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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Chapter 86

Chapter 86
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My fist pummeled the punching bag non stop, I hit it harder than the previous punch everytime as Willow’s words echoed in my mind again and again.
‘He was furious with me for losing my virginity to you, being marked by you, and giving birth to our children.’
‘He called me his soulmate.’
‘SHE HAS ONLY ONE SOULMATE! AND THAT IS ME!!” Dex roared in my mind.
“AAHH!” Roaring, I hit the punching bag so hard that it split open and sand started to spill down on the ground.
‘SHE IS ONLY MINE!!’ I shouted, breathing harder and aggressively.
Oran and Bix, who were also in the middle of a workout in the gym with me, focused their attention on me together. “What’s the matter, Reuben?” Oran questioned.
“Something is not right,” I murmured, aggressively ripping the hand wrappings off of
“About?” Bix asked.
“About that f ucker Dark,” I turned to face both have them.
Both of their faces turned serious, “What are you talking about?”
I picked up a marker and began writing on the wall as there were no white boards in the gym, “According to Willow, he looks to be somewhere in his late 20’s. He has a mismatched pair of eyes that no werewolf in the realm has. He has an insane amount of strength and some powers that cannot be explained by magic alone. To my understanding he is clearly an Alpha blood and a werewolf but not a normal one.”
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Chapter 86
078% 11:21
“That’s f ucking strange. I can tell that he is not hybrid either but that doesn’t give us a lot of options as
to what he could be then?” Bix frowned.
“The point is not only to find out what he is. The point is to discover details about him that do not match
at all,” I turned to face the two of them.
Oran nodded and walked over to the wall, “It makes sense. The details about him do not match. If he is. somewhere in his late 20’s then how can he have accumulated so much power at such a young age? The description of his features does not match any other Alpha or werewolf in the realm, that means he is someone who never appears in public or was well hidden. That would be impossible unless he was hidden with magic. The most important piece of information is that if he is after Willow then where has he been all of these years, why has he finally shown up now after so many years?” Oran pointed out everything that had been roaming around in my mind since last night when I talked to Willow.
“If you ask me everything seems to be connected to Willow,” Bix murmured, walking to the wall and studying everything I had written, “To my understanding Willow is the key. Willow is also the way to find Dark,” I casted a meaningful word on my side.
I frowned, “I am not using Willow as bait to find Dark,” I declared. I had sensed and witnessed the fear instilled in Willow’s mind, it went beyond anyone’s imagination. After meeting him once, she was so terrified that she forgot my face and I almost lost her. I could not risk putting Willow in danger by any
“But the enemy seems to be obsessed with Willow and he must have lost his mind after you stole Willow from his grasp. If we don’t find him, he might attack us then it will be too late,” Bix argued.
“He already knows about me,” I remarked.
“How can you say that?” Oran asked in surprise.
“I have a strong feeling about it. The level of intelligence this f ucker has, he must have known who am I,” I remarked, turning to face the wall.
“In that case, why has he not attacked you yet and taken Willow?” Oran argued.
“That’s what I have been wondering myself,” I subconsciously scratched my nails down the wall while staring at his name.
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Chapter 86
“Maybe he wants to attack you when you least expect it!” Bix remarked.
078% 11:21
I remained mute for a couple of seconds before I realized, “Or maybe I am someone he is not expecting to be…” I murmured.
Bix and Oran looked stunned. “If that is the case then… this Dark is going to be f ucking come after you with something we are not expecting!” Oran made a point that I had already realized. What he was coming after me for was Willow! My mate!
An evil smile spread across my lips as I glared at his name, “For the first time someone is trying to steal something from me. It is f ucking thrilling. If they only knew, they think they are coming to witness a dog fighting over a piece of meat when it’s actually a war…”
Oran studied my expression that he had not seen on my face in eleven years, “What are you planning for Reuben?”
“Preparing for the war!” I remarked, turning to leave the gym as they both followed me out.
“What are orders for us?”
“All of this started with the mysterious attack and fire in that pack years ago. The pack whose name is still unknown to us. I feel that pack is the key. Bix, dig everything about that pack. Do whatever you have tp but I need its name and location!”
“I understand but why not ask for help from the Alpha King? Maybe he knows something about that pack seeing he is the King and has eyes everywhere,” he questioned.
“The King is furious with me for disobeying him. So asking him for aid is not an option,” I replied then glanced at Oran, “Bring all the ancient books from the palace to me here in secret. The powers Dark has at his disposal are not something a normal wolf can have. There must be something in those books that could tell us about his powers.”
“I understand,” Oran nodded.
“I had asked you to call Walter. Did you contact him?”
“I am already here,” Walter made his way inside the packhouse in a kingly manner that always
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Chapter 86
078% 11:21
surrounded him. His hands were shoved in his pockets like usual as he leisurely walked towards me.
“I need your help.”
He raised an eyebrow, “With what?”
“I heard Willow say once that you can find any werewolf in Britain, no matter where they hide,” I pointed
“That’s a skill that I have in my blood. I can find wolves even if they hide behind thousands of walls,” he
replied, impressing Bix.
Oran frowned at Bix admiring Walter and stated. “Everyone here knows you are a hunter prince so you must be capable of doing that. How about you tell me if you can find that person?”
“Who is the person that you want to find?” Walter looked at me.
I pulled out my phone and showed him the photo. Walter frowned at the unexpected face and glared up at me, “Why don’t you find him on your own? I bet you could do it.”
He studied my expression as I silently took my phone back from his hand and locked eyes with him, “I can’t bring myself to do it on my own but the situation requires otherwise. That’s why I am asking you and I believe your way must be quick seeing you are a hunter,” I remarked.
Walter looked at me for a couple of seconds in silence then nodded, “Alright, leave it to me but are you planning to tell Willow that you are going after Dark?”
The image of Willow having nightmares of Dark last night when we slept by the river bank crossed my mind, “Not right now. It is better that I deal with this f ucker before Willow even realizes.”
I stated however unknown to me back in the bedroom, Willow woke up from another nightmare. Her whole body was sweaty as she recalled a memory from her when she was fourteen, “Dark was there. He named me Rose and… ” she gasped for air as she broke into cold sweat, “He used to look the same as he does now…”
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Chapter 86

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

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Willow “It can’t be my baby!” Reuben tossed the pregnancy report onto the bed where I sat, my eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean?” I stammered, my voice hardly escaping my throat. My heart sank as I watched him deny his own flesh and blood. “I returned from the pack after two months, and now you’re telling me you’re pregnant? Does that even make sense?” Reuben’s growl was filled with frustration. My mind went blank as I stared at my soulmate. I had anticipated his return with excitement, expecting him to embrace me and share in the joy of our first child. I had imagined he would be overjoyed to know that he was going to be a father. However, I never expected Reuben to react with such rage to the news of my pregnancy, indirectly accusing me of infidelity and rejecting his own child. “It’s our baby, Reuben,” my voice shook, “Have you forgotten that you showed up in my room two months ago when you were in a rut? We made love the whole night without protection.” I tried my best to remind him of that night, desperately seeking Reuben’s soft, love-filled eyes, but all I got in return was sternness and growing bitterness. “So you’re using my rut as an excuse?” he growled. “I was in rut, but you were in your senses, right? If I hadn’t used a condom, you could have used the morning-after pill or birth control to prevent this from happening. Or at the very least, you could have told me about our mistake that night.”


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