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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Today, Luciano left early and asked his driver to pick me up from the office.

I didn’t like to go back home alone. Though Luciano doesn’t talk to me during our journey to home but still I like his presence beside me.

I was waiting to reach home as soon as possible when every day I want the journey to be long because once we are home, Luciano disappears into his study.

My face lit up when we reached home. I have never been so happy ever before. Though I know that he must be at some meeting and will return late but at least I would get time to stare at his picture without anyone interrupting me. I had also decided to cook his favorite food.

As I stepped towards the entrance, I was greeted by a different kind of silence. The air surrounding me whispered that there was something waiting for me inside.

The guard remained still and stoic as usual as I stepped inside. But what surprised me was that I was greeted by silence

and…. Darkness?

This time I usually finds servant cooking the food and doing household chores.

Where are all of them?

Before my mind could think about it more a party popper was burst on my face. My heart leaped out of my chest at the sudden outburst. I was barely able to compose myself when the lights were turned on.

It took my mind a few minutes to read my surroundings and understand what’s going around.

I saw the servants lined up right in front of me with banners reading ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY

How did they know?

The answer came walking towards me as soon as the question popped in my head.

“Happy birthday

My heart flushed and my cheeks turned red when Luciano wished me with bouquet.

I thought that he had left the office early for some meeting. Not even for once I imagined that he might be planning a surprise for me at home.

But how did he came to know about my birthday?

– Did Wanda tell him?

“I remember your birth date since we signed the agreement”

My cheeks turned even darker shade of red listening to him. He remember my birthday when he has nothing to do with it.

“Come inside” he said softly

My heart was jumping in my chest like a frog in rain. No one has ever done any effort more than wishing me on my birthday. Last year Nathaneil took me out and we cut the cake but it didn’t feel the way I am feeling now.

Stepping forward, I noticed a table decorated in the middle of the hall, with a cake elegantly placed upon it. A rush of emotions overwhelmed me, making my throat heavy with gratitude and surprise. The sincerity in Luciano’s actions touched.

Chapter 43

me in a way I hadn’t expected

Luciano pulled a chair for me like a gentleman and I sat over it, I blushed when a servant came forward and placed a small princess crown on my head.

“Cut the cake” Luciano whispered

My eyes flicked to the huge birthday cake, surrounded by a warm glow of candles. Luciano handed me a knife with a small smile. All the servants were waiting for me to cut the cake. I couldn’t help but feel a bit shy with all the attention.

Before cutting the cake I looked up at Luciano, his eyes reflecting the dancing candlelight.

He gestured me to make a move. Gently, I cut the cake, it’s soft layers parting, looking tempting. The room erupted in a chorus of cheers and claps from the servants.

Taking a piece I offered it to him but instead of having it, he turned my hand towards me. Opening my mouth, I had the taste and the flavours burst in my mouth.

“How is it?” He asked

“It’s delicious” I murmured

Taking my hand to his mouth, he tasted the cake from my fingers.

“Indeed” he licked his lips.

He then gestured one of the servant to take the cake away. I was wiping my fingers clean with the tissue paper when I felt something soft touching my neck. I looked down to find a beautiful pendant.

Surprised, I looked up and saw Luciano securing the pendant around my neck.

“Luciano!” I gasped in surprise. “It seems expensive.”

“Not more than you,” he whispered.

“What?” I asked, struggling to hear him clearly.

“Today is your birthday, and you deserve a gift. I haven’t given you anything since we’ve been together, he explained.

“But this is too expensive. I can’t…”

“Shh…” He placed a finger on my lips, stopping me from saying anything else.

My attention shifted when the servants returned. I stood up, and they efficiently cleared the area. Soon, the dinner was served on the dining table, with scented candles strategically placed, filling the air with a sweet fragrance.

“You may go now,” Luciano ordered the servants.

Before I could even blink, the whole house was empty, leaving me and Luciano alone. My cheeks were turning red, and my heart thumped louder with every passing second. I didn’t know what to do or say.

Luciano approached me and gently held my palm.

“Let’s have dinner together.”

Once again, he pulled the chair for me and sat beside me. He clapped twice, and all the lights turned off, leaving us bathed in the soft glow of candlelight.

14:29 Sat, 6 Apr

Chapter 43

The soft glow of candlelight created a warm and intimate ambiance as we sat down for dinner. Though I was still starving I couldn’t even look down at the dishes even for once because the most beautiful sight was right in front of my eyes. The soft blow of candles that was falling on Luciano’s face was making him even more attractive. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him even if I wanted.


“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked while pouring the glass of wine for both of us.

“I never knew that you would ever look beyond business and contracts”

He chuckled and passed the glass of wine to me,

“Well, it has came unexpected to me as well he raised the glass in the air “cheers?”

And we clicked the glasses together before having the first sip. As soon as the taste of the wine touched my taste buds 1 realised that it is the best wine that I have ever had.

He then served a plate and passed it to me, taking me by another surprise

“It is just for today as it is your special day” my cheeks turned red and I looked down.

He was staring at me and at that moment I knew that I had do something. Subconsciously my hand reached out for the fork and at the same time his hand came up for the same. Our hands collided and zap of electricity ran through my entire body.

It is not for the first time that our skin has came into contact. He has touched me more intimately but everytime he touch me I feel like the first time. It feels like he is touching my heart.

I took my hand back and chewed on the dinner quietly. He also served a plate for himself and had dinner.

“Don’t be so quite he spoke all of a sudden “ask me something, anything you want”

What is your biggest fear?” I asked what came to my mind first.

He drew a deep breath and leaned back into his chair.

“Fear of losing someone whom I have found after many years”

For a moment it felt like his words were directed for me. I gulped and blinked.

“Who is that person?”

He chuckled.

“Very dear to my heart came his reply

I averted my gaze away from him. He doesn’t want to reveal the name. If he wanted to he would already had. And I should stop my brain from overthinking, it can’t be me.

“Don’t you have the fear of losing anyone?” He asked me back

A small bitter smile played across my lips as I heard him.

“I lost my parents and the person whom thought I loved. What else is there for me to lose?”

He stopped breathing for a second. It seems like he was expecting something else from me.

“But I am afraid of getting heartbroken once again. I have developed trust over a few people and I will be completely devastated if they broke it”


Chapter 43

His pupil dilated a bit and he gulped nervously. I don’t know why sometimes it feels like he is hiding something from me. It seems like he knows me from the past and he is pretending everything. I don’t know how I would react if things turned out

to be like this.

He just cocked his head and we got busy with the food once again. He wiped his lips and hands with the tissue once he was full. I did the same.

We then made our way to the room and I changed my clothes. He also came into his comfortable lower and t–shirt. I don’t think that no one other than me has ever seen him in this attire but he looks even more hot in this dress.

My heart sank in the pit of my stomach when I realised that he was ready to go to his study and indulge himself in work for hours.

“You want to say something?” He asked all of a sudden

Instead of replying to him I started chewing my lower lip.

“What happened?” Placing his finger under my chin he lifted it up.

“You can ask anything you want. I will definately provide it to you” he said, looking deep into my eyes, promising that he would fulfill my wish today, whatever it may be.

“I want you to spend this night with me”

His eyes dilated a bit and a flash of mischievous passed through his eyes.

“I mean to say, I want to watch stars with you and sleep while cuddling. Could you please leave your work for tonight?”

It took me a lot of courage to ask him because for him his work is everything. But to my surprise he chuckled and nodded his head.

My heart fluttered and I could feel multiple butterflies flying in my stomach. I was excited for us to watch the stars together when suddely his phone rang.

“One minute”

I nodded.

Standing on my tip toes, I waited for him to come back when I heard his loud, surprise filled voice.


Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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