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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 42

Chapter 42

I felt a pang of jealousy when I saw Luciano’s picture with Sabrina.

Whenever I get time and he is not with me I prefer scrolling down his social media page. Though we are not friends there, his ID is public which gives me the chance to stalk him freely.

I have never done this ever before. But since he has brought the orphanage to help those kids I have developed a soft spot in my heart.

I like to stare at him when he is not looking and spend hours scrolling down his pictures. I don’t like when I see him with other girls.


Despite repeatedly reminding myself that our connection was just a facade in the form of a fake marriage, I couldn’t escape the pounding of my heart whenever he was in close proximity.


“OW!” Wanda’s sudden shout startled me, nearly causing my phone to slip from my hand.


“Oops! My bad, sorry,” she giggled, oblivious to the source of my distraction.

I rolled my eyes and tucked my phone in my pocket, not wanting for her to see that I was checking out the ID of my own husband. She has already caught me once and she teased me a lot over that.

My eyes flicked to Reggie and Jasper who came to stand on my other side,

“Van, Reggie is throwing a party at his home. He forgot to tell you earlier. So now we are going to his home” she said.

I cocked my head waiting for them to leave because Luciano could come anytime. Working hours are over and I have been. waiting for my husband aka CEO of this company to pick me..

“You’re coming with us,” Reggie added.


“Yup, of course. Our group is incomplete without you!” Wanda said.

“Ahh! I can’t.”

I still remember the night when I hung out with them, and Luciano didn’t like the fact that Jasper dropped me home.

“Don’t be mean, Van!” Reggie pouted. I have ordered butterscotch for you as you told me that you are craving for it. You can have mine as well.”

I didn’t like saying no to him, but at the moment, I also wanted to be around Luciano. I waited the whole day so that I could see him at the end, even if it meant a few minutes.

“I would have surely joined you, but I had to go somewhere with Luciano,” I lied.

“Ohhoo!” Wanda nudged me. “Ok then, we will not disturb you,” she chuckled.

“Come on, Jasper and Reggie,” she hooked her arms with both of them. “We will have fun together.”

I exhaled a sigh of relief when they went to the car. They like to drink a lot, and I feel excluded.


Chapter 42

“Good girl” 1 again flinched when I heard Lasciano who abruptly whispered in my ear “I like the progress you are making

1 gulped. He heard everything?

We walked to his car together. I didn’t bother looking up. He must have heard my lie.

“Give me the keys, I will drive”

The driver gave him the keys which he caught. I took the passenger seat as expected. Starting the engine he drove the car and soon we were on the roads.

My eyes drifted to him, and suddenly he turned on the music. It seemed like he was in a good mood today. I couldn’t help. but steal a few glances while he was driving. He seemed tired, but even in this state, he looked like the most beautiful sight.

I was still lost in him when suddenly the car came to a halt. I looked out to see that we hadn’t reached home yet.

Before I could ask him why he has stopped the car he unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of the car.

My eyebrows drew together when he walked away without saying anything. I was still confused when he went inside an ice- cream parlour. Realisation hit me when I saw him returning back with a butterscotch in his hand.

My heart flushed when he approached me. He heard Reggie saying that I was craving for it and he bought it for me!

It is not only me but he is also taking care of my small things. He is even helping me in fighting the truth behind my parent’s death.

“For you” he moved the ice cream towards me while taking his seat.

For a moment I hesitated, my eyes flicking between him and the ice cream.

“Why? I mean I don’t want it” I said though from inside I badly wanted to have it.

“Ok fine! I will throw it” his hand moved towards the window to throw it out.

“Oh, No! Wait!” I shouted “I will have it”

I don’t like wasting food and especially when it is my favourite.

“Have it first. I don’t want a stain on my car” he said, his fingers taping against the steering wheel waiting for me to start having the ice cream.

I gulped

“Why didn’t you bought one for you?” I asked him

I don’t like it much he replied looking my side “but I have heard that they make it the best that’s why I stopped the car here”

My heart again flushed and I took a lick from the icecream before my checks could reflect what’s going inside of me,

As I had the first lick I couldn’t stop myself from lickinhlg it again and this time getting as much as possible. The taste burst in my mouth rendering me speechless. J/have never tasted any ice cream better than this one ever before.

While devouring the delicacy I didn’t came to know when my eyes closed on their own and moans after moans left my lips after every lick.

The cooling sensation hit my brain,/making me forget about my surrounding.

14:29 Sat, 6 Apr

Chapter 42

I heard a muffled groan when I moaned loudly. It brought me out of my world and my eyes flicked open slowly.

The first thing that I saw I soon as my eyes opened were his Ocean blue eyes which were deep and filled with desire.

1 gulped as his eyes flicked down to my lips only to get even darker.

“You want some?” I asked, offering him the icecream I was holding.

The ice cream tasted so good that I didn’t want to share it but I could see longing in his eyes. He bought it for me so it won’t be nice from my side if I don’t give him the taste.

His eyes flicked back to mine and he nodded his head.

Blinking, I lifted the ice cream up, but before I could take it towards him he leaned forward taking me by surprise.

I gulped and my body pushed back into the seat. His eyes, dark and deceitful, moved between me and the icecream.

When I thought that he was about to take a lick from the icecream, he leaned forward making me shiver in anticipation. As his eyes dropped down to my lips, it wasn’t hard for me to read his intentions.

Leaning further down, he licked the corner of my lips with the tip of his tongue, making me shiver.

His hot breath fanned my lips when he relished the taste, moaning slightly.

“This is truly heavenly” he murmured against my lips, his eyes looking deep in my eyes as if wanted to delve inside my very


I was so lost in his words and eyes that I didn’t know when he grabbed the ice cream and brought it near to my lips. No words were needed to explain what he wanted. As he pushed it a little forward I darted out my tongue to have another lick.

Before I move my tongue back inside my mouth, he grabs it in between his lips and suckles over it as if it is the last thing left in this world.

“You are making it irresistible for me” he whispered before slamming his lips with mine taking them into a hungry kiss.

I could feel the magnetic pull in between us which wanted to turn this scene into something tantalizing.

His one hand came up to cup my cheeks and the other tangled in my hair to gently pull them down, parting my lips wider, giving him more access to my mouth.

I could feel my own desires intensifying and soon I found myself reciprocating the kiss with gentleness. My heart was beating as fast as the butterflies flying in my stomach.

My whole body shivered when he sucked my lips like a candy. The icecream slipped from my fingers and was about to fall down on his car when he grabbed it midway, toring away from me.

Though he saved the ice cream from falling on the seat and ruining it but it still managed to touch my neck.


eyes darkened even more when he saw the bit of icecream on the skin of my neck. He groaned as I gulped, which moved my throat.

“I want to have another lick” he murmured

Leaning down he sucked the skin, making my thighs clamp together and a loud moan escaped my lips.


Encouraged by my reaction he licked again and this time more seductively.

14:29 Sat, 6 Apr

Chapter 42

I can’t!

If he didn’t stop right now than I won’t be able to control the heat of my body!

As if he heard the voice of my heart he immediately pulled awayand sat back on the seat.

This time he started the engine and drove towards the house leaving me craving for more.

This time I was craving for him!

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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