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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 6

Chapter 6
His intense gaze penetrated into my soul as he stepped forward while I stayed rooted at my place, unable to
make any moves.
I don’t know what his personality is or what kind of aura surrounds him, so I am always paralyzed. I now understand why employees are scared of facing him.
“Good evening, Ms. Harper,” he said, breaking the silence when he was standing at a hand distance from me.
“Good Eve. Evening.” I tally slapped myself for stuttering.
“May I come in?” He asked politely
Though I didn’t like the way he talked to me in his office today, I can’t let him stand out. After all, he is my boss. and I am at equal fault for what happened last night. And it will only increase our problem if someone again captures our pictures.
I nodded my head, giving him a way.
With his hand tucked in his pant’s pocket, he stepped inside.
“So you live here?” He asked, his eyes scanning the small and cozy apartment of my friend
“No,” he turned to me, “this belongs to my friend.”
I could see small lines of confusion on his otherwise stern face.
“I came here last night, after fleeing from the wedding,” I told him the truth.
“So he was the boy who betrayed you?” He asked to be sure.
I nodded and looked down.
“I found him…”
“I know everything,” he interrupted me before I could even start.
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Chapter 6
With a confused expression on my face, I looked up.
“You told me all this last night, under the effect of alcohol.”
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The realization hit me like a tidal wave. My chee reacted in front of him and what I have told him.
turned red out of embarrassment. G d knows how I have.
To cut off the awkward moment, he walked around. He pulled out a few drawers, as if looking for something.
How could he simply look around for things in someone else’s house?
“My mother used to say that if we want to help someone, then every wrong becomes right.” He spoke as if he read my thoughts, even when his back was facing me.
He walked back to me with something in his hand, which I can’t exactly tell. He c ock ed his head, gesturing for me to take a seat. Unable to grasp what he exactly wanted, I did as he said and he took a seat in front of me.
My eyes flicked down at his hand when he opened the cream he brought with himself. It was then that I realized that it was salve. Squeezing some on his finger, he reached out for me. For a second, I got scared, and I flinched at my place. This froze him at his place.
His eyes flicked at me and the gaze locked. Our moment stopped for those seconds.
Blinking my eyes, I turned my head away from him and felt his cold finger touching my wound, which I gave to myself by pulling the chain harshly.
I didn’t come to know when he noticed it.
I felt a zap of electricity running through my body as his cold and soft fingers gently applied the salve to my skin.
I have never felt this way when Nathaniel touched me in the past.
I had to practically bite my lower lip to stop it from quivering. My eyes closed on their own as the stinging pain changed into relief.
After a few seconds, he took his hand back and I turned my head to look at him.
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Chapter 6
“So, have you made up your mind?” He asked to cut the awkwardness.
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Looking down, I shook my head once again, unable to find words to express my mind. I even forget the speech that I prepared the whole day and the things I was going to say to him to change his mind.
“Ms. Harper, it is not like that you have many options and neither am I forcing you for my selfish reasons. If you think that you can live peacefully after what the media has printed about us, then you are wrong. They would make it difficult for you to even breathe if you lived alone. You will not be able to answer their questions.”
His tone suddenly became cold. The softness that came for a few seconds while applying the salve was now gone. He was talking to me like a businessman who came here on purpose and is not going back without fulfilling it.
I fully understand what he wants to say but I am afraid of living with him and pretending to be his wife!
“And I think that more than me, this relationship is going to be advantageous for y
His words made me look up; my eyebrows drew in confusion.
“You caught your fiance cheating on you on your wedding bed. Right?” He asked
My cheeks turned red. I don’t want to remember that night but I still nodded my head because he was looking forward to an answer. His blue eyes were penetrating directly into my soul.
“Don’t you want him to have the taste of his own medicine?”
I was once again confused.
“He thinks that you still love him and no matter what, he will win you again,” he said.
“It will never happen,” I said, shaking my head
“Than show him.”
I blinked up at him while he gave me time to process his words.
If I think so, then he is not wrong as well. The best way to take my revenge is to be with someone who is better
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Chapter 6
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than him in all ways. He will be jealous and will regret his deeds like hell. He will become even more anxious when he can’t get me when he sees that he has lost you forever. He has challenged me that he will make me his no matter what and when he sees me with someone more powerful than him, he will go mad. I want to see that
look on his face.
I surely want to take my revenge on him. For playing with my feelings for two years and stabbing at my back.
But I am scared that what if I ruined my life even more by pretending to be the CEO’s wife?

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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