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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Vanessa’s POV

As consciousness gradually returned to my mind, I felt like I was emerging from the depths of a murky abyss. The sharp pain in my head became more intense with each passing moment, a constant throb that pulsed in time with my heart’s unstable beat. Blinking against the bright light of the gloomy room, I struggled to make sense of my surroundings.

I tried to move, to sit up, but every muscle protested with searing pain.

Memories flood back in my head. The events of the previous hours swirled in my mind, a nightmarish blur of fear and pain. The confrontation with Nathaniel, the struggle to escape his grasp, the overwhelming sense of dread as darkness consumed

As I tried to gather my bearings, my eyes flicked to the wall clock and I was stunned to see that it was already 5 in the evening. I had slept for far longer than I had anticipated, lost in the haze of unconsciousness and pain.

A painful wince passed my lips as I attempted to sit up, the movement sending sharp spikes of agony coursing through my body. Every muscle protested, every joint screamed in protest, but I refused to succumb to the overwhelming ache. With gritted teeth and trembling hands, I pushed myself into an upright position, my breaths coming in ragged gasps as I fought against the relentless throbbing in my head.

And then, as though summoned by the mere thought of him, a figure at the window turned around, and my heart skipped a beat. Nathaniel. He was still here, in the same room, his eyes boring into mine with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine.

It won’t come as a surprise if he took advantage of my unconscious state. My eyes immediately dropped down to my body and I was relieved to find myself fully clothed, except the first button which broke while fighting with him.

“I am not as cheap as you think,” he said, his voice laced with contempt.

He may not have gone that far, but the scars he had left on my soul ran far deeper than any physical wound. He was still cheap in my eyes, still a despicable monster for blackmailing and abducting me, for subjecting me to a nightmare from which I feared I would never awaken.

“But I didn’t know that you would turn out to be such a cheap whore” Nathaniel’s words sliced through the air like a razor, each syllable dripping with venom.

My eyes snapped up at him as he said demeaning words about me. Leaning down, he captured my chin in between his fingers, his grip tight and unyielding as he forced me to look into his eyes.

“How much money did Luciano give you, for spreading your legs?” he sneered, his voice laced with contempt.

my chest.

My breath caught in my throat at his accusation, my heart pounding in

“How could you say such things about me, Nathaniel!” I spat, my voice trembling with anger and indignation.

“Not me, but your reports are saying this!” he retorted, his grip on my chin tightening even further.

“My reports?” My eyebrows drew in confusion.

“For your kind information Ms. Harper, you are pregnant!”


I am pregnant?

He left my chin but the news that he shared with me was too much for me to make any move. I was stunned and speechless,

When did it happen?


11:01 Tue, Apr

Chapter 53

Why didn’t I notice it when I was missing my periods and was feeling like throwing up everything.

How would I tell this to Luciano?

I was facing a future filled with uncertainty and challenges unlike any I had ever encountered before.

“I was so happy to know that it was your fake marriage but little did I know that you were whoring with him!”

His words reached my ears but didn’t have any effect on me. The news of my pregnancy was already too much for me to digest.

“Why did you do that, Vanessa?” Holding my chin he forced me to look at him “Just why?” His hold tightened to the point that it started hurting me.

“It was my choice!” I stated firmly, not bending in front of him “at least he was better than…”

Before I could finish my sentence, his hand struck out with blinding speed, the force of his slap sending my head reeling to the side. I could taste blood on my lips, but I refused to let him see my pain.

“Don’t you dare,” he seethed, his fingers digging into my skin with an iron grip as he once again forced me to look at him “Don’t you dare to take his name in front of me.”

I could see his anger boiling.

“You were acting like an innocent maiden in front of me and doing deeds with him” Nathaniel spat, his voice dripping with venomous accusations.

I winced as his grip on my chin tightened even further, the pain shooting through my jaw like a hot iron. I could feel the pressure building, as if he wanted nothing more than to crush me beneath his fingers.

“You have no right to judge me, Nathaniel,” I retorted, my voice shaking with anger. “You are the one who betrayed me in our relationship. You had so much lust that you can’t even wait on our wedding day. You have no say in my life. At least I didn’t backstab anyone”

Squeezing my jaw tightly, Nathaniel pushed me back, and my head collided with the bedpost. Pain shot through my skull, and I instinctively reached out to soothe the throbbing ache.

As I tried to regain my bearings, my eyes snapped to my phone, which had suddenly lit up with an incoming call from Luciano. My heart skipped a beat at the sight. My eyes moved back to Nathaneil to see his reaction. He shouldn’t have called at this time.

“Pick up his call” he commanded, his tone icy and authoritative.


I was actually stunned to hear him. I thought that he might ask for my phone and break it into pieces.

“Pick it up and ask him not to call you again. Tell him that you have cut ties with him and there is no need to track or stalk you”

His words sent a chill down my spine. He was playing a dangerous game, using me as a pawn to manipulate Luciano and maintain his control over me.

“What if I tell him about you?” I couldn’t help but voice my fear, though I knew the consequences of defying Nathaniel’s orders.

“You know, my men are like hungry wolves. My one signal is enough for them to fuck the brains out of your dear friend Clara. Once they are satisfied I would ask them to bring her head to you as a gift. Do you want that?”

Goosebumps rose on my skin as I heard him. And he was sounding dead serious. I can’t take any risk when my friend is under his control.



11:01 Tue, Apr

Chapter 53


With a heavy heart and trembling hands, I reluctantly picked up Luciano’s call, my fingers shaking as I brought the phone to my ear. Nathaniel’s threatening words echoed in my mind, reminding me of the consequences of disobedience.

“Hello?” I answered, trying to sound composed despite the fear coursing through my veins.

Nathaneil snatched the phone from me and placed it on the speaker.

“Vanessa, where have you been?” Luciano’s concerned voice floated through the line “Last night Clara told me that you are sleeping. Please Vanessa, give me a chance to explain. And Right now it is not safe for you to stay like this. Try to understand the depth of the situation”

I gulped down the sob forming in my throat. I fall into danger the moment I left his protective embrace.

Nathaniel’s eyes bore holes in my skull. He was waiting for me to reply fast as he didn’t want to raise suspicious.

“Luciano, I already told you that I want some space. By the time am not clear, do not track, stalk or even call me!”

Even though a silence followed my words but I could still hear the hurt from the other side of the call.

“Ok, I will not call you but for once I want to see you, to make sure with my eyes that you are fine”

I bit my lip struggling to maintain my resolve in the face of his genuine concern. But Nathaniel’s warning echoed in my mind, reminding me of the danger that awaited Clara if I dared to defy him.

“I don’t want to hear from you again, Luciano, neither do I want to see you,” I snapped, my voice laced with bitterness and


Before he could say anything, Nathaniel snatched the phone from me and ended the call.

Giving me one last warning look, he left me alone, taking my phone with himself. Alone and trapped, I was at the mercy of Nathaniel’s cruel whims, with no one to turn to for help.

God please, let Luciano know about my situation. I really need his help to come out of this mess.


Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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