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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 7

Chapter 7
I could make Nathaniel jealous by making someone else my boyfriend.
There is so much confusion.
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“Don’t even think about going to someone else because it will tarnish your image very badly. The world already thinks that you are my wife, and the Pap ra zi is now going to keep close eyes on you. If they caught you with someone else or your ex tried something funny, then it will ruin your entire life.”
I shivered as his words sank in and I realized how wrong I was thinking. I am already going through hell. I can’t tolerate it anymore.
But I don’t get how he could read my mind every d amn time. Now I know why employees say that no one could lie in front of them. He is really good at reading faces.
“You have to pretend to be my wife; you have no other option and it will become easy for you if you find a reason. I also regret going to the bar last night. I helped you and everything led to this, which has caught me int the web. It is also unexpected for me but I have embraced it. Facing the challenges that life throws at us is better than crying over them. You can’t even imagine how badly my image would be tarnished if they came to know I had a one-night stand. So…”
I was surprised to hear him because I had heard that he is a man of few words but at the moment he was talking so much just to convince me.
It is quite clear that we are into this together and my fault is more than his so I just can’t come out of it so easily. I would have to accept his offer or my life would become even more complicated.
“Here,” my attention was drawn to the file that he brought out of the bag he carried with himself: “I have created a contract for the time we are going to be together. Go through it.”
My eyes flicked between him and the contract he was holding. He pushed it forward and I took it. I didn’t expect him to bring the contract and all that. He wants to legally bind me. But why?
“Because in business, I have learned that we shouldn’t trust anyone.” He answered my unasked question
Emergency calls only
Chapter 7
There were a number of pages on the contract, which I am sure are difficult for me to read in a few minutes. In the first few pages, there was information about both of us, which I s ipp ed and came directly to the main points. I gulped as they went into detail. As a fashion designer, I am not used to reading much.
“Let me break them down for you,” he proposed
Looking up, I nodded my head slightly but kept my eye on the ground as well to make sure that he was not telling me anything different.
“There are three main points. The first is that you will shift with me as soon as you sign this contract. We will live- in my penthouse and you will have to pretend to be my wife in front of the world. You would have to do everything that is needed to assure the world that we are a normal couple and there is nothing wrong between us. You would have to attend all the parties and even travel abroad with me if needed.”
“Don’t worry, I will bear all the expenses.
I gulped.
“Second, in any case, you are not allowed to fall in love with me,” he said, leaning back.
It seems like he has overconfidence and I will surely fall for him.
“After what happened with me the last night, I have stopped believing in love. I don’t think that I could love anyone anymore.” I clarified myself
“That’s good for you. But take it as a warning or anything but I am telling you that you are not allowed to fall in love with me because if you did, then in the end, you would get hurt.”
I nodded. My heart is already in ripeness, and I don’t think that anything else could hurt me anymore.
“But the same thing goes for you.” I said.
He chuckled
“Don’t worry, you are not my type. I will never fall for you.”
His words stung me. Why does he always say that I am not his type? To distract my mind, I moved my eyes along
Emergency calls only M
Chapter 7
39% 16:22
the contract, and from the bold lines, I got the same thing he told me and then my eyes stopped at the last line, which popped my eyes out of my socket.
“$5000? Monthly allowance?” I asked, looking up in surprise
He nodded his head.
“You will receive this amount for the time you stay with me and after the contract ends, you will receive an extra
$20,000 plus a penthouse and a car.”
My G od!
All the doubt that I had about signing the contract before flew away after reading this point.
I was never the kind of girl who ran behind money but now it seems like the only purpose of my life. My uncle and aunty were bankrupt; that’s why he used me as bait to pull Nathaniel and we fell in love with each other. I was unaware of all this until a few weeks ago, but when I learned about their reality, it was too late.
I gave them all my savings for the wedding and now I am left with zero cents. I don’t even have a roof to hide my head. Now money has become my only motive in life.
Signing this contract will not only help me take revenge on Nathaniel but also show my uncle and aunt what/
am capable of!
With determination and without going through the rest of the pages of the contract, I signed it and sealed it by breaking the pen!

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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