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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 39

Chapter 39

It’s the weekend, and I am feeling pretty bored. Luciano’s been in his study all morning, even had breakfast there. I saw him working when I woke up, but I didn’t want to go in and face him.

Last night’s events linger in the back of my mind, but I’ve made a conscious decision not to broach the topic in the morning. The thought of discussing it makes me uncomfortable, and I would rather not add to the awkwardness between us.

I look up at the clock when my stomach churned. It is one hour past the lunch time. Servants left after telling us that the lunch was ready. I was not in the mood to have that tasteless food anymore that’s why I skipped the meal. Luciano didn’t have it either but I am not sure about his reason for not having it.

His chef cooks food as per his taste i.e. tasteless. The food neither has spice nor proper taste. This is the way he likes to have his meal to stay healthy..

At the moment I am starving and I am not in a mood to have the food that servants have cooked so it is best to cook my own food. Not only will it satisfy my craving for something more appetizing, but it also promises to be a more efficient use of my time.

Pushing my book aside, I make my way to the kitchen to find it empty.

Grandma has returned to her son’s home as Luciano’s parents has returned from their trip. Now only two of us are left in this huge panthouse.

Entering the kitchen I couldn’t decide what to make. I wanted something spicy, appetizing and healthy at the same time. I searched for ramen but couldn’t find them. As I open the refrigerator all I found was fruits and vegetables. Unable to think of anything else, I decided to make Spicy Vegetable Stir–Fry.

To prepare it, I took the vegetables I like and started cutting them pea size. At uncle aunty’s home, it was me most of the time who used to cook for the family so it is not a big task for me.


Humming my favourite song, I was busy chopping the vegetables when suddenly I felt two arms. wrapped around my waist which startled me and instead of the vegetable I cut my own finger.


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Emergency calls only a ME

Chapter 39

A loud painful yelp escaped my lips when the sharp knife pierced my skin while my heart was still beating with the sudden touch when I was alone.


My hand reached out for the pan as I turned around to hit the person whom I assumed to be the thief.

Raising the pan in the air I was ready to hit him with full force when my hand was caught in the mid air and I realised it was Luciano.

My eyes widened and breath caught in my throat when I saw him. He was busy in his study.

What is he doing here?

He didn’t came out since morning than why now?

And why did he touch me like that all of a sudden?


So many questions….



flicked to my hand in the middle air which was holding the pan. I gulped, Hard.

“I thought that it’s a thief”

He drew a deep breath and loosened his hold on my wrist.

“No man could touch you like this” his hold on my waist tightened and I realised that his hand was still there “and if he did than it would be the last thing he will be touching”

The words of possessiveness sent shivers down my spine.

I wince in pain when he took the pan away from my hand as it scraped against my wound. Placing the pan aside he took my palm into his.

“Who asked you to cook?” He asked as he eyed my wound.

“I–I was craving something spicy so I thought of cooking it on my own” I replied looking down at the



Chapter 39


Blood was continuously oozing out of it. But it was nothing new for me. I have endured much more pain than this in the past.

“Don’t you think that these days you are thinking too much?” He asked

I blinked and looked up at him unable to understand what he meant. Leaving my palm he walked towards a drawer and came back with the first aid kit.

“It’s ok, I am fine” I said.

“I don’t want your blood to get mixed with the food” he murmured

He took my hand gently, cradling it with a tenderness that felt unfamiliar yet comforting. His touch was warm, and I couldn’t help but feel a subtle reassurance in the way his fingers carefully assessed the injury caused by the knife earlier.

He blew over it while cleaning the blood. His whole focus was on dressing my wound while I was staring at him without blinking. My heart leaped in my chest when he dresses my wound. It has happened for the first time that someone is taking care of me without any selfish motive behind. Now, with him at my side, a flood of unfamiliar emotions swept over me.

In the past, I have got so many injuries but there was no one to take care of me. My heart flished looking at him so

about my pain.

“Don’t stare. You will fall in love” he playfully remarked, breaking the silence.

I forgot the world for those fleeting moments and all I could see was a companion in his eyes.

His words made me question myself. Am I falling in love with him?

‘Yes‘ A loud voice came from inside me.

But suddenly I remember the way Nathaniel ditched me on the name of love. There is nothing like love. in this world..


Emergency calls only

Chapter 39



Blinking multiple times and drawing my hand back from his hold, I turned around to resume what I was


As I tried to focus on chopping vegetables, my wounded finger protested against the movement, making it harder than expected.

“Let me help,” he whispered, as he approached me from behind.

His warm breath grazing my ear as he held the vegetable for me and placed his other palm over the knife.

The closeness startled me, “I am fine. I can do this”

The cut is nothing. I can manage. His proximity is something which I can’t. But he didn’t listen so I allowed him to guide my hand, not wanting to show the effect his proximity was having on me. Together, we started cutting the vegetables, practically breathing the same oxygen.

Our hands moved in sync as he helped me in cutting all the vegetables. I could feel the heat that his body was radiating from behind.

No matter how much i controlled myself, I couldn’t stop from stealing a glance. His eyes were focused on the work at hand, as always. He looked even more handsome up close. My heart thumped louder, and for those moments, I actually forgot how to breathe.

“Ahh,” suddenly, he yelped.

His painful wince brought me out of my trance. I took his finger and immediately started sucking it, assuming that he must have cut himself.

“I told you, I could do this” I ranted pulling out his finger from my mouth.

My eyebrows drew together in confusion when I couldn’t find any cut or wound there. My eyes flicked up at him to find him smiling.


He did that on purpose.


Emergency calls only


Chapter 39

“Why?” I asked in irritation.


–“Because the way you were staring was distracting me” he playfully pulled my nose “I would have

ended up cutting my finger”

Turning around he tossed the knife in the nearby sink.

“Guide me and I will cook for you” he said taking me by surprise.

“Do you know how to cook?” I asked him back.

“No!” he replied, a playful glint in his eyes. “But I am sure I would cook the best for you because whatever Luciano De‘ Valentino does, it is always perfection.” He lifted his arms into the air, his tone a mixture of confidence and humor.

A soft chuckle passed my lips.

“You are taking me lightly” it seems like my chuckle hurt him.

“No! Not at all” I raised my hands in surrender “let’s see what you can create”

As he rolled up his sleeves, I guided him, showing him the array of ingredients and explaining the steps for spic

vegetable stir fry. His enthusiasm was infectious, and I found myself drawn into the playful atmosphere he created.

Despite his lack of knowledge in cooking, his hands moved in such a way as if he was doing it from years and I was quite impressed by it.

When he was done, he served the dish in a plate and came over to me.

“Taste it” he said, looking hopefully towards me.

I smiled and took a spoonful. The flavors danced on my taste buds, a surprising blend of spices and textures. However, I subtly noticed that the dish was a bit on the saltier side. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to dampen his spirits, especially considering it was his first attempt.

“It’s delicious” I was genuinely impressed by how well he managed to put everything together.


Emergency cunts only

Chapter 39

“I knew it” he chuckled “I am a perfectionist” I could see pride dancing in his eyes.

It is for the first time that I am seeing this side of him and I am completely loving it.

“Let me have a taste as well”




Before I could stop him he already had a spoonful. His nose scrunched up as the food touched his tastebuds. He coughed and immediately drank a glass full of water.

“It is so spicy and salty. How could you eat it?” He asked in surprise

“Because this is the exact way I like my meal” I told him “your food is there, have it and let me have mine in peace”

I had another mouthful. Though the food was saltier yet I wanted to have it all because he has made it for me.

He rolled his eyes and had his food sitting beside me. I was half way finishing my meal when my phone rang. The call was from unknown number.

Luciano tilted his head, asking me to pick up the call.

“Hello, Vanessa” a manly voice came from the other side of the phone.


And the thing that the man told me made me lose my appetite!

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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