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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Vanessa’s POV

The first thing that reached my senses was the incessant beeping of the medical monitor beside me.

My head throbbed, and my body felt heavy, it was really hard to even open my eyes. The last incident replayed in my head the moment I started gaining consciousness.

My eyes shot open and I found myself on the hospital bed. Panick surged through me and my hands reached out for my stomach.

“My baby?” I cried out, my voice hoarse. I don’t know for how long I was unconscious.

“My baby?” This time my words came out loud and clear.

I tried sitting up but the weakness in my body didn’t allow me. I was guided by two arms which helped me in sitting back.

“Ma’am, calm down” A gentle voice cut through my distress, and I turned to see a nurse approaching with a comforting smile “your baby is safe. You were brought here on time that’s why we were able to save your and your baby’s life”

A deep sigh of relief passed my lips but it didn’t last long as the next phase I saw was of the man who is responsible for my situation.

Nathaniel rushed inside with concern filled eyes. My eyes narrowed at him and all I could feel was pure. The floodgates of anger opening wide within me.

“How are you feeling Vanessa?” He asked, sitting beside me.

“How much more will you stoop, Nathaniel?” I retorted, my words dripping with anger. “After putting me in this situation, how could you even ask that?”

The nurse working around became attentive as they heard me. Nathaniel’s expressions changed but I wasn’t afraid. Even after all days I was still expecting that he has humanity alive in his heart. But I was wrong. He tried to kill my innocent baby.

“I want a few moments of privacy with my lady,” he declared, his tone authoritative as he surveyed the room, his eyes locking onto each nurse in turn.

His lady?

The nurse who helped me in sitting back was a bit suspicious. She was not ready to


Chapter 56

leave me alone with Nathaneil but she didn’t have any option. All of them left the leaving me alone with Nathuncil.

Nathaniel’s anger filled gaze snapped to me as soon as they were out.

“I didn’t know that you were such a coward that you will try to harm an unborn innocent soul!” I asked

Keep your voice low Vanessa!” He threatened me.

“Why?” I asked him back “Are you scared that someone might hear you?”

His jaw clenched, and I could feel the intensity of his gaze boring into me, as if he wished he could silence me with just a look.

Suddenly, his fingers tightened around my neck, pressing me back against the bed with a jolt of pain shooting through my spine. I winced, but quickly steadied myself, refusing to show any sign of weakness.

“Keep your tongue in check, Vanessa,” he growled, his voice dripping with malice. “Or the first thing I’ll cut off from your friend is her tongue.”

He is such a cowardice that he needs one or the

other person to blackmail me.

“My men are watching her house 24/7,” he continued, his tone cold and calculating. “It’ll only take one phone call to turn her life into a nightmare. Don’t forget that.”

With a final squeeze, he released his grip on my throat and stepped back, leaving me gasping for air. I fought to calm my racing heart, suppressing the overwhelming urge to retaliate with violence.

“I am going to talk to the doctor so that I could take you home as soon as possible. I don’t want you to tell us about even a single person or you won’t like the consequences!”


have been sitting in the same position from the last half an hour, waiting Nathaniel’s next move. I am not sure what he is planning but one thing is sure that he doesn’t like the life growing inside my belly. He would definitely try something to end . I need to get out of his hold as soon as possible by making sure that Clara is also safe or I would end up losing someone which I don’t want.

Chapter 36

My eyes moved down to my belly which is holding a part of me and Luciano.

“I am sorry, baby,” I whispered, my voice barely above a breath “Your mother is weak but I will make sure that no harm reaches you. I will definitely bring you into this world and provide you with everything that deserve”


Suddenly the doors of my room burst open. I flinched at the sudden sound as the environment was completely quite before the intervention.

As my gaze flicked to the intruder, my eyes widened to the point of coming out of their sockets.


How did he came here?

Nathaniel followed him. By the way both of them entered it was quite clear that they were fighting at the door. Nathaniel must be trying to stop him and Luciano used his force.

Luciano paused as his eyes met mine, the hardness in his expression softening at the sight of me. Despite everything, there was a flicker of warmth in his gaze. I could feel the connection still lingering between us.

I swallowed hard, a pang of regret coursing through me as I recalled the night I had walked away from him. Perhaps he had been right all along–the world was a cruel place, too harsh for someone as fragile as me.

His eyes slowly moved down to my belly which was covered with my palms.

Does he know that I am pregnant with his baby?

As he took a small, slow step towards me, Nathaniel tried to stop him. He immediately. turned around, shot him a deathly glare which stopped Nathaniel at his place. My eyes. flicked to Nathaniel as Luciano approached me. My heart pounded in my chest with a desperate plea for salvation.

Nathaniel warned me with his eyes, reminding me of the captivity of my friend. I knew what Nathaniel expected of me, the words he wanted me to utter in the presence of Luciano. Yet, deep down, I yearned for nothing more than to find solace in Luciano’s embrace, to escape the clutches of this nightmare that had engulfed my life. I know it really well that the only person who could save me from this hell is Luciano. He is the only one who could bring me out of this web.

“Vanessa, what did that devil do to you?” Luciano asked me and I gulped.

Chapter 36

I could feel the rage and helplessness in his voice.

My eyes once again flicked to Nathaniel and he shook his head in warning.

‘Don’t be scared Variessa” Luciano brought my attention back to him “Look at me. He can’t do anything”

As much as I want to tell him the truth, I know that I can’t because this could cost me my friend’s life.

“Luciano, I am fine,” I forced the words past the lump in my throat, my voice barely above a whisper. “Just leave.”

“You heard her? Now leave” Nathaniel shouted, making sure his voice was not too loud. to break the decorum of the hospital.

Luciano drew a deep breath, trying to control his anger.

“I know you are pregnant with my baby. I can’t leave you alone, especially now when you are carrying my baby” Luciano declared

“Luciano, please…”

I couldn’t bring myself to meet his gaze, knowing that if our eyes met, he would see the truth written in my soul. He would know that I am in problem and if he reacted at this moment than I would lose my friend.

“I will not leave you with him. This man is planning to abort our baby. I am sure he would kill it”

My eyes snapped up at Nathaniel. He must have asked the doctor to abort my baby.

“For once tell me if you are being forced into this. I swear, I will make him pay. I will make him suffer for every moment of agony he has inflicted upon you. I will put him on fire and let the street flow with his blood.”

I could feel my eyes turning red with all the emotions I was feeling at the same time – anger, helplessness, and dread.

Both Luciano and Nathaniel were looking towards me, waiting for me to open my mouth so that they could take their respective moves.

I was tempted to tell everything to Luciano and accordingly I opened my mouth.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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