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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Nathaniel returned within an hour and he told me that he has decided to shift the location because he can’t trust Luciano. Nathaniel was sure that Luciano would try to track down the location. I shuddered at the thought of being dragged into another unfamiliar place under Nathaniel’s control.

He covered my eyes with the blindfold so that I couldn’t see where he was taking me. But the journey didn’t took long time which indicated that he hasn’t shifted the city. Of course he doesn’t want to leave any eviy that he has kidnapped me.

The house in which he shifted me was bigger than the previous one. It was well kept and equipped with all the luxuries of the world. But I careless about anything because I wanted my freedom and he has caged me in his golden jail.

My chain of thoughts break when I heard the sound of door opening. I thought that it would be Nathaniel but I was a bit surprised to see a girl standing on the door with a tray full of food.

“Master asked me to give you food” she said as she stepped in.

My eyes flicked to the door from where she entered, noting her slight frame. Perhaps I could overpower her and make a break for it. But as my gaze swept back to the entrance, I froze. Two hulking guards stood sentinel, their imposing figures blocking any chance of escape. I swallowed hard, abandoning my futile plan.

“Keep it here. I will have it” I said in a cold tone,

“But boss has asked me to…”

“will have it!” I cut her off before she could complete

She nodded before turning around and leaving me. I was feeling both mentally and physically trapped here.

Nathaniel came in the morning with breakfast but I refused to have it. He said that I was punishing myself unnecessarily. I didn’t want to have anything from him. With a life growing inside me, I couldn’t afford to neglect my own well-being. I hadn’t eaten in days, and my strength was waning with each passing moment. If I was to stand any chance of escaping this hellish existence, I needed to be strong and alert.

Hesitantly, my hands reached out for the piece of apple. I didn’t want to have much. Just a small bite to quiet the gnawing hunger in my stomach. As I chewed slowly, the crisp sweetness of the fruit offered a brief respite from the heaviness weighing on my mind. I barely had an apple and I was done with the food. It was sufficient for me to survive the Pushing away the tray, I lay back.

The news of my pregnancy had come as a shock, throwing my already tumultuous world into further disarray considered the possibility, let alone prepared for it. And the fun part is that the father of this baby doesn’t even its existence neither he will come to know about it.

I didn’t want to have a baby by the time I am not independent enough to take care of it needs but now when I am ha one I would have to take care of it.

Feeling tired, my eyes closed. The evening is getting close and it is better if I sleep before Nathaniel comes. It will save me from seeing his face or at least give me energy to whatever he might bring with himself.

Only 15 minutes passed when I started feeling something weird in my stomach. My eyes shot open and slowly I sat up. My hand reached out to my chest to rub it.

I stepped down the bed and started walking back and forth. I lay back immediately after having the Apple, may this be the problem?

As I paced back and forth across the room, a sudden wave of nausea washed over me, catching me off guard. Clutching my stomach, I doubled over in discomfort, a cold sweat spurting out in thick beads all over my forehead.

Something wasn’t right. Was it the apple I had just eaten?

Fighting back the rising panic, I forced myself to take slow, deep breaths, hoping to calm the churning turmoil within me.




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Chapter 54

But the discomfort only intensified, a sharp pain shooting through my abdomen like a dagger.

With trembling hands, I reached out for the glass of water on the bedside table, desperate for some relief. But as the cool liquid touched my lips, I gagged, unable to keep it down.


The room spun around me as I stumbled back towards the bed, my head swimming with dizziness. What was happening to


The realization struck me like a thunderbolt. Nathaniel must have tampered with my food, poisoned it in an attempt to harm the life growing inside me. He didn’t like the fact that I was having Luciano’s baby. I am sure he must have did something to kill my baby.

Though I didn’t want to have baby, but the least thing I want at the moment is harm it.

I need to throw out the content of my stomach or I will definitely lose my baby.

With wobbly legs and spinning head, I made my way towards the bathroom. Pushing two fingers to my throat, I puked out the apple I just had. But the effort left me weak and trembling, my legs barely able to support my weight.

My eyes were getting heavy with every passing minutes and it was getting impossible for me to stand. Washing my hands and splashing water on my face, I made my way back to the room.

Making my way back to the bed was the toughest task for me. White dots appeared in front of my eyes and collapsed on the bed.

The last thing that I prayd to God was the safety of my baby.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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