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Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel Chapter 71

Chapter 71

Jasmine was so angry at Daisy that she felt that her heart was going to explode. Fortunately, Damian was there to remind her. Otherwise, she might have said something nasty!

Hopefully, Norman would not blame her.

She really didn’t want to make him angry anymore…

Norman still rolled his eyes at Jasmine. Since Damian had already reprimanded her, Norman did not say anything else. He only said coldly to Jasmine, “Roger told me about this yesterday afternoon. I’ve already agreed. Why are you shouting here so early in the morning? As long as I’m not dead yet, you have no say in this family!”

Norman’s words were so harsh that they made Jasmine and Damian very tense.

Damian was furious. He could not help but glare at Jasmine.

Previously, because Damian was in charge of managing the company, Jasmine acted as though she was the boss at home. She wanted to have a hand in everything that happened at home. Everyone silently agreed to her having a butler and tolerated her temper.

However, ever since Sophie came, the situation at home changed. Jasmine still spoke so recklessly and made Norman unhappy. She caused trouble for Norman all day long!

Jasmine sensed her husband’s resentment and quickly said to Norman, “Norman, I didn’t mean that! I’m just stating the facts. They have already received their marriage certificate but the wedding ceremony has yet to be held. Now, Sophie is staying at her parents‘ house just like that. If outsiders find out, they’ll think that the Nicholls family bullied her! Won’t our family’s reputation be at stake when people start talking about it?”

Seeing that Jasmine was still ranting non–stop, Roger said gloomily, “There’s no need for you to worry about this matter. I discussed it with Grandpa last night and have already spread the word that Sophie is the Dawson family’s long–lost daughter. Now that she has returned home, in everyone’s eyes, she is reuniting with her biological parents

for a few days.”

Jasmine was taken aback when she heard this. She did not expect Roger to reveal Sophie’s identity so quickly! He could not wait for everyone to know that he had married the daughter of the Dawson family.

Jasmine had long felt that Roger was a dark and gloomy person. Now, she felt that he had indeed been putting on

an act.

Damian glanced at Jasmine.

At this moment, no matter how unwilling Jasmine was, she could only keep quiet.

Norman retracted his gaze and said to Jasmine and Rebecca, “Instead of worrying about these ridiculous things, why don’t you hurry up and help in the preparation of Roger’s wedding celebrations?”



Chapter 71

“Wedding celebrations?” Rebecca was also a little surprised. “Didn’t Roger say that he didn’t want to hold a wedding?”


After all, Roger had an eye illness and it was inconvenient for him to attend the wedding celebration. Hence, when Roger decided not to have a wedding celebration, everyone agreed.

However, nobody expected Roger to change his mind in just a few days.

Norman scoffed. “He doesn’t want to have it, but Sophie is the Dawson family’s daughter! Roger’s marriage to her must be grand and made known to everyone!”

Previously, the Bourn family members did not bother about Sophie at all. Hence, the Nicholls family was fine with not having a wedding celebration.

However, things were different now! This was the Nicholls family and the Dawson family’s marriage alliance! This was a huge piece of news for Habourland!

Naturally, the wedding celebration must be a grand and magnificent one.

“The two of you will plan this together. In half a month, you must prepare a grand and luxurious wedding for Roger and Sophie!”

Norman was prepared to spend a lot of money!

For a moment, Jasmine and Rebecca were extremely jealous. However, after looking at each other, the two of them could only agree. “Yes…”

Only then did Norman stop talking. He turned around coldly and sat down at the main seat of the dining table.

The others could only follow.

During this meal, Norman kept a cold face and seemed to be in a bad mood. No one dared to say anything.



Only Daisy and Roger were calm…

It was almost noon.

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Wesley brought Sophie to familiarize herself with the family’s environment for the entire morning.

Only then did Sophie realize that the Dawson family residence was extremely interesting. There were an underground gym, a swimming pool on the rooftop, and hidden arcade rooms.

The Dawson family had many sons and hence, they had many entertainment rooms.

The Nicholls family had a strict upbringing. However, the Dawson family’s upbringing was more lenient.

Whon Warlow brought Sanhin around Lucas also ioined in. They played in the arcade room for a long time.

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Chapter 71

After having enough fun, the three of them chatted and laughed as they went downstairs.

Unexpectedly, they bumped into Evelyn who had not gotten up to eat in the morning.

Upon seeing her, Wesley and Lucas immediately stopped laughing.

Evelyn used to be very pretentious. Every time they saw her, they could only coax her. They had never been so



However, they had no obligation to coax her now. They asked the servants to pour a glass of water, and they sat on the sofa in the main hall.

Through the glass of the dining room, Evelyn watched as Sophie chatted and laughed with her brothers. She had never seen the cheerful expressions of her two brothers before…

“What magical power does she have to make my brothers so happy?”

Evelyn’s mind was filled with the thought that Sophie was scheming. Evelyn had forgotten that every time she saw her brothers, she would ask for gifts. This gave all of them headaches…

However, Sophie was different. She played with them, laughed with them, and had fun with them.

Just as the three of them were having fun, the butler suddenly entered and reported, “Miss Sophie, Mr. Roger has arrived. He says he has something for you.”

Hearing that Roger was here, Sophie’s heart skipped a beat.

Sophie thought, ‘This guy actually has something for me?’

For some reason, the corners of Sophie’s lips curled up.

She felt as if a part of her heart had been filled up again.

Sophie was actually looking forward to seeing Roger immediately. “He can’t see clearly. I’ll pick him up.”

Lucas and Wesley couldn’t help but look at each other. Then they snickered when they saw their sister taking the

initiative to pick Roger up.

They felt that Sophie and Roger’s relationship seemed to be good.

Sophie hurried to the entrance. Dillon had already helped Roger into the house.

Sophie could not help but feel touched. She asked, “Why are you here personally?”

Roger smiled and whispered into her ear, “I miss you…”

Sophie’s heart started to beat fast.


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Chapter 71


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It suddenly skipped a beat, and her face turned red. “What nonsense are you talking about…”

It had only been a day since they last met, but this guy seemed to have changed into a different person. He actually was capable of teasing her.

“I mean it.” His expression was suddenly serious.

Sophie was speechless. She did not know how to answer…

However, she recalled the dream from last night…

Roger transformed into Night and hugged and kissed her…

Instantly, her face turned even redder!

It was broad daylight. Sophie could not believe what she was thinking about!

Roger was not even Night. Last night’s dream was too unbelievable.

“I’m not listening to your nonsense. Hurry up and come in.” As Sophie spoke, she reached out to help Roger.

Roger smiled and let her help him through the door.

As soon as the two of them entered, they were surrounded by Wesley and Lucas.

“Sophie, do you miss Roger that much? You’ve only been apart for a day, and you can’t wait to pick him up personally?”

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
Falling For My “Disabled” Wife by Veronica Winifred” Sophie Bourn finally managed to escape from the Bourn family. However, she never expected that it would be in the way of a marriage as a stand-in bride. It was all because Laura, the biological daughter of her foster parents, did not want to marry a blind man. Therefore, Sophie’s foster mother forced her to leave the Bourn family and take Laura’s place. To outsiders, Sophie seemed like a disabled girl who could only live in a wheelchair, but little did they know that Sophie was skilled in medicine and had long since cured her legs.Roger Nicholls was a pampered and privileged young man from a wealthy family, yet he was “blind.” At the arrangement of his family, he was forced to marry Miss Bourn, who was also disabled. After they got married, Sophie gradually found out that her “blind” husband was a bit strange. He couldn’t see anything but would ask her to close the door when she showered. When she got hurt, he would help her immediately. Could it all be a coincidence? It wasn’t until one day, when Sophie was almost killed and he came to her rescue, that Sophie realized he wasn’t actually blind.


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