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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Two pairs of eyes bore inito me, each filled with a different kind of intensity. Luciano brimming with hope and concern, while Nathaniel’s burned with a sinister determination. I hesitated, torn between the desperate longing to tell Luciano everything and the harrowing reality of Clara’s situation.

out of necessity rather than desire. With a heavy heart, I opened my mouth to speak, the words bitter on my tongue as I uttered the lie that would seal our fates.

“Luciano, I’m not being forced into this,” I forced the words past the lump in my throat, unable to meet his gaze as I spoke. “Please, just leave. I don’t want to see your face.”

I also know that I have one more responsibility on my shoulder and I cannot take any decision in haste.

Before Luciano could respond, Nathaniel’s hand shot out, gripping his arm in a vice- like hold and pulling him away from me with a forceful tug.

“Luciano, leave us alone before I lose my temper,” Nathaniel spat, his voice dripping with venomous disdain. “You were nothing to her in the past, and the same applies for the present and future. It was just a misunderstanding that led her to run away from the wedding altar and spend a night with you. It was her mistake, and she’s now realized it. Even the life in her belly is her biggest mistake. She doesn’t want to be with you. She always loved me, and she still loves me. She is mine. Stay away from her!”

Luciano’s eyes flicked to mine, filled with disbelief and Betrayal. Unable to meet his gaze I just looked down. The sob entangled in my throat. I wanted to cry but I had to keep my emotions under check which made it difficult for me to breath. I was suffocating from inside.

“For now, I am leaving,” Luciano declared, his grip tightening on Nathaniel’s hand as he swatted him away. Luciano’s eyes blazed with a ferocious intensity, his voice low and dangerous “but I will be back. “I know there is something you have done to her, something that is keeping her from speaking the truth.”

Luciano’s eyes bore into Nathaniel’s head with so much intensity that I shiver at my place. I have never seen this dangerous side of Luciano ever. It seems like one cue was enough for him to burst Nathaniel’s head right there and then.

“And remember one thing, Nathaniel,” Luciano’s voice was a low growl, his words laced with a chilling promise of vengeance. “If I find a single scratch on Vanessa’s body, or any harm to my baby, I will make you regret your very existence.”

Chapter 37

A shiver ran down my spine at Luciano’s words because it wasn’t just a hollow threat was sounding serious.

And as he turned to leave, a sense of both dread and hope settled within me, knowing that with Luciano by my side, there was still a glimmer of light amidst the darkness that threatened to consume me.

“We are going home” Nathaniel declared before turning around and leaving the room.

I released a deep breath which I was holding for so long.

Soon the senior nurse came inside and started to pull away the syringes from my hands. I sat there like a live corpse, my eyes fixed on the wall in front of me.

When the nurse was almost done, she broke the silence.

“If you don’t mind,” she began, her voice gentle yet tinged with curiosity, “may I ask you a question?”

My eyes flicked to her. I stared at her for a few seconds before my head tilted asking her to shoot her questions.

“Do you love the man who brought you here?”

Her question left me slightly puzzled. I am quite sure he is talking about Nathancil.

“I mean” she tried to clarify herself when she saw that look on my face “I don’t want to interfere in your personal life but I would say that take your life’s decision wisely. I am older than you and I have a bit more experience and with that I am telling you that sometimes our one decision could ruin our entire life”

She sighed. It seems like she herself has suffered a lot because of her decision.

“A few minutes before that man asked the doctor to abort the baby you are carrying”

I wasn’t surprised with her words as it was nothing new for a man like Nathaniel.

“Thanks to an angel who intervened and fought for you”

A small smile tugged at the corner of my lips. I am sure he must be Luciano.

“I haven’t seen him before but I heard that he is one of the equity holder in this

hospital. He asked the doctor not to abort the baby without the consent of mother aur he would shutdown this hospital. This is how your baby was saved”

Chapter 37

My arm tighten around my belly.

“I don’t know what connection you have with the man who brought you here, the nurse added, her brow furrowing in concern, “but I don’t get good vibes from him. And what father, in their right mind, would want to kill their own baby?”

Who is going to tell her that he is not his father.

A few things are out of our control and we can’t fix them no matter how much we want” I mumbled under my breath.

She opened her mouth to say something but before anything could come out,

Nathaniel reappeared. His eyes shooting glares at me. He must be suspicious that I was talking to the nurse.

“She is good to go but please take good care of her and the baby” The nurse told him before taking her leave.

She turned around for once, and our eyes met for a second before she walked out.

My whole body was shaking as I tried to step down the bed. I was feeling very weak. Nathaniel placed his hands on my shoulder giving me support but I squated my shoulder, moving his hands. I I didn’t want his pity.

He gave me a look but I didn’t give him any attention. I walked slowly at my speed. He helped me in sitting inside.

“There is no one around. You don’t need to pretend anything, Nathaniel” I spat.

He gave me one angry look before closing the door on my face and asking the driver to take us to home. I kept looking out as anything was better than his face.

Soon we reached his home. I knew I had nowhere to go so I didn’t wait for him to open the door for me. Opening the door, I just stepped down and made my way inside. He tried to hold my hand while walking inside but I took it away.

The servants gave me pitiful look as I walked inside my room and I ignored all of them. Slowly I went to bed and sat over it. I was glad that Nathaniel didn’t follow me inside the room. The events of the day weighed heavily on my mind, each moment replaying in my thoughts like a relentless loop..

The exhaustion took it’s toll over me, and I drifted into sleep. But as consciousness began to seep back into my mind, I felt a presence lingering nearby, the sensation of warm breath gently fanning across my face. Blinking groggily, I slowly opened my eyes only to be met with the sight of Nathaniel hovering over me. Startled, I instinctively


Chapter 57

recoiled, a jolt of pain shooting through my spine as I moved. I slept in a wierd positio which has added pain to my already throbbing body parts.

There is no need to get so much scared of me” he spoke “I am not going to eat you. Not just yet he chuckled at his own joke.

I came back to the previous position when he stood back. I decided not to respond to hirn in any way. He poured a glass of water and turned it to me.

“Have your tablets”

My eyes flicked down to the tables resting on his palm. I can’t tell if he is giving me correct medicine or is it just another trick to harm my baby.

I am feeling better than before. A few proper meals and I would be good. I don’t want to take any risk for my baby so it is better if I just skip this. Deciding as such, I looked


I heard him sighing as he sat in front of me.

“I am really sorry, Senorita. I shouldn’t have done that.” He said.

“I don’t need your crocodile tears, Nathaniel,” I shot back, my tone laced with bitterness and resentment.

Nathaniel’s jaw tensed at my rebuke, but he maintained his composure.

“I will leave, just have medicine and your meal which the servant would soon bring to you” he retorted.

“I don’t want to have anything, here” my head turned to him as I replied.

“This way you would punish your baby”

“It is better to punish my baby than to kill it altogether” I stated the fact “and I am not here for a very long time”

He chuckled

“You seriously think that you could get free from here so easily?” He asked, a devilish smile playing across his lips “I am going easy on you because I genuinely think that what I did earlier was wrong but that doesn’t mean I am not going to make you mine”

With the sinister smile still plastered on his lips, he leaned forward.

Cliapter 17

“It is just a matter of this night” he chuckled “the marriage paper will arrive tomorrow and then you will become mine, forever”

I was completely stunned listening to him. I couldn’t form a single word when he stood

As Nathaniel stood up, a sense of helplessness washed over me, leaving me paralyzed with fear and uncertainty.

“Whether you want it or not, it’s still going to happen,” he declared, his tone final and unyielding.

“I will never forgive you for what you’ve done,” I said finally, my voice trembling with suppressed emotion. “And I will never consent to this marriage. So you can keep me locked up here for as long as you like, but you will never have my heart.”.

But my words had no effect on him. He just turned on his heels and left by closing the loor of the room with a loud thud.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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