, giving me some privacy. Though I wanted to know whom he was talking but at the moment, reaching the police officer seems more important.

As I came out I found him waiting for me. We walked straight to the garage and he decided to drive by himself.

“Give me the location” he asked when we were out of the house.

I showed him the address which the police officer sent to me.


He then drove us towards the destination whole I waited for us to reach as soon as possible.

“Is there anything else that the police officer told you?” He asked me all of a sudden

“He just told me that some big personality is involved in this. He didn’t want to lie at that time but he was blackmailed on the name of his family that’s why he had to close the case stating it as an accident”

I told him


JU069% 15:29

Chapter 40

“I don’t believe” he turned his head towards the streets “it seems like he is making up stories”

ip stories?

My eyebrows drew together. What would he get by making up

My attention diverted when Luciano took left turn which was a long route to reach our destination.

“I think we should go straight!”

“We will get traffic there.” He replied.

As far as I know that route always stays clear. But now it was not the time to argue. My body was moving back and forth, waiting for us to reach early.

He looked at me occassionally. Somewhere I felt like he was driving slow then usual but I didn’t say anything.

We reached the destination in fourty five minutes when it was twenty five minutes long route.

Hastly, I removed the seatbelt and was about to step out of the car when he spoke.

“Wait” his command halted my movement

Stepping out, he walked around and opened my side of the door. My mind was trying to catch the reason behind his move but at the moment meeting police officer seems more important to me.

My heart beat skyrocketed in anticipation. As we reached the main gate, I saw a man coming out of his home. He looked mysterious. His eyes flicked to Luciano for a second and he blinked at him before minding his own way.

Do they know each other?

“Don’t you want to go inside?” Luciano asked breaking the chain of my thoughts

I nodded and we walked inside his home to find him sitting in the living room. He was looking scared for some reason. His eyes widened when he saw Luciano. As I turned my head to Luciano, I found him looking deadly in police officer’s eyes. But he relaxed his body as soon as he noticed me watching him.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 40



Why Luciano is behaving so mysterious and weird?

“Hello, sir” his eyes flicked to me when I spoke “I am Vanessa Harper.”

He nodded and gestured us to take seat in front of him.

“What would you like to take?” He asked, his question was directed to me. He was trying to ignore the

presence of Luciano for some reason.

“I just want to know about my parents‘ death”

He gulped visibly. His eyes once again flicking to Luciano for a second become coming back to me.


“What else do you want to know? I think I told you everything over the call”

My eyebrows drew together in confusion. He asked me to come over to his place because he said that he cannot tell things over the call. And now he is saying that he told me everything. How could he change his statement with an hour?

“You–you didn’t tell me about their murderer”

He gulped once again, his eyes flicking to Luciano. He was looking scared as if someone will kill him.

“They died” he spoke.


“I thought of helping you but I just came to know that the murderer of your parents has died.” He moved his eyes away from me as he told me this “They have already got their share of punishment. I think now you should move on from your past and enjoy your life”

“You are lying” I stood up “I know you have been threatened. I could see that in your eyes. You are hiding the truth once again”

My face turned red as I shouted at him. I was almost on the edge of crying. After so many years I was so close of lower the truth and this man just change his statement.

Emergency calls only

Chapter 40

“Don’t shout at me. I said what I said”

A hiccup left my throat as I heard the officer.

“Vanessa, calm down!” Luciano held me by the shoulder.

UD69% 15:30

“Luciano, just an hour ago he said that he want to tell you about the death of my parents and now he is lying” I complained.

“Maybe he is not lying. May be the murderers have actually died”

I couldn’t believe what Luciano said.

“They have died and this is all I wanted to tell you. You may leave” standing up the officer left us.

“Vanessa let’s go” Luciano tried to push me ahead.

“Luciano, please! He knows the truth. Please do something” my eyes welled up with tears, I was trying my best to keep them in control.


Luciano looked at the way the Police officer walked away.

“I will when the time comes” he my head “for now it is better we leave”

My heart broke as I walked towards the exit. I was so close to the truth yet I couldn’t know a single thing.

Why God?

Why are you being so harsh on me?

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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