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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 52

Chapter 52

“Let me have you,” he whispered, a sinister smile twisting his lips as he leaned in once again, his dirty thoughts surfacing.

His fingers trailed down to my shirt, deftly unbuttoning it disregard for my protests. I tried to push him away, but his grip on me remained firm and tight.

When he didn’t heed my attempts to stop him, I dug my nails sharply into his skin, hoping to deter him with the pain. He hissed in discomfort, his eyes darkening with anger as they flicked to mine.

“I was going gentle on you, but it seems you like things the hard way,” he spat, his tone laced with fury at my defiance.

His hands continued to roughy pull at my shirt, the fabric straining against the force of his movements. With a sickening snap, a button came loose, catching my breath in my throat as I realized the extent of his brutality.

“Stop it, Nathaniel,” I pleaded, my voice trembling with a mixture of fear and desperation. The tears that had once filled my eyes now dribbled down my temples, silent witnesses to the torment I was enduring.

I didn’t want to show him my weakness, but the relentless assault on my body and spirit was becoming too much to bear. Why couldn’t I have a moment of peace? Why did it seem like the hand of fate was forever weighted against me?

What had I done to deserve all this pain? Was genuine love and care too much to ask for?

As Nathaniel’s hands continued to roam over my body, I felt a profound sense of despair wash over me, the weight of my suffering pressing down on me like a suffocating blanket. And like every time, I knew it that no one was coming to save me. I have to fight this demon alone.

The pendant which Luciano gifted me dug sharply in my skin as Nathaniel, leaned down to suck on the exposed cleavage. Before this I completely forgot about this pendant.

A sharp gasp escaped my lips as Nathaniel’s teeth sank into the soft flesh, his actions eliciting a cry of pain from deep within my throat. My ankles scraped roughly against the bedsheets as I desperately tried to escape from this nightmare, the weight of his body pressing down on me.

Pulling back, Nathaniel removed his shirt and tossed it aside, his eyes dark with desire as he hooked his fingers into my pants. Panic surged through me as I realized that I was running out of time, that if I didn’t act now, I would be condemned to endure his brutality without end. I don’t know if I would be able to survive his brutality or not.

Summoning every ounce of strength I had left, I fought against him, struggling to free myself from his grasp. With a herculean effort, I managed to free my right leg, and without a moment’s hesitation, I lashed out, delivering a swift, powerful kick to the one place where the sun doesn’t shine.

A guttural groan escaped Nathaniel’s lips as he doubled over in pain, his hold on me loosening for a fleeting moment. It was all the opportunity I needed. With a surge of adrenaline, I pushed him away and scrambled to my feet, my heart pounding in my chest as I made a desperate bid for freedom.

As I stood up, a wave of dizziness hit me like a storm, causing the room to spin and sway around me. I knew I needed to move forward, to run while Nathaniel was still incapacitated by the pain, but my body refused to cooperate. Taking hold of the side table for support, I struggled to steady myself, blinking rapidly as I fought to regain my bearings.

With each step forward, my vision blurred and flickered, the edges of my sight fading into white. Panic clawed at my chest as I realized that I was losing control, that darkness was closing in on me from all sides.

I was able to take only a few steps when everything became white. I couldn’t see anything, my head spun around, my eyes closed and my body fell back.

As darkness consumed me, I felt two strong arms wrap around me, pulling me close as a familiar voice called out my name. But it was too late. The world faded into nothingness, and I slipped into unconsciousness, the echoes of Nathaniel’s cruel voice ringing in my ears as I surrendered to the void.



11:01 Tue, Apr 9

Chapter 52

Luciano’s POV


My eyes snapped open. My heart pounding in my chest, sweat dribbling down my forehead, my breaths heavy and fast.

My eyes moved around, hoping for a moment that everything that happened was just a nightmare. But as reality came crashing back down around me, I knew that I couldn’t deny the truth any longer.

I am having a strong feeling that Vanessa is in deep trouble, and she needed me now more than ever.

I should not have left her alone no matter what she said.

I will never be able to forgive myself if something happened to her.

A sharp pain shot in my neck and back as I stood up. I came back to home walking and didn’t care about changing damp clothes. Sitting on the chair, mourning over my fate, I didn’t come to know when I drifted into sleep and that too on the chair.

Ignoring my pain, I looked for my phone and first thing that I did was call Vanessa. I know this is not the right time but I want to know that she is safe..

I am a bit disappointed and broken that she can’t understand my love. She must have given me one chance.

As the phone rang, my heart pounded in my chest. With every breath I inhaled, I prayed for her to pick up the phone. But she didn’t. I tried once again, and didn’t get any response.

Panic ran through my veins but I tried to compose myself. I knew I needed to act wisely.

Looking for the number of Clara, I decided to call her. I am glad I saved her number when I went to her home to pick


At the first call she didn’t pick the phone so I called her again and after a few rings which felt like an eternity she picked up.

“Hello” her voice felt like a lifeline.

“Hello Clara, Luciano this side”

She became silent as she heard my name. I am sure Vanessa must have told her everything and she must be hating me for everything I did to her friend.

“I am sorry for bothering you at this time. I just want to know about Vanessa. Where is she? She is not picking my phone”

I have never apologized to anyone but at the moment I was ready to do anything to know that my Dove was safe.

“Vanessa…” Clara’s voice faltered, as though she was trying to hold back tears.

“Is everything fine Clara? Please tell me. I will be there in minutes” ” I offered, my worry mounting with each passing second.

“No, Luciano, please don’t come,” Clara’s voice sounded strained as if she was being pressured to say certain words. “Vanessa is fine. She’s just sleeping and doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Her reluctance and pain in voice was only adding to my tension.

“Sleeping?” My heart sank at her words. The tension in my muscles eased slightly, but a nagging sense of unease lingered. “Clara, I am having a strong feeling that something is not right. You are hiding something from me. Vanessa is in deep


There was a long pause on the other end of the line, as if Clara was debating whether to share something with me. When she finally spoke, her voice was strained with emotion.




11:01 Tue, Apr 9

Chapter 52

“Luciano, I think you should give her some space. She’s been through a lot lately.”

“But I need to know she is okay,” I insisted, my voice pleading “I am coming there”

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“I understand,” Clara replied softly. “But sometimes, the best thing we can do for someone we care about is to respect their wishes. Give her some time, Luciano. She’ll reach out when she’s ready. Things will worsen if you came here at the moment”

“Okay,” I conceded, my voice heavy with resignation. “But if she needs anything, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.”

“I will,”

She hang up.

Though Clara has promised to take care of Vanessa still I can’t shrug away the dreadful feeling.

I just hope that everything is fine and my Dove is safe!


Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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